Reimagining the manufacturing workplace

Preparing for the future of work is one of the defining business challenges of our era, and Most Preferred Workplace 2022-23 spotlights manufacturing companies that have fundamentally transformed their way of working
Reimagining the manufacturing workplace

The events of the last few years have upended well-established norms and served as the catalyst for companies to reconfigure their manufacturing operations across multiple fronts. Be it sourcing, digitisation, automation, or diversifying geographies for greater resilience, manufacturing organisations have rebuilt better for a brighter tomorrow.

One of the major aspects that this has also touched is also that of people and the workplace. The infusion of digitisation and changed ways of working have created entirely new opportunities, and created a cadre of personnel that are more empowered than ever before, with fresh avenues for upskilling, reskilling, and cross-functional collaboration.

This has created win-win situations for companies, with greater possibilities for talent attraction and retention, and employee satisfaction, while clients stand to benefit from reduced manufacturing lead times, in addition to a sharpened focus on customer service and complexity management. There is also the increased societal and consumer focus on putting sustainability to consider, with lower emissions and more efficient energy, water, and raw-material consumption now expected as a given rather than a nice-to-have cherry on top.

A few companies are leading this charge, embracing solutions and revisiting organisational processes, intrinsic capabilities and roles of the workforce, and spawning collaborative ecosystems that redefine possibilities. These are the manufacturing doyens that are to be recognised for creating a Most Preferred Workplace. By setting new benchmarks for workplace culture and organisational excellence, they have shown the way forward for others of their ilk.

This unique platform represents an opportunity to evolve and elevate the very nature of work, with the success models of these organisations analysed closely by a cross-section of industry experts at a gala on-ground event to be held on 23rd December in Mumbai. In doing so, we hope to begin understanding their best practices and emulate it to scale similar heights.

The event will see a line-up of eminent speakers talking on a range of topics that are industry-centric, such as weaving DEI into organisational strategy, looking beyond conventional workforce strategies to attain manufacturing excellence, and insights on how to manage an inclusive, diverse, and multi-generational workforce. Expect to see the likes of Ayaskant Sarangi, CHRO, Wipro Enterprises; C.S. Krishnakumar, Senior Vice President & CHRO, Essar Power; Mohit Kumar, President HR - Head of Learning, Talent, OE and HO - HR, Hindalco Industries; Pooja Bansal, Chief Human Resources Officer, Piaggio Vehicles; Sabyasachi Ray, Vice President HR, Bajaj Auto; Shailesh Vilankar, Sr. Vice President Human Resources, Schindler India; and Shiv Shivakumar, Group Exec. President - Corporate Strategy & Business Development, Aditya Birla Group.

This one-of-a-kind research-driven platform, organised by Team Marksmen, is an industry-led initiative that saw organisations surveyed across the following parameters:

●       Employee Engagement

●       Organisational Purpose

●       Growth & Research

●       Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

●       Safety & Security

●       Skilling & Upskilling Strategies

Speaking ahead of the event, Akash Tiwari, Co-Founder & CMO, Team Marksmen Network said, “There is much to learn and understand about the industry shifts we have seen as shaping the business landscape. Broadly, one would say that factors such as an evolving workforce, digitisation and data proliferation, and events such as the pandemic have served to reshuffle the status quo of the manufacturing labour workforce and how work gets done. Most Preferred Workplace 2022-23 highlights diverse manufacturing organisations that created a workplace environment that sharpened worker knowledge and capabilities, while leveraging the power of digitisation, data, and much more to deliver a differentiated worker experience that is world-class. We applaud them, and hope they serve to inspire many more to do likewise.”

With the battle for top talent intensifying, the brands epitomising the spirit of Most Preferred Workplace keep personnel engaged at all times, while creating pathways for future growth in a work environment that is meaningful and aspirational. These are just a few of the factors that differentiate them from their peers, and we salute their spirit of excellence.

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