Bhupenddra Singh Raathore, Discover the Incredibly Inspiring Entrepreneurial Journey of A Motivational Speaker

Bhupenddra Singh Raathore, Discover the Incredibly Inspiring Entrepreneurial Journey of A Motivational Speaker

"Thinking big will allow you to think rich."

– Bhupenddra Singh Raathore

The art of leaving everyone you speak with, inspired and confident to walk through their battles, is rarely possessed. Bhupenddra Singh Raathore or BSR is a renowned motivational speaker who has coached and addressed 1 million people with live talks and webinars, helped 1200+ companies, and delivered 2000+ talks across the globe.

The first Indian motivational speaker to talk at United Nations, Bhupenddra Singh Rathore is amidst thousands of leaders who grow through the rises and falls in their lives. Bhupenddra Singh Raathore's success story ignites inspiration just as much as his talks. His life story is a relatable journey of a middle-class boy who transformed into a successful man.

Bhupenddra Singh Raathore, the man behind many businesses' and peoples' growth, in an exclusive interview with The CEO Magazine, shed light on key elements of his success story as he enjoys the status of 'Best Motivational Speaker & Influencer of the Year 2020':

TCM: Take us through your childhood. What was your mindset back then?

Bhupenddra Singh Raathore: While growing up in Kishangarh, Rajasthan, I completed my education from government schools and colleges. Back then, I was dealing with depression which peaked to the points where I had suicidal thoughts amongst many negative emotions as a result of my mindset. I was presented with a challenge of growth. I pursued several computer courses but did not end up with a good job which worsened my depression.

This was the turning point in my journey as when I was getting rejected and insulted by job interviewers, I decided to take charge of my life and learn English. I discovered two great teachers from Ajmer and Jaipur, practised day in and day out, became a proficient English speaker, and backed a job at an international call centre at New Delhi.

TCM: What made you want to become a motivational speaker?

Bhupenddra Singh Raathore: After a year, I shifted to Pune for my next job. I was living a common 5-day working professional's life, unable to relate to Marathi, with no relatives or friends in a new setting, I discovered that it is better to learn something.

In that search, I visited an institute looking for German language courses with the vision of becoming a tourist guide and exploiting the scope of tourism in Rajasthan in future. I couldn't find a batch for German and ended up taking a demo class about memory enhancement, which I pursued with another public speaking programme despite my low salary.

I became more positive and vocal about my feelings, exploring and living my life to the fullest. For the first time in my life, I felt alive. I realized that somebody changed my life completely and desired to share the knowledge with my known ones back at home. Soon it churned into a passion as I discovered, read, and learned meditation, mind power, and other self-enhancement skills. One fine day, in 2009, I started my company alongside my job. By May 2010, I had become confident and left my job to focus on my company.

TCM: How was your initial experience in entrepreneurial life?

Bhupenddra Singh Raathore: Like every entrepreneur, my first instinct was fear which I felt on the day I resigned. And, in response to the same, I visited Art of Living, Bangalore, centred my mind which was filled with scattered thoughts, came back, and started taking one day at a time.

The second instinct was, of course, survival before thriving. While earning no profits for months and working with saving, I began hustling, sharing my knowledge by visiting corporates and colleges. In lives before digitalization, it was difficult to find clients, but I used to stick to my mantra, "Never Sit Idle". I used to try every method in the traditional marketing book.

One day, I became inspired to visit the gym out of the blue and I learned that they need a personality development trainer. I applied for the interview, got selected, and started my journey there with a salary of Rs 12000 and a batch of 20 people, who later became like my family and eventually my sales team.

Soon, these 20 people helped me in selling my event passes worth Rs. 500 at that time, to their families and others. During the event, one of the 80 attendees came to me and asked "Where is your office?" to which I replied, "I do not have one". He called me to his office and told me that I can use his space because he was so inspired by me.

During another talk, in a similar incident, I met an inspired attendee who invested Rs. 5,00,000. In those times, when I could barely earn Rs.10,000, I hired a salesperson demanding lakhs in salary but also someone who knew how to get the work done.

We started hired a team and a CEO. With more money earned and invested in the business, we built an empire, but after a year, I was back to square one, left by the CEO and the entire team of 26 people in one day. In 2014, I got an investor but left my company.

TCM: What is the biggest risk that you've taken?

Bhupenddra Singh Raathore: The biggest risk was hiring the CEO which was a huge investment further led by hiring and training a team under him. The incident deserves the maximum credit in shaping me as at a young age, I discovered both losing and building a business. The practical experience made me bold, decisive, and taught me a lesson of saying no when needed. It was the biggest risk with the biggest return. Finally, I learned a lot and began to rebuild my business. In October 2014, I hired a salesperson. In one year, our two people team ended up getting one and a half crores of business.

TCM: What career mistake has given you the biggest lesson?

Bhupenddra Singh Raathore: Post receiving success again, I made some hasty decisions including purchases like my Mercedes Benz, my house, investing in my book, and a resort. In 2016, I continued to explore my passion for adventure sports and went for a mountaineering trip, thinking that "I have arrived now!" and there is no turning back.

But soon after that, I hit a low point because post the situation of demonetization, my team got demotivated and left. I was unable to receive my due payments for services already delivered, worth one crore rupees. To maintain the lifestyle, I took huge debts, the worst call, I must say. This stage was difficult to move ahead from.

With my expertise in the field, at "worst years of my life", I instigated the inner motivation with meditation and vipassana course. At that stage with crores of loan on my head, I took another risk as I invested in a $3000 course about mindset control and understanding life, soon I bounced back.

TCM: What are the milestones you are looking forward to reaching?

Bhupenddra Singh Raathore: Apart from transforming lives, in the past two years, I have created an empire worth crores annually. The mantra I learned through the ups and downs is "If you support the world selflessly, the world supports you endlessly." I aim to follow up on my guru's advice to offer one of my bestseller services for free to benefit most people. Hence, I have been offering my live workshop on the same lines for free across different states.

Keeping in mind the time, when I took the call to learn those courses with my own money, I make sure that all my courses are priced economically to benefit as many as possible. My upcoming initiatives include continuing Think Rich Movement, Magic of Thinking Rich Workshop (a 30-day free workshop), and for its promotion, we plan to make our upcoming initiative Paddle for Change (involving walking for 1500 km across different states of India) successful.

TCM: Kindly share with our readers your words of wisdom.

Bhupenddra Singh Raathore: If you seek to reach the top, then stop having mercy on yourself. Push your limits, don't confide in them.

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