Techeco Waste Management LLP

Pioneering Sustainable E-Waste Management in India While Empowering Communities And Creating Sustainable Livelihoods
Techeco Waste Management LLP

Techeco Waste Management LLP

Pioneering Sustainable E-Waste Management in India While Empowering Communities And Creating Sustainable Livelihoods

Techeco, founded in 2018, is a company focusing on waste management infrastructure, recycling, and upcycling services in India. Its mission is to promote eco-friendly recycling and reuse of end-of-life electrical and electronic items. Techeco envisions a sustainable future that is inclusive, responsible, and climate-conscious.     

There is an urgent need for all stakeholders, including the youth, to address the discrepancy between the amount of e-waste produced and the amount that is properly recycled.

Techeco actively works towards creating awareness about the proper disposal of e-waste by organising consciousness and collection drives in communities, schools, universities, and other places.       

As part of its values, the company strives to formalise the disorganised sector involved in e-waste recycling. With the belief that e-waste is the toxic legacy of the digital age that demands attention, Techeco is committed to promoting responsible and sustainable practices in the industry.

Being Maharashtra’s largest electronic waste recycling facility, with its corporate office in Mumbai and the recycling facility in Nashik, Techeco has an impressive clientele that includes leading technology companies, including TATA motors, Infosys, top-line producers internationally, and government agencies.

Range Of Services Offered By Techeco

Techeco offers a range of services to promote responsible and sustainable e-waste management. These include

Collection Centers: Techeco has collection centres across India to streamline the informal sector involved in e-waste handling. This helps in better management practices, environmental protection, and improved working conditions for labourers. 

Data Destruction: Techeco provides data erasing, sanitation, and destruction services that meet the latest protection standards, eliminating potential security risks. 

Asset Refurbishment: The company aims to increase the life of electronics by refurbishing and repairing them whenever possible.

Responsible Recycling: Techeco believes in accountability and transparency and provides defined and tracked processes and complete disposal documentation. 

PRO Services: Techeco offers Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) services for electronic producers to meet their Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) targets.

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A Sustainable Approach To E-Waste Management

Techeco engages with the informal sector to streamline e-waste management practices, aiding in environmental protection, improving labour conditions, and providing work opportunities for over a million people.

Increasing demand for e-products, however, creates challenges to recovering materials from e-waste. Yet, new technologies may reduce resource intensity and lower overall lifecycle impact.

Techeco’s precise product categories, such as displays, solar panels, batteries, and lighting equipment, will remain in high demand. As e-product use and e-waste generation continue to rise, especially in rapidly growing economies, Techeco can offer sustainable solutions to all players in the global e-waste arena.

The Brains Behind Techeco

Parikshit Deshmukh, Director

Parikshit is passionate about the intersection of business, technology, and international development. With a focus on solving challenges in the e-waste management industry, he has spent the last four years driving business and societal growth through technology solutions.

His skills in project management, strategy development, and business expansion have been honed through work with multilateral, multinational, government, and private-sector clients worldwide.

In addition to waste management, Parikshit has also worked on furniture manufacturing and export projects, Make in India, infrastructure and development, land acquisition, and the hospitality industry.

 Bhushan Kapase, Director

An entrepreneur, an architect and a designer, Bhushan has conceptualised, articulated and executed multiple services in the field of design and sustainability, focusing on creating an optimal class of living, design, ambience and energy-efficient surroundings.

His aptitude displaces jargon with inclusivity to engage profitable cooperation. Believing in inculcates values of research and relevancy in this constantly changing global economy through his outlook of being a team leader, and design mentor, Bhushan takes chances at turning towards new junctions in his career.

With experience in both national and international collaboration, Bhushan has achieved creation and execution in infrastructure, software approach, and other digital advances of virtual reality.

Their vision of working towards a sustainable future and creating awareness in society about e-waste management led Parikshit Deshmukh and Bhushan Kapase to found Techeco.

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Waste Management and Recycling in the Energy Sector: A Sustainable Solution

Techeco’s Journey: Empowering Communities, Leading Sustainable Development

From a humble beginning with just Parikshit and Bhushan, Techeco has grown into a family of 100+ individuals dedicated to making a positive impact on society.

The company is committed to providing sustainable solutions, such as empowering women and providing job opportunities to rural students. Techeco aims to create a better future for all and lead the sustainable development industry.

Addressing the issue of unaffordable gadgets Techeco team refurbishes old devices and donates them to camps or NGOs. The company’s “Zero Waste living” mission aims to minimise waste and promote a circular economy by reducing, reusing, and recycling resources. Techeco’s focus on sustainability is the first step towards achieving a more sustainable future.

In India, 90% of E-waste is processed in an unorganised sector due to consumer unawareness and improper disposal practices.

Techeco’s widespread collection mechanism provides sustainable livelihoods to workers in this sector, who often lack education and knowledge of the hazards of illegal recycling.

By partnering with Techeco, they become part of an organised network and grow alongside the company.

Prioritising Innovation, Empowerment, & Positive Impact

Parikshit emphasises considering internal and external factors when making strategic business decisions. He shares, “As a leader, I have to look forward.”

Prioritising flexibility, creativity, and innovation to keep his organisation ahead, Parikshit invests in training and development to empower his team to thrive in a constantly evolving business environment.

The pivotal decision for any entrepreneur is whether to turn their idea into a business. This may require sacrificing a stable income or scaling back at work to pursue their dream.

Choosing which idea to pursue can also be a challenging decision. Despite challenges, Techeco established one of the largest recycling facilities in Maharashtra, creating employment opportunities and improving livelihoods in the surrounding area.

To maintain a strong company culture and keep employees motivated, Bhushan prioritises transparency and modern communication tools. A transparent culture fosters engagement and highly motivated employees.

At Techeco, they ensure their team has access to up-to-date technology and collaboration tools to facilitate communication across offices and remote workers.

For Techeco, success means living out one’s true purpose, motivating and inspiring young talent, and creating a positive impact on the lives of those around him.

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E-Waste Management: Addressing The Environmental Challenges Of Technology

Awards & Recognitions

Parikshit Deshmukh and Bhushan Kapase, the directors of Techeco, have been making notable strides in the field of e-waste management and sustainability.

They were invited to Radio City 95 FM - A Jagran Initiative to explain e-waste management and have been recognised with the Indian Achiever’s Award for Emerging Company in 2022.

Additionally, they were panellists at IFAT India 2022, where they discussed accelerating the circular economy of electronics in India. Their expertise has also been recognised by the Maharashtra Control Board, and they were invited to represent the pollution control board at the Sumangal Panchmahabhoot event in Kolhapur in 2023.

Staying Current And Future Outlook

Parikshit and Bhushan focus on emerging economies and how their large and lucrative markets for EEEs can contribute to safeguarding the global environment considering recent industry and academic studies that suggest ESG investing can give better returns than traditional financial investments.

The increasing consumption of electronic goods, especially during the pandemic, will also lead to a rise in e-waste. Parikshit believes that converting waste to wealth is essential and emphasises understanding the country’s e-waste collection numbers to pursue emerging trends and technologies.

For Techeco’s the future holds a promising outlook with the increasing volume and scale of recycling in developed countries driven by government environmental policies.

In the next 25 years, the recycling industry could become one of the most established industries around, provided the targets are met. This bodes well for Techeco, which operates as Maharashtra’s largest electronic waste recycling facility and has a strong track record of empowering women and working with top-line producers internationally.

Advice To Entrepreneurs

To anyone interested in starting a business, Bhushan advises being willing to take risks and learn from their failures. He shares,

“Although it is easy for me to discuss having a business plan and a strategy, most importantly, executing that strategy and staying on course. However, the greatest lesson I have learned as an entrepreneur is that you have to be willing to fail to succeed.”

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