What are the best productivity tools for entrepreneurs?

Struggling with productivity, manage your time better with the best productivity tools for entrepreneurs and unlock the unreached potential.
What are the best productivity tools for entrepreneurs?
What are the best productivity tools for entrepreneurs?

What does it take to be your boss? Well, amidst the pool of common traits entrepreneurs share, managing several tasks at once has to be a paramount identifier of a start-up owner. We know it's difficult to create a structure especially when you are doing something that’s never done before. Hence, the best productivity tools for entrepreneurs come into the picture.

An entrepreneur wears multiple hats throughout the day wherein he is a project manager, a website developer, a team manager, a colleague, and even an assistant to an expert in his start-up.

“So, when he/she/they are ready to sacrifice so much, why not make their lives easier?” This is something the editorial team at The CEO Magazine often ponders about in our team meetings, whether we are in a meeting room or our homes as we meet virtually. Well, to do the same, to boost your success, we bring to you a guide on the best productivity tools for entrepreneurs.

What are productivity tools?

Well, to answer this, we can say, tools that help you complete a complex task easily, save time, and essentially help you save and increase your revenue through on-time competition of projects.

What are the benefits of productivity tools for entrepreneurs?

If you look up for cool productivity tools online, you will find that their exists a wide array of productivity tools from Google’s free marketing tools to project management tools to CRMs, ERPs, CMS (Content Management System), and even content writing tools.

So, there are various benefits of each of these tools in their implied domain.

But at its core, productivity tools help you:

· Work on areas which you are not an expert in as an entrepreneur or a small firm.

· Save time and energy finding the right people.

· Save money as most of them are free and also save the hiring costs of employees.

· Work at your time.

· Complete projects on time and efficiently.

· Increase revenue with no cost

Productivity is a challenge. And entrepreneurs are natural challenge solvers. We get you entrepreneurs and we have got you covered, check out the best business productivity tools for yourself:

Project Management With Best Business Productivity Tools

Project Management With Best Business Productivity Tools
Project Management With Best Business Productivity Tools

A small business productivity tool usually encompasses a wide range of solutions ranging from project management to marketing, etc. Talking about small businesses, what if one has all the right elements present with them, i.e., money, time, and skilled people? Will that make a project take place smoothly?

Well, managing a project is difficult in itself. While other elements like finance, staffing, scope, etc can disrupt the workflow and essentially your productivity in managing projects. Fortunately, many tools are present to help with product management for free!

Trello: Why Trello tops the list of best productivity tools for entrepreneurs. Well, designed specifically keeping in mind the non-project managers who will have to enter the domain to assist their business to grow from scratch, Trello is one of the free online productivity tools. It allows entrepreneurs and small business owners to unlock the potential to create, plan, assign and track tasks nice and easy.

Asana: Streaming the communication between teams is one of the biggest tasks along with making sure they are clear about their role in completing a project. Asana has been acing the game in the project management domain as one of the free online productivity tools. The Facebook co-founder, Dusting Moskocitz’s brainchild, Asana is an unfuzzy application with an easy to use interface for the new players in the field. The application has already become a reputed brands’ and start-ups’ business productivity tool of choice.

Want to know one of the productivity secrets for entrepreneurs?

Google tools often have various features that are usually ignored by the users but turn out to help once noticed. One such feature is great when it comes to managing conversations with the team. From sharing tasks to reminders for meetings with clients, you can use the “Schedule Send” option on your email and become stress-free.

Google Tools Make Marketing Affordable & Fast

Google Tools Make Marketing Affordable & Fast
Google Tools Make Marketing Affordable & Fast

Yes, you can witness the power of Google beyond the horizon of mail, documents, sheets, etc and target your marketing easily with one of the best productivity tools for entrepreneurs by Google, Google Webmaster Tools and Google Adwords Planner. As an entrepreneur working with a small limited budget, you can use these easily available and affordable tools to get your marketing on track without investing much.

We cannot mention free online productivity tools and not boast about the benefits Google offers its users. In the digital world, Google Webmaster Tools will allow you to:

· Access to search statistics on Google.

· View latest data regarding incoming links and internal links.

· Share notification if your site has any crawl errors (misdirecting) and/or malware (spam, viruses, etc).

· Showcase keywords you are targeting and how effective they are.

· Insights of crawling and indexing activity on the site.

On the other hand, Google Adwords Planner will allow you to access the unlimited pool of keywords relevant to your business along with competitor keyword research to stand out from the rest. Google Adwords Planner allows you to:

· Focus on multiple keywords at a time.

· Turn the campaign on or off whenever you want to.

· Ads that appear on the top of the page get immediate visibility.

Content Management System

Content Management System
Content Management System

What if you can work on your website and customise it without knowing any code?

WordPress: You cannot expect any client to be interested in your business today if you are not present online. So, who are you is defined by your website and whether you have decided to make it yourself or choose to approach a professional, most likely it is on WordPress? So, content management software is what we target next with WordPress CRM.

Now, this is the most common name in the CRM domain and one of the best productivity tools for entrepreneurs who want to easily access their website, modify the changes, add or subtract a feature through an easy-to-use interface. Again, for the budget-friendliness, this is a free platform.

Why is WordPress the best CMS for web development?

Joomla: Another renowned name in free productivity tools online as a Content Management System following WordPress has to be Zoomla. This user CMS is designed for those who have the technical knowledge and can handle the web software configuration, working with servers, and dealing with other technical aspects of the process.

Drupal: Drupal has been in the market longer than WordPress yet holds much lesser of the market percentage. However, this productivity tool is also open-source and free of cost. Drupal is best for those searching for enterprise-level CMS solutions. Again, this is indeed a valuable tool that handles multiple roles, integration, content, and complex configuration requirements.

Productivity Hack For Entrepreneurs 101

If you work on website design in the digital marketing domain, well, you know the hustle of dealing with each client’s requirements and customising a website. What if you had a template available and you could drag and drop features on the website? Well, WordPress Divi is easy to use but one of the best productivity tools for you.

Thus, using Divi for timely deliveries of projects is one of the best productivity tools for entrepreneurs.

Customer Relationship Management With Best Productivity Apps For Entrepreneurs

Customer Relationship Management With Best Productivity Apps For Entrepreneurs
Customer Relationship Management With Best Productivity Apps For Entrepreneurs

Zoho CRM: Speaking of free, Zoho CRM is also a productivity tool for entrepreneurs that can be used to manage your website content and optimize it. The award-winning CRM has been trusted by many businesses across the globe. The free productivity tool aids lead conversion, customer engagement, and revenue growth. You can easily start with the CRM journey with the free version of this affordable cloud CRM boasting brand.

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Hubspot: Other CRM that has been the talk of the town for entrepreneurs. The free software allows its users to unlock the potential of business to the next level with real-time visibility in the sales pipeline. Whilst 0over the years, both Zoho CR maned Hubspot have acquired similar options, they are today quite similar. Both the CRMs can be used as some of the best productivity tools for small businesses available online. Hubspot, the sales and marketing software as a service(SaaS) is often appreciated for its good user experience, way lead conversion optimization, and keeping tabs on sales preposition.

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What’s better than productivity tools, free online productivity tools that are easily available for those who are planning to change the future of their industry and create a new world with their industry. From project management to content management, well, the number of productivity tools available today is growing every day and we have touched the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned with The CEO Magazine to know more.

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