The CEO Magazine India: Founder, Circulation, Success Stories

The CEO Magazine India: Founder, Circulation, Success Stories
The CEO Magazine India

The CEO Magazine India: Founder, Circulation, Success Stories

Business magazines have been the voice of executives and brands across the world. In the capital city of India, The CEO Magazine has been consistently delivering world class comprehensive publications every year. Along with special issues and yearly issues, they continue to recognize executives, consultants, women leaders, across several industries including health-tech, fin-tech, healthcare, education, etc.

Who owns the CEO Magazine?

The CEO Magazine, India is founded by Shrikant Pandey. Shrikant has been at the helm of the magazine ensuring seamless operations across the management and editorial teams. With a strong sales background, he adores interacting with the prospective and current clientele.

He is the man behind the completely Indian publication offering informative articles, columns, opinions and essays on entrepreneurial activities, entrepreneurs, market, marketing, marketers, and business practices.

What is the circulation of CEO Magazine?

The CEO Magazine readership base is of 85000+ readers including C Level executives and entrepreneurs who are aiming for success through their new businesses. The monthly magazine covers original stories and new articles. The editorial team aims at understanding the psyche of the readers and often brainstorm “What magazines do CEO read?” and “What they want to read?”

The CEO Magazine is not only a platform to share and inspire, it also educates and entertains the readers with insights into hot topics on health, technology, luxury, travel, current affairs, important days, start-up success,

The CEO Magazine Review

The CEO Magazine India leads is a renowned business magazine headquartered in New Delhi. The magazine has been voicing out the success stories of CEOs, top level executives, and entrepreneurs who are paving the way for a better future through their solutions and leadership.

The CEO Magazine's editorial team is focused on sharing their journey, struggles, proudest moments, and their goals in terms of growth and expansion.

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