6 Best Keto-Friendly Cooking Oils, 5th will Shock You!

Choose from 6 Best Keto-Friendly Cooking Oils for preparing your high-profit, low-carb meals in Keto.
6 Best Keto Friendly Cooking Oil
6 Best Keto Friendly Cooking Oil

6 Best Keto-Friendly Cooking Oils, 5th will Shock You!

Keto or ketogenic diet, one of the most popular fad diets or low-carb diets across the globe, has been talked about in favour and against by several experts. There are several aspects of the keto diet and keto oil is one of the same.

Let’s understand “what is keto diet”, the science behind Keto, and 6 Best Keto-Friendly Cooking Oils.


What is the Keto diet?

Keto for Ketogenic diets is a term used for “low carb diets” which implies that one consumes a high level of protein and low levels of carbs in their diets. When one adopts the Keto diet, their body has a low carbohydrate intake, and one cuts back on carbs like sugar, soda, pastries, and white bread that are easy to digest. The protein-rich diet ensures that one consumes more fat and protein through cottage cheese, eggs, ghee, butter etc.

What is the process of the ketogenic diet?

Norming the body has a metabolism system of Glycolysis where the body broke carbs into simple sugars to enter your bloodstream and are converted into energy by Insulin. In case the glucose levels are high, the body converts glucose into glycogen, which is stored in your muscles and liver for later use.

During the high protein, low carb diet, the body starts breaking body fat and produces the acid called ketones or ketone bodies. The body depletes glycogen and turns to ketone bodies for energy. This acid provides energy to the body and brain allowing them to function properly.

When one follows the keto diet and are in a state of Ketosis, the body will boost the production of ketones from fat and produce energy. Ketones, unlike glucose, are not stored in the human body and are waste products that are filtered by kidneys. This implies there is no excess fat and the process of fat loss takes place at a higher rate by using a ketosis metabolic state.

Is a ketogenic diet good for weight loss?

One of the most prominent advantages of the Keto Diet is Weight Loss. One can lose a pound (0.5 kg) to 10 or more pounds (5 kg) in the first week but most of the initial weight loss may not be fat loss. Since a human is not consuming carbs and there are no major blood sugar spikes, which reduces the need for insulin.

6 Best Keto-Friendly Cooking Oils

When it comes to oils, refined oils like vegetable oils, soybean oils, safflower oil, canola oil, and corn oil should be avoided. One should put in the effort to include these oils in their diet:

· Coconut Oil: In India, often we use coconut oil on our hair and skin. But especially in North India, it can be shocking to know that one can cook in Coconut oil. Now, Coconut oil, being a plant-based oil made from coconut flesh, has a relatively low smoking point of 177 degrees Celsius and is suitable for low-flame cooking or baking, which one might opt for during their keto diet recipes.

· Olive Oil: Olive oil is known across the world for its health benefits. In India, it has been a part of the exotic grocery items. Rick in anti-oxidants, the healthy monosaturated fat is often used as a dressing on salads and not preferred to be heated beyond its smoking point as it gives off toxic smoke.

· Sesame Oil: Sesame, also known as Til (तिल), is one of the healthiest and delicious fats one can choose to include in their diet. Its antioxidant content and anti-inflammatory properties are good for the body. It has polyunsaturated fats like omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which allows in disease prevention especially heart diseases and cancer. Choose light-coloured sesame oil for sauteing meat or vegetables, frying, and roasting.

· Hazelnut Oil: From drizzling over grilled vegetables, meat, or fish to salad dressings, with its strong good fats, hazelnut wins the title of the healthy keto-friendly oil. It is popularly used in cookies, cakes, other baked goods.

· Walnut Oil: Walnuts, in themselves, are rich in nutrients, unsaturated fatty acids, and plant compounds called polyphenols. One can improve their heart, lower blood sugar levels, and prevent cancer by consuming walnut oil.

· Ghee: If you are wondering “Is ghee keto-friendly?”, the answer Yes! As it was mentioned above that fats are consumed during keto and ghee is a part of the same. One may put all oils in one category, but there is a difference between refined oils and ghee or unsaturated fats.

For those who are not aware, ghee originated in India when they realised that heat was not conductive to store butter for long. When Butter is clarified or heated till all the water is evaporated, the milk solids separate away, ghee. Now, ghee is rich in fat with high concentrations of Omega-3s. These fatty acids help reduce unhealthy cholesterol levels and supports a healthy heart.


Some may be unheard of, some may be exotic, and some are from the Nani’s Nuska books, these 6 Best Keto-Friendly Cooking Oils can work wonders and are completely safe to be used for reciepes you cook during your Keto diet.

6 Best Keto Friendly Cooking Oil
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6 Best Keto Friendly Cooking Oil
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6 Best Keto Friendly Cooking Oil

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