Best Social Media Tools to Use in 2022

Best Social Media Tools to Use in 2022
Best Social Media Tools to Use in 2022

Best Social Media Tools to Use in 2022

We all know the importance of social media, but sometimes we have many things on our plate which make it difficult to run a successful social media strategy. People with limited budgets and who are doing everything themselves, cannot afford to hire an entire staff to take care of their social media profiles, which is why they use of social media tools is expanding.

There are many different social media tools that will simplify the entire process and provide you with useful information that might affect your strategy. Even some of the biggest brands as well as teams in The TwinSpires Edge NBA betting odds use such social media tools to manage their content.

Nowadays, with all the tools that are available for social media your job is just to find the content you want to post and bulk upload it to software that will take care of everything.

Best Social Media Tools to Use in 2022
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Let's find out some of the best social media tools to use in 2021.


If you have a digital agency, this might be the tool that will skyrocket the productivity in your company. This management suite offers more than 20 built-in integrations to social media networks such as sharing sites, blogs, and it is even compatible with Slack.

This is a management tool that will help you manage countless websites on different platforms. The best thing about Sendible is its tools. You can access Canva design, Report Hub which will improve the visual of your content, RSS Feed poster, and the best of them all, content suggestions for those times when you cannot think of an idea.


Buffer is one of the first social media tools and still one of the best social media managers. Buffer allows you to plan, schedule, and post content across different platforms. The best thing about this tool is its simplistic design that is easily understandable by everyone.

You can also add team members (depending on your plan) and work together on a project.

Best Social Media Tools to Use in 2022
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This is a social media management tool that is ideal for bloggers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, or small business owners who want to establish a good social media presence with a tight budget.

The best thing about MeetEdgar is its automated content recycling tool, which reuses successful posts from the past to maximize the ROI from each post.

This is a great tool for all the people who don't have enough time to think about new content ideas. Currently, the only issue with MeetEdgar is that it lacks Instagram and Pinterest support, but that will definitely change in the future.


This is one of the most used social media tools by many businesses. HootSuite is a web-based management tool that will improve the collaboration between team members in our company and help you manage all social media platforms.

HootSuite will enable you to do all the basic stuff such as scheduling, managing, and publishing content and at the same time answer customer demands across all platforms. This is a rather useful tool just because it is very easy to get lost across messages on different platforms.


Best Social Media Tools to Use in 2022

This social media tool is one of the most recognizable names in marketing technology. Most successful companies don't rely on analytics from social media platforms just because they are not deep enough.

HubSpot is a tool that will enable you to manage your content, but the best thing about this tool is its monitoring options, analytics, and reporting.

HubSpot provides incredibly detailed data that will help you optimize your business strategy and find what works best for your business.

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Social Pilot

This is another well-known social media management service that offers many features. SocialPilot is praised for its affordable pricing that is great for small businesses that are not generating a lot of income, and its easy-to-use interface.

Social Pilot will help you manage your content across different social media platforms by creating suggested content ideas, scheduling options, detailed reports, and even new TikTok technology adaptation.

One of the issues with Social Pilot is its dated UI which is not user-friendly, but at least it is easy to use.

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Best Social Media Tools to Use in 2022
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Best Social Media Tools to Use in 2022
Best Social Media Tools to Use in 2022
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