How to Get More Likes On Instagram: Some Easy Ways

How to Get More Likes On Instagram

How to Get More Likes On Instagram

Some Easy Ways

How to Get More Likes On Instagram: Some Easy Ways

Do you want to increase your engagement rates on Instagram? Do you want to get more likes on your Instagram posts?

Instagram is a diverse platform, with uses from all walks of life sharing their life moments. People share photos, videos or stories for different reasons. Some people want to create personal connections and some want to increase their retail sales. Most users want to get more and more likes on the post.

There is a certain rush people get when they post a picture and watch the notification roll in as users like it in a real-time perhaps even from some new people that might follow you or your business.

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Likes are one of the biggest reasons why we are so obsessed with Instagram, to get an application for our pictures and maybe become Instagram famous along the way. 

Instagram Likes are the factor that helps to drive your content to people's feed. Likes demonstrate engagement and something most uses strive for. If planned properly, likes can become a vital component of your overall Instagram strategy.

To help you take advantage of these advantages; we have listed here some great tips on how to get more likes on Instagram.

How to Get More Likes on Instagram:

Post-High-quality Photos

Post-high-quality and incredible photos; on Instagram, there is no room for good enough shots. You do not need a DSLR worth several thousand dollars to make an amazing Instagram post. But you should at least ensure that your lighting is good and everything is in focus.

Here, a modern Smartphone can work great for taking some great-looking shots. Great are naturally more aesthetically pleasing and that means more likes.

Be Strategic with You #Hashtags

On Instagram, more than other social sites, every hashtag you use has the potential to open that post and also you're a brand as a whole up to a whole new audience.

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Instagram hashtags are so useful because they allow people to discover your posts, but in order to target the light people, you must use the right hashtags. Here are some points to keep in mind while finding your hashtags:

Don't be to the board (cloth) but don't be too niche (weddingclothfoteenagegirlinindia)

Use a sufficient number of hashtags (as per a study, post with 9 hashtags get the more engagement)

Put them in the right place like in the comments

You can confuse hashtags research by simply typing in a few words in the Instagram search bar to see which hashtags Instagram auto-generates.

Another great way to research on Instagram is to see what hashtags your competitors or partners are using. There are also many tools like hashtagify,, Website, etc.

Use Hashtags in Your Stories and Bio

It is a fact that stories do not directly earn Instagram likes, and neither do bios, but using hashtags strategically in both is a free way to expand your reaches to new fans.

Find Your Target Audience

How to get millions of likes on Instagram? How to get real Instagram followers? The best answer is finding your target audience. Do your target market research properly. More than that, have you differentiated your Instagram audience from your social media audience as a whole?

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To know what your audience likes, you should know who they are.

Schedule at Best Times

Scheduling your post at the best time also helps you to get more likes on Instagram. There are many reasons for this, but one major reason to keep in mind with this data is that engagement rates are higher when the competition is low.

According to Tack maven, the best time to publish a post on Instagram is between 10 Pm and 3 Am to get the most interactions.

Very few people post between 10 pm and 3 am means there are fewer posts competing against yours than it can see them get increased attention. More attention, as noted, can mean higher overall exposure. First, you should experiment yourself and see if you are reaching the right audience.

With some experimentation, you will be able to find the optimal posting schedule of your band. You can go one more step ahead; consider scheduling your post through a good Instagram scheduling tool.

 Make You Captions As Good as Your Photos

We all know that excellent media is key to creating a captive audience and the best solution when you look at how to get millions of likes on Instagram. But what about the caption?

Don't gloss over that section as unnecessary or go on autopilot with your words. With the right voice and tone, your captions can be just as captivating as your photos.

Creating excellent captions a priority means creating an expectation with your audience. They will wait for your next post's captions and spend more time on your posts. Although, you cannot write engaging captions instantly, writing engaging actions is a skill that can be developed over time.

Tag a Location

Tagging a location in your photos allows people in your area to see your photos easily. When you tag a general location, it will increase the chances that people will see it. People looking for photos near them will be likely to engage them, which means you have a good chance to get more likes on your photos.

Like Others Posts

Neil Patel randomly liked photos of people he did not follow on the platform and he found that for every 100 likes he made he got around 21.7 likes and 6.1 followers. This strategy continued to effectively work even if he did not follow these people.

This strategy will work or not depending on your business goals. However, it can be worth going to the people's Instagram feed and the feed of popular hashtags, and like posts, you find entertaining or helpful or from profiles which are related to your business.

It will help you gain likes as well as new follows that can further expand your reach.

Post Instagram Stories Regular

What do Instagram stories have to do with increasing your ads' engagement? This Snap chat-like feature allows you to post a view or image that lasts for 24 hours. And while Instagram Stories may or may not be directly connected with your post, many Instagram users have reported that stories help boost their brand engagement on Instagram.

Instagram stories are also just an effective way to boost your presence on the platform, so try boosting the number of stories you share or even try running an Instagram story post to see how the engagement compares to other ad formats.

Reshare on Other Networks

In case you have a good following on other social media platforms, it would be wise to reshare your Instagram post onto these social networks.

Cross-sharing like this will help you to lead your followers to your Instagram account, thereby getting you more likes.

Instagram has a feature that allows you to automatically share posts to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler when you publish.

While sharing on other platforms will help you when you want to know how to get more likes on Instagram, it is not always effective, as the posts are displayed differently on each network based on image and character restrictions, etc.

Run a Contest a Giveaway with a Popular Partner

When it comes to getting more likes on Instagram, running a contest or giveaway on social media is not a new concept. Contents have been used to up post engagement for years and their results are excellent because people love free stuff. If you are offering some cosmetics to me, I will love to like, share or even report your content just for the chance to win.

Here, you need to consider the effort of organizing and running Instagram content worth the return if you have a good following. In case you have a few followers, partner with a business that has already built up a big following to supercharge you contest efforts and gain your Instagram ads likes and you account followers.

Join an Instagram Pod

An Instagram pod is a group of like-minded Instagrammers who share tips and tricks and help promote each other's content.

Genially, pods are composed of roughly 10-15 Instagrammers, who communicate through Instagram direct messages, and every time a group member publishes a new post they share it so that the other group members will like and comment.

To join pods, connect with people. Other ways to discover people include joining Instagram-themed groups on Facebook.

Wrap Up

These are some of the best ways to answer how to get more likes on Instagram. If you are looking for the same and want to grow your brand on Instagram, you should try them all out. It is suggested to start with the first five, as they will not take up too much time.

Leverage the engagement that you are getting by marketing to your followers effectively- Instagram does not mean much of your business if you are not working hard to monetize it.

That's it! Now that you have learned how to get more likes on Instagram, go ahead and make 2021 your most likeable year yet. We hope you found this post helpful and interesting. Don't forget to subscribe The CEO Magazine to get all the latest posts in you inbox.

All the Best!

<div class="paragraphs"><p>How to Get More Likes On Instagram</p></div>
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