"Creative & technology disruption is the key to the success at every stage of the content creation irrespective of the service, co-production or the IP module. It has the power to create a dent in the universe. It has happened before and it will happen again"

Milind D Shinde 

Depiction of a sequence of events through the orchestration of putting together images is an art that ages back to the era of Egyptian murals with carvings on tombs. And with swiftly hover-boarding epochs and technological advancements, today this art form has taken a stunningly major leap.

This art has shaped into an entire animation industry and continues to surprise people with its effectual ways of conveying messages and telling captivating stories turning the industry into nothing less than lethally impressive. And stepping foot in this niche sector of the animation industry was Milind D Shinde, Founder& CEO at 88 Pictures with a plan to focus on creating high end, artistically rich content, and sustainable brand in the market, the founder had a viable creativity & technology focused business model planned.

"There were and there are a few players in the industry but I wanted to offer something new. It was not about being different but creating a brand with a 'difference'. But I wanted to make sure I am completely ready to do this and every time I came close to thinking about it, I realized I had many things to learn" recollects the founder. 

The one who believed in his idea and tuned into his strongest pillar of support was his wife Siddhie Mhambre, Co-Founder and Studio Head, 88 Pictures, the one who cemented his vision of the venture. Together this competent couple paved the path of what we know today as a successfully established company with a proficient workforce of 400+ amplified over 3 years.


Milind D Shinde, a veteran in the animation industry, he is responsible for the Business Development, orchestrating Growth strategies, maintaining and developing investor relation and taking 88 Pictures brand to be a truly global player in times to come. He is astute management professional with 15+ years of experience across production, project management, operations and strategic planning new studio set up, business turnaround, relationship management, business development, ROI accountability and operations.

Siddhie Mhambre, she manages the day to day operations at the studio. She is a driving factor in cultivating and maintaining the unique conducive culture of the studio that is based on artistic freedom & creative aspirations. With over 10 years of experience across a spectrum of the fields, she brings extensive knowledge and understanding of the creative part.


Milind asserts, "We have a very different approach towards marketing. We are a 100% export house and all of our business comes from Hollywood. It's a relationship-based business and word of mouth helps connect with new clients and your good work gets you the access to the newer clients."

At 88 Pictures, the focus is to create pretty pictures that can make a strong show-reel which in turn automatically gives you recognition and attract newer opportunities. In the domestic sector, marketing is needed to make sure the talent is aware of the company and the kind of work they do. Technology plays a crucial role in this industry for it to flourish. The evolution has happened on a massive scale and has changed multiple aspects like content, ways of broadcasting, viewer perspective etc. With a robust team in place, they are always looking forward to the next big thing that's going to happen in the industry.


Over the years the industry has changed on a few aspects and has not changed on many fronts. It's a good time to be in the animation business and India has the advantage and is position perfectly to cater to this increased demand for content.

"The key for everyone in this business will be to walk before we can run and take on only what they can produce. Unfortunately, as much as everyone would want to build a scale unlike manufacturing, it's not a mass-production business that can achieve economies of scale" states Milind.

The industry has also witnessed healthy competition, which the founder personally feels is the key to success. As long as the market is expanding, it is good for the industry growth so the work does not get concentrated to only a handful of players. 88 Pictures has built a team that's driven by passion and wanting to make a difference.

Milind further added, "We need the drug called 'Energy' in every 88ian which that keeps the ship sailing strong irrespective of the industry winds or market dynamics. All leaders at 88 have this in common and expect the same from the team for our growth."


A business has to be built around financial viability and sustainability and should be able to withstand all the good and bad times. At 88, they have learned the ability to say NO, if it's beyond affordability, it is best to say NO. Sustainable growth is more significant that unmanageable projects and hence they chose to be focused on what they want to do as a studio and wouldn't hesitate to adjust to the sails.

88 Pictures have been associated with many high-end clientele and take pride in their well-known projects including a TV show called Troll hunters, which is directed by Oscar Award-winning director Guillermo Del Toro, aired on Netflix and produced by DreamWorks Animation.


Both the founders feel that achievements are accessed through the passage made by a fully competent team of likeminded people who are building on to the same dream. Personal Discipline and Excellence is of the essence at 88 and that remains uncompromised.

Milind proudly adds, "We started with 'Trollhunters' which airs on Netflix and is directed by Oscar Award winner Guillermo Del Toro. We have been working the trilogy for this show and the show has so far won many prestigious awards. The series was nominated for 'Nine Daytime Emmy Awards' in 2017, winning more than any other animated or live-action television program that year. In the subsequent years, it has also received and been nominated for several Annie Awards, Kid screen Awards, and a Saturn Award."


The core values were defined for 88, much before the studio was born, and in fact, with time the values have developed and are implemented whenever we would get the opportunity to do something on our own. Creative disruption, striving for excellence, cutting edge technology, inspiration to innovate and unlimited fun are the core values they have built a business on.

"We constantly work towards making sure the values are imbibed across everything that we do and everyone involved. We are an artist-friendly studio where creativity, artistic value and work-life balance are of paramount importance to us. All our processes, compliances need to work around that and are maintained keeping these core values in mind" emphasizes Milind.


  • Siddhie Mhambre – Cofounder
  • Philippe Gluckman – Chief Creative Officer
  • Aby John – Chief Operating Officer
  • Rakesh Patil – Head of Production
  • Manish Kumar – Head of Animation
  • SaswatSahoo – Director of Production Technology 


The company has set high goals and standards for themselves which has got nothing to do with the size of the company. Their goal is to be one of the top Content Creator Studios in the world with footprints across the world. They are already working on their first high-end Feature film and would be announcing it soon.

Milind, when he started this company with his wife, Siddhie, came in with a point to fill in the gap created by an opportunity of a unique brand proposition in India. He feels that if one has a good idea, genuine intent and the core knowledge of their product, the ecosystem is ideal for them right now to start a venture. 88 Pictures are achieving its goals regardless of the number of hiccups they face and believes that one needs to work towards(of for) what you enjoy the most, success always follows. Happy People can create happy contents and 88 Pictures want to create exactlythat..!!!

"Storytelling is an art, it can come from anywhere and animation doesn't have any boundaries. Our aim here is to create an ecosystem of compelling stories that will stay in everyone's heart-n-mind for generations to come"

Siddhie Mhambre

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