Intelli Search: Sprucing up the Human Capital for Industry leaders since 2000

Intelli Search: Sprucing up the Human Capital for Industry leaders since 2000

Intelli Search: Sprucing up the Human Capital for Industry leaders since 2000

Intelli Search: Sprucing up the Human Capital for Industry leaders since 2000

" Recruiting done right "

Intelli Search: Sprucing up the Human Capital for Industry leaders since 2000

British Museum holds a decree signed by Julius Ceaser in 55B.C. which promises a reward of 300 sestertii to any Roman soldier who brought another to join the army. And that laid the bedrock of the Recruitment Industry.

From deploying soldiers for Caesar's Roman Army to filling the gaps in the workforce created by the men who had left for the war during the industrial revolution, Recruitment Industry has been thriving.

Offering the triumphs and trials, the industry today stands open with the biggest change- flow of information in abundance. It's no longer just about how much data you have in your pocket, it's about how you exercise the data to match the right candidate to the right job.

Diversely, this openness has magnetized competition; not just from the existing leaders but from the fresh companies entering the market with just a phone and internet connection, without understanding clients business & the critical role of the HR consulting company.

These new entrants have disrupted the human element of finding the perfect fit for the perfect job. The monumental change in the business landscape has moved towards the candidate-driven method from the traditional practice of a management-driven approach, thus directly putting the spotlight on the candidate.

With all this, the industry stands curiously today demanding better, leaner and smarter recruitment leaders who can envelop their expertise with new innovations to differentiate themselves from the competition.

To nurture the human capital of the organizations that are on a persistent lookout for the best talent in the market in this disruptive business environment, an 18-year-old Recruitment and contract staffing pioneer is successfully adding value to the Human Asset of the organizations.

Acknowledged for enhancing the retainability of employees for the industrial leaders, Intelli Search made a propitious beginning back in 2000 as a proprietorship firm to fulfil the demand of qualified professionals for software companies. Further, in Feb 2011, the firm got doctored as Intelli Search Services Private Limited.

Creating the perfect match for the global leaders, Intelli Search's endeavour and its pro-customer approach have spearheaded the firm to greater pinnacles in delivering perfect recruitment solutions across various industries.

The core competency of Intelli Search lies in effectuating client's requirements by delivering impeccable Executive search, lateral hiring, Contract Staffing, Contract to Direct Hire, Training & Learning, Management advisory, IT consulting, and RPO services.

Nurtured under the dynamic leadership of Mr Pamesh Chandra Singh and fostered by the core values- integrity, commitment, quality, and customer satisfaction, Intelli Search has established itself as the top of the heap within the recruitment industry.

The organization's mettle in making human talent hunt a frictionless process despite the odds like global competition, emerging skill shortages and changing demographics have been acknowledged across leading industries like IT, KPO, Pharma, Investment Banking, Manufacturing, Consumer electronics, EPC on the global front.

Best-in-class standards, commitment to quality and a consistent record of successful placements has cultivated trusted relationships with industry's leading clients and top-quality candidates… to the benefit of both sides of the employment equation.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Intelli Search: Sprucing up the Human Capital for Industry leaders since 2000</p></div>
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Core Competencies

  • Expertise of 18 years, well proven and perfected systems, procedure, methodology, strategies and Tactics

  • Long-term association with Client designed with Trust, Transparency, Ethics and Values.

  • Strategic Consulting approach

  • Right Recruitment- 360-degree evaluation of candidates

  • Least attrition- an average tenure of an employee is 6 years

  • High succession rate

Addressing the complexities

"Our endeavour at Intelli Search is not to be the BIGGEST but to be the RIGHT & BEST … Our endeavour is to always ensure that that the incumbent is a job-fit i.e. skill-fit, organization-culture-fit, and role-fit. We are not just a recruiting or staffing company; we consider ourselves as a partner company for our clients to help them achieve their organizational goals by assisting them to recruit the Right candidate with Right Recruitment model."

A robust Customer retention has always been an incredibly important part of Intelli Search's sustainable growth. Intelli Search has established its niche as a leading company renowned for its expertise in executive search domain by deploying best of the industry's recruitment methodologies and procedures to discreetly handle middle and senior management mandates, hence adding values to the growing business.

Backed by Zero Litigations till date, a rooted client acquisition team and the ability to match the highest caliber of candidate screened the best permanent position; Intelli Search has been continuously innovating and improving its business model to bring efficiency.

Area of Expertise

  • Recruitment consultancy success-based fee model

  • RPO or Retainer Model – Project Based Hiring1

  • Contract staffing- Contingency Hiring- Contract to Permanent hiring

  • International search

  • Auxiliary services like Training and Management consulting

International Search Assignments

  • MNC clients headquartered in India have trusted INTELLI SEARCH with mandates for their business expansion in international locations and INTELLI SEARCH has closed key position in over 20 countries across the globe.

  • The clients trust the organization and seek advice and market date for important decisions like compensation structure, ideal cities/locations to set up their operations based on the availability of talent or conduct recruitment drives.

  • Intelli Search works on a preferred client and preferred vendor relationship and ensures its position as Top performing Vendor (more than 50 % of external hiring done by the clients is through Intelli Search).

  • The entity has assisted many clients (2 BPO/call centers, one biologics unit, 2 Fortune 500 MNCs in Bangalore) in recruiting their first team at startup phase.

Executive Search and Senior Level Mandate

Only the most trusted HR Consultancies are given mandates for leadership hiring since many times positions are confidential and very critical for the success of their Business. Intelli Search has worked on Executive search mandates with zero retainer fees and/ but on exclusivity.

With a successful retention rate of 80%, the organization understands the clients Business requirement and accordingly source and qualify the Best Fit candidate.

Being in the industry for over 18 years, Intelli Search's network with the professionals across various industries has helped the organization to the confidential reference check of candidates Leadership style and past performance.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Intelli Search: Sprucing up the Human Capital for Industry leaders since 2000</p></div>
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Dynamic Leadership

Pamesh Chandra Singh

Founder & Principal Consultant

Pamesh holds a Civil Engineering degree & has completed his Masters in Construction Management from NICMAR, Pune. He is a voracious reader and has a panel of advisor, (subject matter experts) in which some of them are Industry stalwart.

A seasoned expertise having more than 2 decades of experience, Mr Singh has played an instrumental role in completing numerous Executive Search mandates for the Leadership position and has been trusted by many corporations to advise them in making the Right Hiring decision.

Prior to joining the Entrepreneurial ecosystem, Mr Singh worked for UB Engineering Ltd. and Gammon India Ltd as a Project Engineer for various Oil and gas and power projects.

But the entrepreneurial spirit drove him to set up his own Recruitment Company with the vision contributing to the growth of clients in multiples sectors by helping them recruitment the best-fit talent and today the vision is known as Intelli Search.

He strongly believes that honesty is the best policy. Taking it as a primary responsibility, Mr. Singh ensures that his employees are progressing in their careers and in their lives. And that's what differentiates him from a routine boss.

Moving towards a bright future

Headquartered at Bangalore, the firm has expanded its presence across the global horizon via its associates in UAE & Japan. Intelli Search has been successfully chartering its organization as a fully organic company. Over these years, the organization's voyage has been adorned by clients' appreciation backed by high retention rate.

For its future expansion, Intelli Search has set an unclouded roadmap, fixated on its fast expansion and to create innovative and cost-effective recruitment models. Strongly located, the firm is looking ahead to add value to its offerings for improvising margins.  The organization will focus more on contract staffing- the future of staffing

  • Refining of the online and offline recruitment support model, RPO Model

  • Exploring international markets and setting up operations in Japan

  • Setting up delivery centers in Tier II cities

Intelli Search is applying constant efforts to align itself with the dynamic HR Industry by adopting new approaches. And that's just the tip of the iceberg for an organization which is on a mission to restructure the HR Industry with its allocated resources and a skilled workforce.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Intelli Search: Sprucing up the Human Capital for Industry leaders since 2000</p></div>
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