Acreaty Management Consultant PVT. LTD.

Providing Comprehensive Employment Solutions To A Diverse Clientele In IT & Non-IT Sectors
Neeru Anand - Director - Acreaty Management Consultant PVT. LTD.

Neeru Anand - Director - Acreaty Management Consultant PVT. LTD.

Acreaty Management Consultant Private Limited is a company specialising in providing end-to-end comprehensive human resource solutions to organizations, including business strategies, outsourcing, recruitment, and training. Established in 2001 in Delhi, Acreaty has expanded to pan India and is known for delivering benchmark services.

Acreaty’s unique approach of keeping a larger perspective in mind while executing projects sets it apart. This allows them to create perfect matches between organisations and candidates, making them a convenient and reliable partner for all HR-related needs.

The team at Acreaty prioritise their belief system and quality standards over winning a project, regardless of its size. They actively seek out new and innovative ways to perform processes and offer committed and value-added services to their customers rather than following traditional patterns blindly.

Mission, Vision & Values

The team at Acreaty is committed to providing top-quality HR solutions to their clients. They aim to become the most trustworthy HR company globally and provide the right solutions for recruitment problems.

Their mission is to create a revolution in human resources by making long-lasting impact selections. Since 2001, Acreaty has been dedicated to providing the best and happiest HR solutions.

The team believes in always giving their best, building strong relationships with clients, and using technology to drive their business forward. They plan for the future while working in the present to ensure the best outcomes.

Their Emminent Clientele

Acreaty Management Consultant Private Limited provides contract and permanent employment solutions to a diverse clientele in both IT and non-IT sectors.

They specialise in leadership hiring and have worked with well-known clients such as Michelin India, 3M India, L&T, KEC, WIPRO, CAPGEMINI, Indian Russian Rifles, Aegis, Total Energies, Magppie, Murugappa, UPL, Baidu India, HDFC Bank, SBER Bank, ICICI Bank, Asian Paints, Kelloggs, P&G, Reliance, and many others.

Acreaty has an in-house team of 70 to 100 employees and outsources to a team of 5000 professionals. With offices in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Bengaluru, they have expanded their overseas reach with branches in the UAE, USA, and Africa.

Neeru Anand: The Mother, The wife, And Now The Successful businesswoman.”

Neeru Anand, the Director of Acreaty Management Consultant Private Limited, is a successful businesswoman and a trained classical singer. Although she began her career with a passion for music, she found her calling in HR, where she has excelled for over 14 years.

She oversees executive search, leadership hiring, contract staffing, RPO, and project & process outsourcing. Since associating with Acreaty in 2003, Neeru has played a pivotal role in identifying new revenue-generation opportunities that helped promote Acreaty’s Global Mission and Vision.

Under her leadership, Acreaty has become a key market player in PAN India and established a strong global presence. Neeru is a driving force behind the company’s vision to establish a presence in the top 20 countries by 2025.

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From Music To Human Resources

Neeru, the daughter of a famous sitar player, aspired to become a singer, but her sensitivity towards the struggles of her loved ones led her to pursue a career in Human Resources.

During the Indian recession, her just loved ones and started his own consulting services, providing an opportunity for Neeru to provide talent acquisition services.

She acquired several diplomas in Human Resources to enhance her skills and knowledge. Today, Neeru is a successful businesswoman and a valuable of Acreaty.

Her Journey, Leadership Style and Approach To Problem-solving

As a businesswoman, Neeru has faced her fair share of challenges, including building client connections and gaining respect as a female leader.

However, she overcame these obstacles by proving her abilities through her organisation’s productivity and success, earning her team’s and client’s trust and respect. Sharing her experience, Neeru says,

“In my HR career, I have seen the evolution from hard copy resumes to complete automation of HR functions. Despite job boards and hiring apps, employability remains a challenge. As senior leaders, we must develop effective solutions to address this issue.”

Neeru Anand stresses that a leader should exhibit traits such as supporting transformation, empowering the team, promoting leadership, continuous engagement, taking responsibility for mistakes, and fostering a happy and healthy work environment.

She encourages empathy towards personal and professional issues, assistance in reaching professional goals, and facilitating career growth. She adopts a systematic approach to problem-solving by first understanding the problem and its underlying causes.

These methods inspire her team to achieve their potential and aid the company’s advancement.

Seeking Inspiration From Women Leaders

“I draw inspiration from women around me, including those in leadership roles as well as my reportees, who show remarkable resilience and perseverance even in the face of personal crises.

I also look up to Ms Sudha Murthy, an Indian educator, author, philanthropist, and chairperson of the Infosys Foundation, who embodies humbleness and staying true to one’s values and culture.

Another woman who inspires me is Malavika Siddhartha Hedge, wife of the late N.G Siddhartha, who successfully saved Cafe Coffee Day from disappearing, proving that women can achieve great things despite facing obstacles and suspicion,” - shares Neeru.

Awards & Accolades

Acreaty has been covered by reputed media channels and national newspapers - The Economic Times, Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Statesman, The Indian Express, The Tribune and many others. They have also received several awards and achievements, including,

  • 100 HR Super Achievers (INDIA): Times Ascent

  • Top HR Leaders: World HRD Congress

  • HR Vendors: CHRO Asia

  • Girl Child Empowerment: Mr Kailash Satyarthi- Child Rights Activist and Novel Laureate

  • Attended as a panel Speaker (Horizon 19): IIT Delhi: Department Of Management Studies

Navigating The Pandemic

Acreaty faced significant challenges during the pandemic, including losing big clients while continuing with expenses such as salaries. To cut costs, the management made the difficult decision to close some branches and give up large spaces and infrastructure.

However, the experience also taught valuable lessons on how to turn adversity into blessings. The team also discovered the benefits of working virtually, which allowed them to attract more quality talent from different states, banishing language barriers and attracting clients.

Acreaty’s ability to navigate difficult situations with a positive attitude and innovative solutions helped them thrive despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.

“Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there” -Will Rodgers.

Neeru keeps updated with industry developments by analysing gaps and needs and tracking innovations, trends, and technologies. Prioritising automation, she launched an ERP system connecting functions like HRMS, CRM, RMS, and accounts.

She attends conferences and events to enhance her knowledge and skills. Neeru prioritises tasks, sets revenue-centric goals, and engages with her team to manage her workload effectively.

Future Outlook

Acreaty is developing global job boards to connect employers and job seekers and focusing on upskilling through complete automation and new platforms. Their goal is to address job market gaps and promote skills development.

As the world operates in a virtual environment, Acreaty is committed to becoming a global brand in HR with innovative platforms and technologies to enhance job seekers’ skills and connect them with employers.

They are dedicated to providing the best HR solutions and continuously adapting to meet industry needs.

“Love the supreme power, love yourself and your work,” - Neeru Anand

Advising young entrepreneurs, Neeru shares,

“Entrepreneurship is like captaining a large ship, navigating through numerous ups and downs, and scaling the business can be even more challenging. Despite the obstacles, the experience is addictive and more fulfilling than any other form of gratification.”

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Neeru Anand - Director - Acreaty Management Consultant PVT. LTD.</p></div>
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