What are some great free online tools for entrepreneurs?

Ever wondered how Google can help you build a business from scratch? Or What’s trending on Google? Well, you are at the right spot to find answers to these questions with great free tools for entrepreneurs.
What are some great free online tools for entrepreneurs?
What are some great free online tools for entrepreneurs?

What are some great free online tools for entrepreneurs?

Earning revenues, leadership, productivity, scaling up a business are challenging especially when you are venturing into a business that has never existed before. On the other hand, it is empowering to know that you will be building something new even when you have no system to look up to. However, you have some personal superheroes at your disposal, some cool productivity tools for entrepreneurs that will make it all move seamlessly.

As one enters the thrilling and challenge filled arena of being their own boss, entrepreneurship, well, managing productivity among multiple roles stretching you in different directions throughout the day becomes another challenge. But you are not an under-prepared combatant as you are going to venture in the business where you can access various great free online tools for entrepreneurs.

Achieve more in limited time with these productivity tools by Google:

Google My Business:

If you have a business, especially a small business, you know the importance of acknowledged or being seen by people and Google gives you the exact opportunity. While your target audience which usually surrounds your region will get to see you as a business on their “near me” search. Its easy to understand with simple example.

Assume that I stay in Paschim Vihar, New Delhi search the “best digital marketing courses near me”, Google shows me results of businesses offering the course that are listed with Google My Business in Paschim Vihar.

Moreover, I can not only see the name of the company, I can see their address, how far are they from my current location, their website address, their contact details including phone numbers and email address mentioned by the business, and even their operating hours. To sum it up, here are the key benefits of Google My Business:

Key Benefits of Google My Business

  • It boosts your business visibility

  • Enables Google users to see the most important information about your business in one spot.

  • Customer Reviews of that business are valuable for the business as well as organic local SEO.

  • Search Queries in the insights tab of your Google My Business account will allow you to see what are the terms which the customer searches for to find your business on local search and maps.

What are some great free online tools for entrepreneurs?
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Google for Startups:

While other Google tools are indirectly helping the business grow, when your starting to build a new product or service of your own to disrupt the present industries, well, insights from Google won’t hurt. So, what is Google for start-ups?

  • Find Tools: Well, from the first glance at the website of Google for Startups, you can grasp that it is a place that can help you with the overall process of building and growing your business. From building a product to market research to online prescence to marketing and monetizing and more, this tool is perfect for businessman who don’t have a roadmap yet.

  • Best Practices: Next big problem an entrepreneur faces is hiring the right people especially when your business grows and so do your project and commitments to deliver to. Additionally when you transform from a one-man army leading the business to a team, you want to hire experts. While hiring sounds like a good idea, it comes with responsibility that is taken care of leadership and productivity tools to set goals and track them, offered by Google for startups. You can follow this with growing revenues, rasising finds, designing and testing new models and understanding your clientele under the best practices tabs of this great online tool for entrepreneurs like you.

  • Join A Community: As a start-up, you need to communicate and know about other businesses to grow, these are included in your community offered by Google, for example, co-working spaces, accelerator programs and events. You can see the information about the Accelerators from different parts of the world below while the platform also offers information about the upcoming events for start-up growth as well.

  • Google For Startups Accelerator, India: Amazingly offering Series A Indian tech start-ups with high potential an opportunity to grow with their Accelerator which includes a three months program is another great part of the tool. And what’s better than getting to your business related to yours with by joining the community option on this great free online tools for entrepreneurs.

What are the benefits of Google for start-ups?

  • This is a one-stop shop for solutions from building a business to scaling up.

  • Helps you build a product indlusing websites and applications. One step ahead, it also help you fiond storage and hosting for the same.

  • Reduces burden of leadership through easy to use tools to monitor the team.

  • Earning with your product is also covered with options like monetizing

  • Implementing machine learning could not be easier.

  • Also, you can easily optimise your business for the website

  • As you assisted with accelerator program, community and information about events, it is easier to scale up.

What are some great free online tools for entrepreneurs?
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Google Trends:

As we transitioned from a world of physical meetings to digital meetings, from newspapers to e-papers, your product based business has to be compatible with the net and especially if you are selling products through the internet. To be more relatble with what’s happening around the globe today, the top most option is Google by many people.

Google tranitions these queries and datqa it receives from its users to let the people who are advertising or who are building a blog understand the demand in the market and that’s why “What’s trending on Google? is an important question.

The Benefits of Google Trends:

  • Ace your market research game with Google Trends and working with the right keywords and phrases for your brand.

  • When you are targeting SEO for your brand, what’s better than an insight into the hottest trends.

  • Do competitor research, understand what’s trending, know their top keywords, trending articles, and find sites and articles for back linking.


Google has become synonymous to internet today while browsers are left far behind in the race. At the same time, the company been a key part of e-mails as G-mail is one of the key Google tool for professionals. So, when you as a hustler start your search for great free online tools for entrepreneurs, Google tools from Google Docs to Google for Startups is indeed helpful.

What are some great free online tools for entrepreneurs?
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What are some great free online tools for entrepreneurs?
What are some great free online tools for entrepreneurs?

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