Regatta Consultancy Services, A 2013 Established One-Stop Solution Provider By Vrishali Mulay

Ms. Vrishali Tejas Mulay, Founder and Director, Regatta Consulting Services
Ms. Vrishali Tejas Mulay, Founder and Director, Regatta Consulting Services

“No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress; you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.”

Vrishali Tejas Mulay

Regatta Consultancy Services, A 2013 Established One-Stop Solution Provider By Vrishali Mulay

Passionate, ardent, and fierce, Vrishali Tejas Mulay, Founder and Director, Regatta Consulting Services translated her dream into the reality of her life as she leads one of the best 20 best HR service providers to watch in 2021.

Founder of an incredible business in her own right, Vrishali navigated her brainchild brand’s success story from a recruitment consultancy to a comprehensive service providing organization. Owing to her people’s person personality, Vrishali envisaged the vision of entering the human resources industry and her understanding of human psychology led her to successfully work with the Human resource and its management for the last 12 years.

Also boasting as a certified coach in psychometric testing, Vrishali leads from the front a comprehensive umbrella of solutions for employers, students, and every job seeker who wants to grow in their career is the potential customer for our type of business.

Regatta extends HR process outsourcing, recruitment process outsourcing, recruitment, and HR consulting services towards employers. They are poised as a problem solver offering expertise in career guidance and career development assisted with a psychometric approach for students. Regatta has also joined hands with Harrison Assessment who are specialized and expertise in psychometric consulting and coaching with a global presence.

The specialized solutions for corporates and professionals encompass:

· Recruitment Process outsourcing with Psychometric assistance

· Career guidance for growth and development based on the career assessment program

· And career counseling for students based on our career navigation program.

In an insightful interview with The CEO Magazine, Vrishali shared the unfiltered parts of her journey, Regatta’s success story:

The CEO: Share with our readers about the challenges you surmounted in the journey.

Vrishali: The biggest challenge is to hire the right attitude towards the job. Apart from other challenges like competition and finances, getting the right kind of candidates with an appropriate attitude is very difficult. Today’s generation is extremely dynamic and holds a different approach towards job/employment. It is very difficult to maintain quality services with consistent efforts. Retention is another challenge to deal with in today’s scenario.

The CEO: What is your role in the company today? How did you build a dynamic team?

Vrishali: Traditionally put, I am the founding member of Regatta Consulting Services. Today, I spearhead the organization’s operations encompassing finance, marketing, and projects. I tend to overrank the project on time rather than the bounds of management.

I have been leading by example to showcase to my team that no work is small. From working on candidate calling to shortlisting all by myself with the team, I believe it's important to understand that putting efforts is the only way to achieve what you desire. While building a team, the focus is always on suitability along with eligibility. Team building activities are indeed vital.

Ms. Vrishali Tejas Mulay, Founder and Director, Regatta Consulting Services
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The CEO: From when you initiated your venture, what changes has your industry witnessed?

Vrishali: Since Regatta’s birth, the industry has witnessed dramatic changes with altered roles. HR has tilted towards the strategic nature of the role rather than an administrative role. Outsourcing has become the key factor to be considered as a part of the main function.

Today, HR is focused on strategic decision making. Organizations have changed the approach towards managing the workforce along with the hiring pattern. The focus has been more on suitability along with eligibility as well as it is also important for the organizations to define the career path of their employees to continue in the long run and to retain the talent. Initially, the focus was more on the requirement of the employee to continue, but today it is equally important for the employer to retain talent.

The CEO: Enlighten our readers about your team and the core values imbibed in their DNA?

Vrishali: Our team encompasses experts. It is not the only qualification that we signify in the process of creating a team. We focus on the bigger picture and building the right company culture. Our approach towards internal hiring is also based on following eligibility, suitability, passion towards work, and out of the box thinking.

We are open to hiring new talent with zero experience as we believe that “canvas must be blank to put colours on it”.

On the same lines, I would like to highlight that the most pressing issue today is hiring the right attitude in the industry faced by big payers and SMEs along with a competitive environment.

The CEO: Vrishali, tell me about your thoughts on success? Who would you credit to?

Vrishali: Success is the relative term; I believe every achievement is a success or experience, no failure. Experiences make you learn something new. It is the thought process and right kind of efforts that leads you towards success. It’s always a team effort that has made me reach the position I am at today.

The CEO: During the COVID-19 pandemic, what were the ideas you implemented`?

Vrishali: During a pandemic, we initiated new services for students and professionals to choose their career path. Back then, the pandemic had already distorted the traditional approach of working and moved towards digitalization. The newly emerged and widely adopted Work from Home (WFH) concept is packed with the setback of stagnancy in the early days of career. It restricts the exposure of the work environment and brainstorming that happens to the newly appointed employees.

Our career development program has opened new doors apart from traditional methods, also catering to self-employment. Regatta’s career navigation program is stitched with elements encompassing the liking, preference, and suitability along with the qualification you choose.

Ms. Vrishali Tejas Mulay, Founder and Director, Regatta Consulting Services
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The CEO: How do you stay relevant as a brand?

Vrishali: Regatta is poised as a customized solution provider with a unique stance in the industry today. While we boast meeting our client’s requirements with a diligently crafted combination of services, we are also a relevant brand with technology.

The virtual world web has taken over the globe today. We are powered by social media influence and technology is empowering the work from home trend effortlessly.

The CEO: What does the future look like 5 years from now? What advice can you give entrepreneurs who want to venture into the same domain in the future?

Vrishali: Speaking of 5 years down the line, we would have been an organization equipped with specialized services encompassing comprehensive categories of clientele with a presence in Pan India.

For entrepreneurs, it is vital to grasp that no business is easy. Follow your dreams, work patiently, and you will manifest where you want to be.

Vrishali summed up the interview by sharing a few words of wisdom she navigated her mental compass on, “What you believe, you receive”.

Ms. Vrishali Tejas Mulay, Founder and Director, Regatta Consulting Services
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Ms. Vrishali Tejas Mulay, Founder and Director, Regatta Consulting Services
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Ms. Vrishali Tejas Mulay, Founder and Director, Regatta Consulting Services
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