A Quick Guide on How to Promote Business on Twitter

A Quick Guide on How to Promote Business on Twitter
A Quick Guide on How to Promote Business on Twitter

A Quick Guide on How to Promote Business on Twitter

An excellent platform for businesses to reach and connect with the new audience, Twitter is going to social network for business to communicate with their target audience and convert them into potential customers. Presently, business at all scales is taking advantages from Twitter to grow their business. The major reason why businesses are promoting their products or services on Twitter is that it costs very less to advertise on here. Also, this is quite easy to set up and maintain a business profile on this platform.

If leveraged strategically, Twitter can be an effective tool for you to boost your reach, engage with your customers, flourish your brand, and generate qualified leads. Regardless of the type of business you have- B2B or B2C, Twitter can always work for you to find your target audience and make meaning full connections with them.

Here in this quick guide, you will find some ideas on how to promote business on Twitter and marketing it in the right way.

Step-by-Step Process to Promote Business on Twitter

Step:1- Audit You Twitter Account

When you look for how to promote business on Twitter, the first thing to do is to run a Twitter audit. Take stock of what's performing and what isn't working on your Twitter profile with by doing an in-depth review of your analytics.

Use any of the Twitter analytic, and it will help you to analyze hashtag performance, individual Tweet performance, as well as your individual Twitter audience.

Find your best-performing Tweets, with it you will get an idea of the type of content that your audience is finding interesting. You can use this data to build a strategy that boosts your reach and engagement. With this resource, you will be able to strategies your marketing and maximize your reach and engagement.

A Quick Guide on How to Promote Business on Twitter
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Step:2- Research Your Competition

Twitter is an amazing tool one can use to look for competitions and see what kinds of marketing content and tactics they are using. With the resources, you can be able to know what your competitors are doing.

Get idea

  • What does their customer service look like on Twitter?

  • Is there anything they are doing that you should be?

  • Incorporate Photos and Videos into Your Tweets

The tweets that include images or videos perform better; they get more engagement than tweets that are just text. Make sure to use relevant photos when you cannot just in your tweets, but in your replies, also.

Video is an excellent tool to make your tweets stand out; the movement of video can easily catch the attention of someone as they are scrolling through their Twitter feed.

Here, Animoto suggests aiming for videos of 30-45 seconds as Twitter users are used to short updated. You only need to make sure that your twitters are able to grab the audience's attention by putting your most eye-catching image or clip right upfront.

A Quick Guide on How to Promote Business on Twitter
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Step:3- Take Advantage of Twitter Hashtag and Trends

In many studies, it is found that Tweets with hashtags get almost double the engagement than Tweeter without hashtags. It is an exciting statistics, but this does not mean that you should update your Tweets with every hashtag you see.

Hashtags are known the game changer on the question of how to promote business on Twitter. It gives your brand a great exposure to a new audience who might be interested in what you need to say. Many brands create hashtags for a specific campaign and utilize that hashtag to label individual Tweets or promote their audience to share Tweet with a relevant hashtag.

Step:4- Build Your Twitter Followers

With all your marketing efforts, your focus should be on building engaged and well-targeted audience on Twitter. Once, you are done with this part, you should work to increase the number of followers to grow your business.

Many social tools can help you to increase your relevant Twitter followers by using data and analytics to find suitable users and conversations. You can choose business-specific keywords. As your follow numbers go high, you will receive more engagement and click through to your site. 

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Step:5- Add Value with Your Content

Just like adding value to your different marketing content, adding value to your Twitter content is vital for your business's growth. Always keep your buyer personas in mind, as the key to building successful inbound content is to make your readers feel like you are a reader feel like you are connected with them directly.

Answer how to promote business on Twitter by adding value on social, ask yourself if your tweets advance an idea, educate and entertain the audience. These are three major factors to make your content valuable, without them, your content will probably fall flat. Also, keep reminding yourself that your marketing purpose on Twitter is to connect and spark conversations.

On Twitter especially, you need to get the most out of your 280 character limit.

Step:6- Go Promotional with Twitter Ads

Another way to promote business on Twitter is ads. You can utilize this feature in different ways from getting more followers, website clicks or app downloads. Twitter has targeting features that allow you to choose the specific audience you want to target. And the best part is that there is no minimum campaign spends.

Keep in mind that the cost of your Twitter ads if by action. In case, you are suffering any problem in deciding the amount; how much you will pay for each interaction like clicks to your website and a new follower. You can simply use the automatic bidding feature; it will help you to find the best bid cost as per your budget and goals for your advertisements.

A Quick Guide on How to Promote Business on Twitter
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Step:7- Identify Influencers and Engage with them

Engage with influencers related to your business and you will be able to create the opportunity to gain more followers; more engagement and more traffic to your site.

Since an influence in your filed already have the audience you want, creating a connection with them can pay dividends.

Step:8- Live Tweet

Live Tweet is another way to answer your question on how to promote business on Twitter. Live-tweeting is when a user tweets his or her reactions to a live event as it is happening. Whether that is the latest breaking news or something very interesting.

When companies throw events and want their attendees to live-tweet while they are there, the brand always creates its own individual hashtag to use and share with the invite list so that others can follow.

Live-tweeting generally occurs with TV shows and televised events. When you are live-tweeting or using many tweets for the same topic, respond to your original tweet. It makes it easier for users to follow the entire discussion.

A Quick Guide on How to Promote Business on Twitter
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Step:9- Build a Customer Support Channel

Use Twitter to monitor what people are talking about your service or product on digital platform and if you find negative views from customs, you can solve it easily and this way, you will have the situation in your hand.

Also, with customer support channel, you will be able to interact with your customers to find what they expect or think about your product that would be helpful for you to come up with a better social media marketing strategy and provide inputs to enhance your product or services.

Step:10- Measure Results

After you have decided your goals and excited your plan; now it's time to measure the results of your performance on the social media site. Having goals also support determine when your plan is not doing well; and can support you get to the right place.

To measure your results, head to Twitter analytics, in the drop-down menu when you click on your profile at the top right corner of your dashboard on Twitter.

Here, in order to get the right measurement, focus less on vanity metrics like impressions or follower count or high numbers. That look great on paper but they will not help you in achieving your marketing goals.


In the present digital era, Twitter is being used widely a lot of marketers as a tool; to accomplish their marketing objectives. The biggest attributes of this platform are the speed with which any message spreads here. And this attribute can resolve the problem of how to promote your business on Twitter for you. Following proper Twitter marketing strategy will not only make your business successful; but also make it an engaged and supportive brand.

If you are an experienced marketed and has leveraged Twitter's power or have other marketing tips; do share your suggestion with us in the comment below.

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And at last, keep working on Twitter activities that will produce results. And you will soon experience the profitable outputs of promoting your business on Twitter. Hopefully, you found this post helpful and make your business successful with this guide.

For any doubt or questions, feel free to comment below. Our team is always there to answer your confusions. Don't forget to subscribe to The CEO Magazine and get all the latest updates in your inbox.

A Quick Guide on How to Promote Business on Twitter
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A Quick Guide on How to Promote Business on Twitter
A Quick Guide on How to Promote Business on Twitter
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