Glauben Industries PVT. LTD.

Streamlining, Augmenting and Creating Innovative & Inspired Digital Capabilities
Glauben Industries PVT. LTD. : Streamlining, Augmenting and Creating Innovative & Inspired Digital Capabilities

Glauben Industries PVT. LTD. : Streamlining, Augmenting and Creating Innovative & Inspired Digital Capabilities

D Vishal Reddy & S S Deepak Pragna, Directors - Glauben Industries Pvt. Ltd.

The onset of the covid 19 pandemic led to worldwide chaos resulting in governments shutting down entire countries to contain the spread of the virus. At a time when maintaining social distancing became the mandate, connecting via digital mediums was the only solace.

With the pandemic, the world saw a rise in the digitalisation of every possible process. Work, communication, school, shopping, everything shifted online. Although digitalisation has been on the rise for more than a decade, the pandemic accelerated its growth with increased scope and need for digitalisation.

Glauben Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a digital transformation company aiding the growth of digitalisation in the country. An ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified company, Glauben is driven to offer support and resources in the digital realm to enhance businesses’ growth and customer experience.

From understanding relevant trends, identifying digital capabilities and catering for the best-in-class transformation solutions, Glauben does it all. The hands-on experience and knowledge of Glauben consultants and strategists help businesses discover their true potential and capitalise on available opportunities.

Glauben offers Comprehensive IT services, including Infrastructure management, Application development and maintenance, System Integration, Management of Data Center and Network infrastructure and Trading of IT Hardware and Software.

The Minds Behind Glauben Industries

D Vishal Reddy and S S Deepak Pragna, who are friends turned into business partners, returned from Australia with experience working in IT for the Government of Australia to serve and bring better solutions to the Indian government and laid the foundation of Glauben in September 2020 in Hyderabad, India.

The two young entrepreneurs who started a company called “ArtisTech” in Australia later merged it with “Glauben” after starting their venture in India.

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Glauben Industries Pvt. Ltd.

A true visionary and genius leader, D Vishal Reddy is a man of many hats at such a young age. A master in computer science from Melbourne University, which is ranked 13th in the world, Vishal has published a thesis in the field of information security (Data de-identification) and two research papers.

In his academic journey, he did 60 projects in the field of IoT and software development. At the age of 19 years, Vishal started a web and app development company named “Visioned Technologies” and won the “Microsoft Open Hackathon”, in Hyderabad in 2016. He had also worked as CTO for an Australian Startup, “Ready Teacher”.

S S Deepak Pragna, Director, Glauben Industries Pvt. Ltd.

A guiding force behind the success of Glauben is Mr S S Deepak Pragna, who has done his Master of Science in Project Management from Monash University, Australia, post his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Osmania University, Hyderabad.

He is a Co-founder of various startups in diverse industries like logistics, automobile, fashion, sports, etc., to gain common managerial skills across varied businesses.

His experience includes working with Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM), Australia as a Project Manager. He also worked at Amazon Network Operations Centre for Europe region and participated in Automobile projects like SAE BAJA, ECO-KART, EFFICYCLE, etc.

Both Vishal & Deepak believe that their triumphant combination is the significant reason for their quick growth as they share diverse strengths, which, put together, have done wonders at Glauben.

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Values Of Glauben Industries Pvt. Ltd.

“A building is only as strong as its foundation” This saying remains true even in the case of an organisation. The fundamental values of an organisation are what lays the foundation for what a company stands for.

Integrity, Loyalty, client satisfaction, Accountability, and Commitment are the core values on which Glauben is based. The values not just act as a guiding light for the team but also establish trust among them and the customers and is the reason for their success.

The aim of achieving complete digital transformation of a business is facilitated by the ASPIRE and DevOps approach adopted by Glauben.

  • Belief: Business transformation in the digital realm is a conscious journey to create a customer-centric enterprise while unlocking.

  • Objective: To offer tailor-made, unrivalled, reliable, cost-effective, and exemplary digital services and solutions to businesses.

  • Mission: To gain rapid penetration into the nation’s IT Sector with innovative & world-class solution architecture in digitalisation.

  • Vision: To promote, support, and aid the growth and development of businesses in the digital realm by optimising their operations and customer experiences.

Glauben Industries In Education Sector

Glauben works proactively with different state and central governments by participating in various tenders with a significant focus on Education System Integration.

They help digitalise government schools, mostly in rural India, by providing the schools with the most advanced technology and the best AV learning experience to transform the education system of India.

On a different vertical in the education field, Glauben successfully developed an e-learning module, which is certified by the Maharashtra State Board.

The digital e-learning content is delivered to students in Hindi, English, Urdu and Marathi on Windows and Android platforms. The software also caters CBSE based content for students across India.

With a strong belief that digitisation will be a game changer in addressing quality, quantity and governance needs in both Schools and Higher Education, the team at Glauben accordingly focuses on all emerging areas of IT/ICT applications in the sector and offer key services like Digital Classrooms, ICT Labs, E -content Preparation, and Educational MIS for schools.

Glauben team, with their expertise, have managed to work with more than 50 clients. Some of their imminent clientele include Hindalco, the Government of Maharashtra, Nagpur Improvement Trust, Nanded Zilla Parishad, ITC Hotels, True Jet, Mega soft, NRSC, APCFSS, Metro Trains Victoria, Government of Karnataka, Akshara Enterprises and many more.

Differentiating Factors

Having a pan-India presence with a robust network is the factor that gives an upper hand to Glauben over its competitors. This enables them to provide a seamless implementation of their solutions and quality output to the client. Strong in-house management and administrative team allow them to carry out their processes smoothly.

The team at Glauben is focused on deriving optimum results by smartly weaving Critical Analysis coupled with project impact into project implementation capabilities. Their team of experts work tirelessly in devising sustainable and effective plans for onboarding organisations.

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Success Over The Years

Under the strong leadership of Vishal in innovating the best technological solutions and the decisive approach of Deepak in dealing with project uncertainties and challenges with governments, Glauben has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception. Within two years of its founding, the team at Glauben have achieved several milestones, including

  • Successful supply of hardware to more than 50 clients across India.

  • Completing 2 Maharashtra-based government tenders in a span of 12 months.

  • Currently working on 2 software development projects for Meghalaya Government.

  • The digitalisation of 300+ government classrooms.

  • Providing Digital content to more than 1000 classrooms.

Current Proceedings At Glauben

The team at Glauben is working on building an e-content platform for the Telangana state and NCERT syllabus. To enhance the user experience, they are also actively working on upgrading their LMS and MIS dashboards.

Future Outlook

Glauben aims to be the most preferred system integrator for all government EdTech-related solutions. To be a one-stop solution for all EdTech solutions, they are simultaneously working on getting into the manufacturing of high-quality IFP touchscreen education series panels and projectors. Apart from this, they also plan to expand their team in the data centre implementation sector.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Glauben Industries PVT. LTD. :&nbsp;Streamlining, Augmenting and Creating Innovative &amp; Inspired Digital Capabilities</p></div>
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