4 Digital Marketing Tools for SME Owners

4 Digital Marketing Tools for SME Owners

Gone are the days when businesses need a huge amount of money to advertise their business and get ahead of competitors. Today, you can ensure your progress with the right selection of free tools and save your precious time also.

Now, don't rely solely on repeat customers and word-of-mouth. Have a look at these amazing Digital Marketing Tools for SME Owners and see how you can bring a boost to your digital marketing efforts without breaking your bank.

4 Digital Marketing Tools for SME Owners

Google Analytics

One of the most famous digital marketing tools for SME owners, Google Analytics is quite helpful in providing insights. This software is completely free that keep track of visitors of the website and what they get up to once they reach.

This tool allows you to collect, manage and analyze data. By using its reporting tools, you get access to valuable insights into your performance digitally. Some of the data points that Google Analytics provides you are:

  • Total number of visitors to your website by day, week, month or any time period
  • Source of traffic include referrals from another website, organic search, ads, social, or direct
  • Keywords people are using in Google to find your website
  • The demographics of users
  • Time session of each user and which pages they visit

The Google Analytics is highly powerful that help you identify which elements in your website or app consumers are responding well to and which parts you need to improve.

Google Search Console also comes with Google Analytics. It helps you to find out any issues on your site and optimize it for traffic.

Use Analytics data smartly to make the right decisions for your website and market your business online.

Google My Business

The free online listing platform for business, Google My Business helps your website to appear when users search for the service or products you offer or related terms on Google or Google Maps.

By default, Google My Business tool includes what it knows about a local business and customer reviews. But you can enhance your appearance and attract more customers by putting your own information to Google Places, including:

  • A quick intro about your business
  • Complete business address
  • Contact number
  • Opening Hours
  • Website URL

Calming your listing on this platform is complete. And besides the basic business information, you can post updates about any special offers or discounts, upcoming events and more to attract more potential customers.

Google Ads

This time, online advertising campaigns have become an effective way to promote any business across the web. When it comes to online advertising, Google Ads— formerly Google Adwords is the largest and most popular ad network. The best part about this tool is that you can use it easily, here is the process:

Write your ad copy: The Google Ads program allows you to create simple four-line text ads related to the keywords you want to target.

Choose the keyword you want to target

Set your maximum budget of a day: Set a daily budget for your Google advertising campaign and then track your progress through the Ads analytic tools.

Now, fix the start and end dates of your campaign. Don't worry about the size of the amount you have for investment, you can even start at $1 per day.

 You will be charged for the advertising service when someone clicks on your ad, with Google ads or PPC marketing, you pay according to the performance of your campaign. It is a perfect way to promote your online business and drive traffic to the site.

Google Keyword Planner

Whether you want to bring organic traffic on your website or you are oaky to invest some amount of Google ads, right select of the keyword is fundamental for both. And, keyword research is an important step of any SEM campaign.

Before you start working on Google Ads or creating any content, you'll have to find out which terms will bring people to your website. Here, Google Keyword Planner makes the process easier for. You only need to put a seed keyword and the tool will provide with hundreds of suggestions.

Google Keyword Planner helps you get the right keywords for your campaigns by providing complete data about any specifical term like the number of times it has been searched and the cost you need to invest to target that particular keyword.

Once, you get the right keywords, you can plan your budget and create an advertising campaign and save it for future use.

Last Verdict

Small businesses need all the help they can get to compete with the marketing budget of many big companies. Using these 4 Digital Marketing Tools for SME Owners, your small business can start improving its market share.

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