Alpha Silicon: Leading IT Consulting And Recruitment Firm

Alpha Silicon: Leading IT Consulting And Recruitment Firm

Sharmistha Joshi - Co-founder & CEO And Anish Gupta Co-founder & COO

Alpha Silicon

Leading IT Consulting and Recruitment Firm

Reigning the realm of global information technology, consulting, and business process services are Alpha Silicon Pvt. Ltd. Their journey started in 2017 when Anish Gupta and Sharmistha Joshi laid the foundation of Alpha Silicon LLC, intending to manage and build a team to meet the targets of being a global leader in IT consulting with 200% growth in revenue every quarter.

They harness the power of cognitive computing, hyper-automation, robotics, cloud, analytics, and emerging technologies to help their clients adapt to the digital world and make them successful.

Alpha Silicon LLC is specialized in IT Consulting in Data Analytics, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and Digital Transformation.

It provides a foundation of information management and analytic capabilities to harness all value from data that matters, deliver insights at the speed of business, and improve business outcomes. It’s one of the fastest growing Modern Workforce Solution providers.

Alpha Silicon LLC is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, and has offices in Panipat (HR), Hisar (HR), and Noida (UP) in India.

Visionaries Behind Alpha Silicon

Sharmistha Joshi- Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Sharmistha Joshi’s expertise in working as an Account Manager in one of the leading global IT consulting companies, Collabera, led to Alpha Silicon's foundation.

Anish Gupta- Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer

With a humble beginning, Anish Gupta, with his perseverance, got listed in the Top 30 Young and Dynamic Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2019 by the Insights Success group. Apart from Alpha Silicon, Anish has launched 7+ startups and is also the Founder and Director of Big Boys Consulting, a Digital Transformation Company.

Alpha Silicon’s Vision

Sharmistha mentions- “Our vision is to dream high because nothing much is achieved without a dream, and for something great to happen, there must be a great dream.”

They help organizations and people to instate their goals by providing them with innovative and professional IT Consulting, Employee Retention Strategies, Modern Workforce Solutions, and Digital Transformation Consultation.

Alpha Silicon’s Mission

Its mission is to fulfill its clients' vision by endowing technical and right people with great skills. They are building a team of smart workers and dedicated professionals working to build expert Manpower, granting to the Nation producing IT professionals.

Their Key Services




  4. MODERN WORKFORCE SOLUTIONS, which include -

● Forecasting of workload and required staff

● Involvement of employees in the scheduling process

● Management of working times and accounts

● Analysis and monitoring of the entire process.

Differentiating Factors

The strength of Alpha Silicon lies with their Alpha family, “the team” who always works towards the company's success. They focus on providing customized and dedicated support to the client by understanding their needs and processes and acting as their extended team. They keep upgrading the technology, operations, and other support functions to meet client needs.

Success Over The Years

Alpha Silicon has seen tremendous growth in the past years. They have associated with elitist clients and serviced them efficiently. Their team size and employee base have increased multifold.

Anish mentions, “We have come a long way, and we owe it to our customers, who have supported us through ups and downs, the mentors, who are the company's driving force. We proudly say that through this journey, we have seen our customers grow, which is what we consider our success.”

Overcoming Setbacks

The current challenge the firm faces is creating awareness in an unenlightened area, then training and placing the employees to help start-ups reach their strategic goals and realize growth and opportunities in this field.

However, with proper counseling and guidance, Alpha Silicon managed to open branches at various locations in India.

Like every other business, Alpha Silicon also suffered during peak Covid. Their existing clients were not functioning like regular, and their revenues went down.

They acted quickly by cutting down on avoidable expenses and worked aggressively to get new clients. They sailed through that phase and bagged some new amazing clients.

Coining The Idea To Join The Industry

According to Anish, some innovative ideas, concrete plans, and a vision led them to join the industry. They did thorough research and identified the areas which helped them create a niche in the industry.

Their Clientele

Clients play an essential role in eliciting any business. Alpha Silicon has some of the top clients working with them, which include Hexaware, Impetus, Wipro, Iopex, Birla soft, Tata Elxsi, and many more.

Employee count

Currently, Alpha Silicon leads a team of 100+ recruiters on grounds to achieve its quarterly growth targets. They have trained and deployed more than 200+ students to bridge the gap from education to the corporate world.

What Makes Them Stand Out?

Their client-centric approach, paying attention to client needs and working accordingly, sets them apart from their competitors. Instead of a one-recipe-for-all approach, they understand all clients have different agendas and goals and align their teams to work accordingly.

Fundamental Values

The core value of Alpha Silicon is prioritizing personnel development and treating them fairly. Employees are no less than strong pillars, and they help keep things balanced and stable.

Upcoming Trends In The Industry

Data theft has become a new game for some people, which is why the need for cybersecurity arises. Because of cybersecurity, only the IT field is experiencing growth, and for this, every organization should have a reliable and authenticated person who can take care of their confidential data. Sharmistha’s advice is to invest in cybersecurity without any second thought.

Future Plans

Their plans include focusing on Global Recruiting and emphasizing diversity because a diverse workplace is an important asset to any organization. In five years, they aim to come in the list of Fortune 1000 companies.

Advice To Young Entrepreneurs

Anish Gupta says, “Many people assume that entrepreneurs are born, not made. Well, there is no such thing in reality. One can leverage himself in the market with a solid business plan. All you want is to focus on the desired goal you want to achieve in life.

Continuous efforts promote positive growth and enhance productivity and profitability, which can help achieve defined goals with a strong focus on motivation.”

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