Environmentors Perpetuity Solutions & Services Pvt. Ltd.

Creating A Better And Healthy Environment For Future Generations
Environmentors Perpetuity Solutions & Services Pvt. Ltd. : Creating A Better And Healthy Environment For Future Generations

Environmentors Perpetuity Solutions & Services Pvt. Ltd. : Creating A Better And Healthy Environment For Future Generations

Mohit Narain, Founder & CEO - Environmentors Perpetuity Solutions & Services Pvt. Ltd.

We, as humans, have been modifying our environment since the beginning of time. The growing population, pollution, deforestation, industrialisation and other human activities have all been causing a severe impact on nature and resulting in poor air and water quality.

With the degrading environmental conditions, it is high time we change our ways towards our environment. Understanding the need for better practices to help save nature, Environmentors Perpetuity Solutions & Services Private Limited is emerging as the one-stop solution for environmental problems.

Led by an environmentalist, Mohit Narain, Environmentors offer a range of products and services and integration of both for the environment sector. All their products and services are branded with ANWTV, registered with Govt. Of India.

With the advent of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that have been created diligently by the United Nations, more funds are being allocated by countries into this sector which provides a wide opportunity to private sector enterprises.

Many environmental policies and action plans are set at global, national and state levels. Still, the private and public sectors are not aligned with the requirements of sustainable development goals (SDGs) Agenda30, and there are visible and hidden lags.

Mr Mohit emphasises that although meeting such elaborate needs is a time taking process, it can be reduced. Environmentors’ mission is to reduce this time frame by injecting more and more sustainable, eco-friendly and Nature Based Solutions.

Environmentors is located in the Delhi/ NCR region, with its head office at Dilshad Garden, Delhi and its branch office at Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, UP.

Mohit Narain, Founder & CEO, Environmentors Perpetuity Solutions & Services Private Limited (and Consultant State Committee Member, World Safety Forum, Membership Wing, Fire & Safety Forum, Key Signatory to United Nations Global Compact Network, UNGCNI)

A Medical Electronics Engineer with specialised knowledge acquired through consistently working with senior government officials and scientists for 10+ years, Mr Mohit has developed specialised skills in building environments corrective action plans for various environmental problems, including contamination of water bodies.

Realising the necessity to strive for a sustainable future, he has been assisting government officials in designing, developing and deploying low-cost sustainable solutions for environmental corrective action in conjunction with scientists.

His immense contribution to the environment has been recognised by World Safety Forum, Membership Wing, Fire and Safety Forum, and Key Signatory to United Nations Global Compact Network India (UNGCNI).

He also has been awarded as Best Environment Consulting Agency Award issued by Global Safety Summit (GSS) awards in 2020 and Best Waste Management Agency Award issued again by GSS in 2022. Both these awards have been covered by Forbes India Magazine in 2020 and 2022.

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Key Services Of Environmentors

Environmentors offers a range of services under their brand ANWTV.

  • ANWTV Root Zone Treatment System (Decentralized Waste Water Treatment System, DEWAT) - Environmental Consulting Services.

  • ANWTV Bio-STP (Integrated Eco-Digester and Wetland system) for treatment of Wastewater/Sludge/Raw Sewage - In-situ Biological treatment Services for waterbodies.

  • Specialised bamboo Made Green Structures (Yoga Shelter, Gazebo, bamboo bridge etc., we offer customised design) - On-site Wastewater management services.

  • Pressure Treated Pinewood made Green Structures (Gazebo, Rain shelter etc., we offer customised designs) - Operation and Maintenance Services of Bio toilets/STPs/ETPs.

  • Need-Based Selected Specialized Biological living Organisms for Waste treatment, For Eg: Bacteria - Architectural Designing Services (Civil Work) for building green buildings/structures/areas etc.

  • ANWTV Bio-toilets (Made up of specialised Bamboo material such as bamboo wood etc.) - Environment Corrective Action Work Estimate Development services for both government bodies and the Private sector.

  • ANWTV tertiary Treatment Plant for Filtration/polishing of STP/ETP treated water - Consultancy Services for designing STP/ETP/WTP etc.

  • Environment Consultancy Services for compliance with Regulatory bodies such as Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and Delhi Pollution Control Board (DPCC).

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Environmentors Contribution Towards Creating A Better Environment

Working towards the betterment of the environment, Environmentors have successfully restored and rejuvenated several water bodies In Delhi/NCR region through Nature based Solutions (Nbs) and deployed several on-site wastewater treatment and eco-friendly structures.

“Lags in handling on-site waste on time and perplexity in decision-making by the public and private sectors on environment corrective works such as construction of buildings and structures with eco-friendly material are the some of the biggest issues that we have to deal with”.

- Mr. Mohit

Environmentors, with its solutions and offerings, is trying to solve the problems that are leading to environmental degradation. They have worked with several government bodies, including Delhi Development Authority, New Delhi Municipal Council, Delhi Jal Board, Indian Railways, and Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, to name a few.

1. Environment Correction through Environmental Consulting

In the initial stage to support co-development, Environmentors team Designs, Develops and Deploys low-cost sustainable solutions to protect and conserve the environment.

They Co-develop projects with Government Bodies and also Educate how behavioural sciences are a powerful tool that can be wielded to engender responsible decision-making and smooth society’s path amid dramatic changes accompanying the Fourth Industrial Revolution, this is done in association with Fellow (CIPP,UK), Mr. Rajan Johri (who has been actively working for change and transformation through decades.

They have rejuvenated 3 Oxidation Ponds of Qutub Minar, Archeological Park, New Delhi, through In-situ Biological Treatment. Mr Mohit shares, “We had to educate officers representing the Govt. of India in Environment corrective action and then co-develop the complete project with them.”

2. Design and Deliver Eco-Friendly Structures

To reduce the use of conventional structural members such as mild steel and use eco-friendly construction materials such as specialised bamboo and bamboo-jute composite products.

With this, Environmentors intend to eliminate the load on non-renewable and conventional natural resources while adapting to sustainable supply chain models as desired by United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to achieve Agenda 2030.

They have constructed elegant green structures at Yamuna Bio-Diversity park, New Delhi, and at more locations in the New Delhi region.

3. Restoration/Rejuvenation of Small/medium/Large Water Bodies through Scientific and Natural Solutions

Promoting more and more nature-based Solutions as desired by the United Nations to restore water bodies such as lakes, ponds, drains, etc., in conjunction with Dutch Scientist, Dr. Jasper Wiebe Swierstra working as Chief Scientific Officer (PhD. in Medical Microbiology), Mr. Mohit has designed scientific and natural solutions to restore water bodies.

To date, Enviornmentors have restored several lakes and ponds in Delhi/NCR, including,

  • Kamali Jamali Oxidation Ponds, Mehrauli, Archeological Park, Lake at DDA Park, Sector-2, Rohini, in New Delhi, through In-situ Biological Treatment.

  • Sanjay Lake, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi, through Phytoremediation by constructing a Horizontal Sub Surface Flow Root Zone Treatment Wetland and combined In-situ Biological Treatment.

  • Lake at DDA park, Shastri park, New Delhi through Phytoremediation by constructing Combined Horizontal and Vertical Flow Rootzone Treatment System.

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4. On-site Wastewater Treatment

At Environmentors, experts have designed and delivered several On-site wastewater treatment units that are integrated with Bioremediation and Phytoremediation techniques. Through this, we reclaim/recycle about 100 ML per annual wastewater on-site and reuse the treated water for irrigation purposes, hereby delivering a completely sustainable solution. No electricity is required.

5. Assist United Nations Global Compact India to achieve objectives and goals of Agenda30

Mr. Mohit has been appointed as a Consultant State Committee Member to World Safety Forum, Membership Wing, Fire and Safety Forum, Key Signatory to United Nations Global Compact Network India, UNGCNI. He intends to collaborate more with the Public and Private sectors to achieve Agenda30 objectives and goals relevant to Environment Corrective Action.

6. Membership for Laboratories/industries for handling daily generated waste

Environmentors offer membership certificates for undertaking waste management services for private sector laboratories/industries/factories etc.

Success For Environmentors

As the founder and CEO of Environmentors, Mr Mohit base the success of their firm on the pillars of Measurable Satisfaction level of human resources, Measurable Profitability, and Infusion of Quality Environment corrective Products and Services into the global ecosystem.

Milestones Along The Way

Environmentors was founded on 20th Oct 2016. Within a span of six years, they have achieved several milestones and recognitions.

Best Environmental Consulting Agency Award, 2020, covered by Forbes India Magazine, issued by Global Safety Summit (GSS)

Best Waste Management Agency Award by Executive Director Sh. Aseem Kumar, UNGCNI in 2022, covered by Forbes India Magazine, issued by Global Safety Summit (GSS)

To be awarded for Global Leaders Award as Best Environment Correction Agency Award on 29th Jan 2023, Dubai, to be covered by ET NOW magazine.

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Core Values Environmentors Is Based Upon

The integration technique principle they have at Environmentors keeps their human resources bonded to nobility while they are at work. Mr Mohit shares, “We are always respectful to the government while constructively and critically criticising them for achieving Environmental Goals and that too on time.”

Hurdles Along The Way

From the foundation of Environmentors to growing it up to a team of 25 people, the journey was anything but easy for Mohit Narain. Being a young entrepreneur, he had faced criticism, rejections and neglect by government officials leading to the investment of more time in confidence building.

He shares, “Even to this date, we have to face this challenge. Affecting decision-makers has been the biggest challenge leading to stagnation of decision-making in several domains.”

Discussing the failures they had to face, Mr Mohit says, “On several occasions, we have failed to educate our clients, and that led to stagnation in taking decisions that would affect a large population. The lack of promoters also has resulted in the failure of the extension of our several environmental corrective services over a wider area.”

Impact Of The Pandemic On The Environmental Industry

The pandemic impacted the environmental industry globally, and there are now set guidelines and procedures. Post-pandemic, the environment industry gained more value, thereby inducting more investment of time and money by the public and private sectors.

To achieve global goals, stakeholders are now working at local and regional levels, which would certainly attract more fund flows into this industry.

At Environmentors, employees showcased lesser motivational levels in employees during the pandemic for factors other than economic affairs, which in turn affected the desired outputs.

Mr Mohit shares, “As the CEO, I have increased the percentage of time that I used to invest in assessing the market and strategising as new stimuli had been induced by the government in the post-pandemic scenario.”

Present Scenarios At Environmentors

At present, the team of Environmentors has been focusing on the restoration of water bodies in the Delhi/NCR region. They are working on acquiring important data on water bodies in New Delhi to design quality action plans and solutions for individual water bodies. Infusion of more and more eco-friendly construction members is also a key focus.

Expecting to be the pioneer in environmental corrective action, Mr Mohit sees themselves as the “Croma of Environmental Solutions’ in the next five years.

From the experience of his entrepreneurial journey, Mr Mohit Narain shares his words of advice to young entrepreneurs,

“Eliminate your fears, recognise your skills, deliver the quality, and become a pioneer in the business.”

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Environmentors Perpetuity Solutions &amp; Services Pvt. Ltd. :&nbsp;Creating A Better And Healthy Environment For Future Generations</p></div>
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