What are the most useful tools for Startups?

As start-up owners, saving costs and increasing revenue are two paramount checkboxes in your list, and here are the most useful tools for startups!
What are the most useful tools for startups
What are the most useful tools for startups

What are the most useful tools for Startups?

As one starts their entrepreneurial journey, every entrepreneur faces the concern of keeping the costs to the minimum as they build a solid structure for seeking revenue from the business. Well, your search for the most useful tools for start-ups ends here with these free and productivity-enhancing tools. Have a look:


While the best thing about entrepreneurship is the non-requirement for a degree or certain education level, you must still make sure you communicate correctly with the clientele. From writing e-mails to writing blogs or any content for that matter, make sure you never commit a grammar mistake again and send a clear message to the readers with Grammarly.

This tool is available both in free and premium versions to allowing to unlock the grammar mistakes free solutions making it one of the most useful tools for startups.


As an entrepreneur, well, this tool will boost your productivity and eventually revenues through its project management features. Yes, this useful tool for start-ups is curated by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and ex-Google, ex-Facebook engineer Justin Rosenstein who intended to make entrepreneurs relax just like yoga as they derived the name from Sanskrit, meaning Yoga positions.

You can go ahead and manage the day to day tasks and track the overall goals of a project as a whole and replace various time-consuming elements like emails, spreadsheets, and sticky notes as the tool encompass all the features in one place.


This online graphic design platform is exactly what you need to customise your brand’s logo, infographics, banners, posters, etc for website and social media and for free. Yes, this is one of the most useful tools for Start-ups owners who do not know about designing. Make your use of creativity and benefit from their simple drag-and-drop design tool with a library of photos, graphics, and fonts.

With Canva, you can unlock a free suite of design tools to create customised social media ads, PPC ads, infographics, beautiful slides, magazines and a lot more.

What are the most useful tools for startups
What are some great free online tools for entrepreneurs?


From sharing tasks with the team to tracking the overall progress of a project. A great free project management tool for your entrepreneurial career as well as freelance career. Yes, once you will benefit from this platform, you will realise why it is deemed as one of the most useful tools for entrepreneurs and one of the most famous project management tool.

They are equipped with easy to use to-do lists, delegation tools and collaboration for remote teams.

Google Trends:

In the world of the digital revolution, if you are to scale your business, digital presence is key and that is what a business strives on today. As one navigates their journey through organic SEO i.e. keyword placement in blogs, is it key to understand “what’s trending?”. Getting this amazing solution for free makes this Google tool worthy of being the most useful tool for entrepreneurs.

Equipped with its easy-to-use interface, you can find out what people are talking about and searching for online. Which keyword is in demand while for which keyword the demand is decreasing, and if there is enough web traffic to begin building an SEO campaign around.


Email Marketing has been a marketing strategy that has been in the debate forever, While some say it is irrelevant today, others are seen to believe the opposite. But in reality, it depends on what are the kinds of emails you are creating and how effectively managed your emails are. At the same time, for an entrepreneur, premium email marketing tools may not be worth it. So, here is a useful and free online tool for entrepreneurs, named Mailchimp.

The platform successfully allows you to get started with list building and automated follow up, for free with web forms, popups, and a basic landing page builder.


LinkedIn, as the name suggests, will keep to linked to a strong community of professionals. For start-ups, it one of the most powerful tools one can dig into find diamonds of the audience, team members, network, and direct access to angel investors.

What should I ensure while using LinkedIn? Make sure your profile is updated and you are actively sharing the content relevant to you on the platform. You can eventually upgrade your LinkedIn to have a premium experience which gives you access to message people that are outside of your network.


As we mentioned about the digital revolution throughout this article, one of the most useful tools for Startups is this simple interface website builder that you can use for free to create a suitable website for web presence. The best, you don’t need to be equipped with any web development skills to create a website or blog and you can indeed add various features to upgrade your website with the available plugins.


As an entrepreneur, your hustle is incomplete if you don’t venture into the search of useful tools for Startups as they will be supportive in times of struggle and scaling up.

What are the most useful tools for startups
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What are the most useful tools for startups
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What are the most useful tools for startups
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