How to Find the Right Social Media Influencer

How to Find the Right Social Media Influencer
How to Find the Right Social Media Influencer

Are you looking for a unique way to grab your audience's attention and promote your brand? It might be time to take a look at influencer marketing. These days, more and more marketers are tapping into the magic of using social media influencers; to boost their marketing campaigns, create brand awareness and increase sales.

Using Influencer marketing to promote your brand is very effective, and today it has become a popular marketing strategy. If the audience of that influencer follows them and trusts them what they recommend; it takes your brand closer towards accomplishing its marketing goals.

But to see the best results, it is essential to choose the right influencer for your campaign. This article covers major factors your company should check before selecting an influencer for your clients.

Know Your Goals

When you want to know how to find influencers, your focus should not just find every influence, it should be on finding the right influencers.

The right influencers are people, brands, and accounts that can best help you reach your goals and audience. Before planning your influencer marketing campaign, first outline what you want to happen as a result of your work.

Your marketing goal may cover brand awareness, creating brand identity, lead generation, engagement, link building, customer loyalty to name a few.

When you are clear about your primary goals, you can better assess influencer relationships and find if they will help you achieve positive outputs.

Decide the Kind of Influencer Campaign

There are multiple types of influencer campaigns that will help you to reach potential customers and convert them into sales. Here are some important types of influencer campaigns:

  • Guest Posting: Here, you ask an influencer to let you write for their blog

  • Affiliates: This is one of the most types of influencer campaigns, here you share affiliate code with the influencer so that they earn money each time someone that came through their funnel purchase from your company

  • Gifting: With gifting type, brands provide influencers gifts in exchange for posts, mentions, etc.

  • Contests and Giveaways: You can organic contests or giveaways as an incentive to get influencers to share your content or mention your brand

  • Brand Ambassadors: Companies partner with an influencer who regularly promotes their brand in exchange for perks and discounts from them

  • Discount Codes: here, you allow influencers to give discount codes for your offering to their fans and followers

  • Influencer Takeover: It lets an influencer take over your social media account for a set amount of time.

Find Relevance

Before you check the number of genuine visitors and other static, first of all, check how aligned an influencer's audience is with your brand. To get some idea, go through achieved posts and get a sense for what kind of audience they are.

You are looking for a fashionista, budget-traveller or a permissive mom, be clear in your requirements. Is profanity or provocativeness part of your brand personality?


Apart from a different metric, reach is certainly a vital factor to check. Here, as a marketer, you must resist the urge to only look at unique visitors as a measure of reach. It is a fact that followers and traffic are only useful to the extent that the influencer is reaching your target audience.

It is also important to see what other social sites your target audience visits. Suppose you are a food or fashion brand, going for Influencers on Interest or Instagram is a better option than Facebook. Or you may simply prefer Reddit for other purposes and are curious to grow Reddit upvotes, it's totally normal.

Check Frequency

Frequency is another important factor, you should check. There is a direct connection between how often blogger posts and traffic. As with marketing any site, it takes a lot of exposures to get a visitor to click and check your website.

If a publisher regularly posts good content, visitors are more likely to return, bookmark and share.

Understand the Authority

When deciding which influencer is right for your brand, check their authority to determine if they have a relevant or large enough reach to help you achieve your marketing objectives. Here influencer analysis is an important part of learning how to find the right social media influencers who can reach your audience. A total number of followers, quality of content, the depth of niche coverage, the engagement rate of followers, Alexa rank of websites; these are some metrics to check the authority of an influence.

 These are a few tips you can use to ensure you have picked up the right social media influencers. We hope you have got your answers to the question of how to find the right social media influencer.

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