How to Increase Followers on Twitter: 11 Quick Tips

How to Increase Followers on Twitter: 11 Quick Tips

How to Increase Followers on Twitter: 11 Quick Tips

How to Increase Followers on Twitter: 11 Quick Tips

How to Increase Followers on Twitter: 11 Quick Tips

How to increase followers on Twitter? This is a common question that people ask themselves daily. If you are at the initial phase and you do not have any followers, it is a fact that nobody will read what you share.

There is no magic to increase followers on Twitter but there is a set of tricks, you will be able to see excellent results in no time.

Twitter has evolved to be a highly powerful and popular social platform. Both individuals and businesses use Twitter as their favourite social platform because of its fast-paced feed with real-time conversations.

With one billion registered users and more than 386 million active users, the massive audience on Twitter provides an opportunity to expand your reach, promote your brand, grow your social influence, and bring traffic to your website or blog. 

In this post, we have come up with some easy ways to flourish you, followers, on Twitter organically.

How to Increase Followers on Twitter

Avatar & Cover Photo

A lot of people think that uploading a picture to a Twitter account is not that much of a big deal. But it plays a major role.

While uploading any picture on Twitter, make sure it properly shows your face. On Twitter, people want to know what you look like. And, this is where having a good picture of yours will help you in making people know what you look like and who you are.

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If you have your own company, you can use your brand avatar as the Twitter profile picture. It will help you to make your tweets noticeable from the huge cloud of tweets.

Tweet at the Right Time

When you are making all possible efforts to increase followers on Twitter, don't forget about the right tweet time. By tweeting at the time when your followers are most active, will help you to get maximum reach and engagement.

Today, there are plenty of tools available online that help you to scan your followers' list and as per their actions, it suggests you the optimum time to send out a tweet.

Make sure that you are tweeting when you are aware that your friends or other people would be signed in on Twitter. Keep in mind that peak hour varies from person to person, so use and do proper research to find the best time for your profile.

Engage with Your Followers

Twitter is a highly effective platform to engage your audience and gain an excellent following. It does not only let you express yourself but also to get in touch and converse with people on a particular topic.

Twitter holds chants on scheduled days of the week and everyone interested in that topic can participate.

It provides you with the benefits of getting insights and also contacts others who have similar choices. You can introduce a new product, present descriptions and instead of pitching ask your audience for their valued opinions.

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How to create a Twitter account?

When you ask people they will be happy to provide you with honest views that help you enhance your product and if they find it interesting, then you can easily pitch it to them. You can even create polls, ask questions and opinions and communicate with them.  

Another way engaging audiences is by retweeting their content. If any Twitter users mention you in a comment or tag you in their post, make sure to respond. This reinforces their engagement and makes other users more inclined to follow and engage with you in the coming days.

Use Hashtags Strategically

Like Instagram, hashtags play an effective role on Twitter. When you use hashtags correctly, it will help you get your tweets to the masses and expand your following.

One of the best ways to find the right set of hashtags is to check trend hashtags that perfectly fit your editorial plan and include them in your tweets.

It's not really necessary to buy Twitter followers as you can work on hashtags to engage your followers, your tweets will be more visible to audiences who are interested in the hashtag; it will boost your reach.

Another way by which you can find popular hashtags in your niche is by typing the target hashtag into the search bar. As you search, a drop-down with suggested hashtags related to your promotion will appear.

Tweet Valuable Content

Even with all marketing tricks, you cannot resolve your questions about how to increase followers on Twitter without posting valuable content. To engage with your audience and stand out from the crowd, try to provide value every time you tweet.

It covers tweeting information that is highly relevant, informative, and educational. Apart from your regular tweets, share podcasts, webinars, how-to-guidance and infographics from time to time.

With good tweets, you can reach a perfect position and get more likes, comments, followers and retweets.

Stick to Your Niche

First of all, decide what you want to tweet so that people can get an idea about what kind of user you are. Tweeting about different things along with hashtags will help you to increase followers on Twitter.

Here, it is always better that you decided on a specific audience. If you find yourself good at cooking, or sports, or painting, etc., then start tweeting about that and become one of the leading Twitter users on that subject.

If you respond to what others ask you and you will be getting increased numbers of followers on Twitter with ease.

Analyze Your Account

Keep analyzing your Twitter account time-to-time; you will know how many followers you earn or lose and when it happens.

You will understand the number of interactions your account receives by publication and at what time of the day your followers are more active. Do proper research on your audience to know their interests or how you can draw their attention.

Follow the 80-20 Rule

Using the 80-20 rule while tweeting will help you get more engagement and followers on Twitter. We all are aware of this fact people want to get more and more valuable information. This information can be in the form of industry trends, insights, and innovative ways of doing things.

While dividing the proportion of importance in your content, make sure 80% of your content should be focused on teaching people and providing information to keep your readers whereas pitching them for sales should be 20% only.

When you are sharing any tweet, keep in mind the value that you are adding to your reader, how easy it is for the reader to like and share your content. To create an engaging experience, include images and videos in your tweet and ask your followers to share their experience with you.

Be Careful in Your Tweets

When you go through how to increase followers on Twitter, try to have a decent mix of personal and professional updates. Talk about your brand, what you are doing, share interactive pictures and share links to top articles and from top blogs in your niche.

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The idea is to grow communication with your audience, and people should not only retweet but quote it as well. Make sure, your tweet should be credible and influential enough so that people like to retweet it more and more.

You can follow any strategy that you find effective and comfortable. It includes sharing interesting quotes, pictures, trending topics, etc. Always keep this face in mind that interaction and communication are the major equipment that will help you to grow.

Always Reciprocate

Reciprocate means to follow your followers back and provide due attention to your followers. It is very important when you search for how to increase followers on Twitter.

This is quite a common tactic on this social platform that when you get notified that you are being followed by a user, then you should check the profile and follow back also.

 Host and Participate in Twitter Chats

With Twitter chats, you can discuss a specific topic, either in the form of panel's debates, Q&A's, creative polls, etc.

Hosting these Twitter events is an awesome way to establish authority and credibility in the digital community. It allows you to connect with like-minded professionals in the industry. In case, you are not in a position to host chats, make sure to participate in them.

With Twitter chats, you can meet people with the same interest, developing strong relationships and increase followers on Twitter. And the last tip, every time you engage in a Twitter chat, everyone will see what you post, so you need to be careful and tweet wisely.

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Here are some important points you need to avoid when you search for the question of how to increase followers on Twitter:

  • Try not to send too many direct messages, your followers might find it annoying and stop following you. Here, the best you can do is to send messages when it is indispensable to build trust with your followers.

  • If you are asking too much on Twitter for retweets, likes on any other type of interaction in excess can put people off. Asking too much will not build loyal followers.

  • Nobody likes spam so, avoid very repetitive tweets otherwise, users will unfollow you.


As said at the beginning of this post, there is magic to increase followers on Twitter. If you want to know how to increase followers on Twitter, you will have to spend some time and energy.

This guide was all about a simple and easy process of increasing followers on Twitter. Go through the above points, follow these simple yet effective tricks and you will see the result.

And this is all!

We hope you found this helpful and interesting. In case, you have any doubt and queries, just let us know in the comment section below.

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