It is as simple as the saying goes, ‘Health is Wealth.

by Kajol Chavan Co - Founder & COO at One Impact
It is as simple as the saying goes, ‘Health is Wealth.
It is as simple as the saying goes, ‘Health is Wealth.

It is as simple as the saying goes, ‘Health is Wealth.

At the center of all the mayhem of living adult life is employment, which is quickly considered the most critical aspect of adulting since it pays the bills and gives you a level of importance in society through your role in the workforce. Often in this process, health takes a central back seat.

Having a work-life balance is crucial. Today'sToday's work culture has turned out to be a HUSTLE culture. Moreover, because of this, creating a Work-life balance is very vital. Work-Life balance is not just about taking a break from work physically but also mentally and concentrating on other aspects of our life, like mental, physical, and social wellbeing.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

As entrepreneurs, we have a significant role to play to ensure that our team should have a well-balanced work life. Encouraging the workforce to achieve a good balance between work and life will help improve the company company's overall work culture, which indirectly boosts company business. It is their contributions that drive respective companies to success.

We at One Impact make sure that we switch off from work for some time and indulge in activities like team bonding or learning sessions, which makes the environment a positive yet productive one.

However, as entrepreneurs running a business, we must keep ourselves healthy because we have to run a business! Though it might seem strange, self-care should be a fundamental business goal to strike a balance and move towards a healthier lifestyle.

As an entrepreneur, physical & mental health should be one of your top 3 priorities. If not, both you and your business might have to suffer the consequences of neglecting your health.

Here are a few things that I, as an entrepreneur, make sure that I, as well as my team, practice -

It is as simple as the saying goes, ‘Health is Wealth.
How Indian entrepreneurs & startups make their work-life balance more effective & more productive

Proper Planning -

Time is always precious, and you have to be able to identify and schedule all your tasks precisely. Here the art of prioritizing and planning comes in handy as it makes you focus on the task at hand and not worry throughout the day.

"Don't just work hard. Work smart."

Switch It Up & Take Multiple Small Breaks

When you cannot figure it out, when your mind is stuck on the same problem, it is best to take a break or do something entirely different for a while. Trying the same thing repeatedly will lead to nothing. Taking time off does help boost productivity. This can be achieved easily every day by taking small breaks.

Here is what you can do during your work hours for 10 mins to freshen things up and stay productive.

  • A small chat with your colleagues

  • Listening to music for some time

  • Clearing out your inbox

  • Reading a book or magazine (not digital)

  • Cleaning out your desk or office

  • Taking on a simple task

  • Use a brain training app on your mobile phone

Pay Attention to your Mental Health

If, as an entrepreneur, you were mentally or physically stressed, coping and building your business would be a challenging affair.

Try to be self-aware about what makes you tick, what stresses you out, and what puts you into a positive, fulfilled mindset. Journaling can help you through this.

Moreover, while it is crucial to be employed to keep the finances coming in as a Leader, you need to make sure that your team members ' life should not revolve around it. You were working more than you should be detrimental to your health. If done in the extreme, it can be dangerous to the point where it can be fatal.

According to the World Health Organisation, health is defined as "A state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease."

A healthy leader promotes a healthy environment for their peers.

It is as simple as the saying goes, ‘Health is Wealth.
Thumb rule for entrepreneurs: Good health equals good business
It is as simple as the saying goes, ‘Health is Wealth.
Why entrepreneurs should make health a priority
It is as simple as the saying goes, ‘Health is Wealth.

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