How good health can boost your business

By Shailesh Goyal
How good health can boost your business
How good health can boost your business

How good health can boost your business

Health wealth is one of the most popular and widely quoted says. Our ancient texts, including the Vedas, are full of shlokas that stress the importance of health. As the Covid-19 pandemic has shown, good health is the greatest gift one can have.

There is simply no substitute for good health. One can have all the material comforts and luxuries at one’s disposal, but they have little meaning in the absence of good health.

Good health is not only pleasing but essential for business. Being in good health means one can work focused, be more productive, and perform better.

It is easier to meet deadlines with good health, which is more often than not a challenge in a creative field like PR and strategic communication.

Let me also clarify that I don’t mean the physical side alone with good health. Mental health is equally important if one has to be in good health.

Good mental health means a more relaxed state of mind, which allows one to come up with bigger and better ideas, strategize better, develop more innovative solutions, and much more.

Whether one has an established business or is toying with a new business venture or startup, these are important and go a long way in driving business. How good one’s ideas are, and the level of innovation in various solutions can mean the difference between success and failure.

The right work-life balance can achieve mental health. Working long hours may be necessary, even critical, up to a certain point in time, but that can not be the norm for anyone.

The key is not to compromise mental or physical health at any cost. And to be honest, staying in good health is not very difficult. My simple formula for good overall health is eating right, getting proper sleep, and exercising regularly.

I also believe that good health is essential for anyone and everyone, but an entrepreneur has a greater responsibility to stay in good health.

As an entrepreneur, he is responsible not just for himself but also for the people who are a part of his team and are dependent on the venture’s existence and success to earn their livelihood.

Whether the team size is 5 or 50 or 500 is secondary.

In today’s highly competitive age, an entrepreneur has to work harder and smarter to be better than the competition, and this is possible only when he is in good health - both physical and mental.

At the same time, it is equally essential for any entrepreneur to create an environment so that the team, the people who are contributing to their growth, is also in good health.

This can be achieved by ensuring a proper work-life balance for the team, providing a happy workplace, growth opportunities, and adequate exposure, to name a few.

My experience over the last two decades shows that the team leader’s thoughts and outlook rub off easily on the team.

As a team leader, if I attach importance to good health, there is a high chance my team will also do the same.

The key is to set the right example and provide an enabling environment.

How good health can boost your business
It is as simple as the saying goes, ‘Health is Wealth.
How good health can boost your business
How good health can boost your business
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