“Self-Belief” Was The Ultimate Success Strategy For The “Steel Woman” Monica Bachchan!

Monica Bachchan
Monica Bachchan

“Self-Belief” Was The Ultimate Success Strategy For The “Steel Woman” Monica Bachchan!

While the consensus around women in the workforce has changed vastly, there is still a wide gap to be filled. On top of that, we rarely get to see a well-organized, all-women workforce that has managed to stand the test of time. However, there have also been many stories of hope floating around.

And among that crowd stands out, Metalogic Projects Management Services PVT LTD, led by its Founder & CEO Monica Bachchan! It is a media-based small industry focusing on ‘Steel’ and anything and everything surrounding it.

The achievements earned by the team over seven years have their leader be featured on the “25 Iconic Businesswomen Need to Follow in 2022”.

While in conversation about being featured in this honorary category, she expressed her immense satisfaction and pleasure from this new feat at recognition.

The hard work put into it, along with the measly investment of time and money, seems to have reached a considerable milestone with this rare accomplishment.

In her own words, the team and its members have been the sole motivating factor with the zeal to learn and deliver. Their dedication to the work has often been flawless, requiring no intervention from Ms. Bachchan.

She also stated to have received help from their loyal and benevolent clients, especially during the times of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Coining Of Idea For Metalogic Project Management Services PVT LTD

When asked to brief about the idea to join the industry, she explained her journey quite vividly. The steel industry is a very large industry containing several divisions among the players contributing to the entire system.

This complex jumble of a system has many associations backing and guiding them through this maze but not missing a prominent voice.

As noticed and observed by Monica Bachchan, the steel industry lacked a unified platform for the stakeholders to voice their issues and concerns. Metalogic Projects Management Services PVT LTD built the bridge required, through their information management and delivery system.

Speaking of the rarity of all-women working sectors, Metalogic Projects Management Services PVT LTD certainly started as one company on 3rd January 2015. The thought of building an all-women workforce was aligned with the sentiments of providing women with an opportunity to work from their homes.

A huge part of building an all-women workforce (around 11 employees currently) is making it easier for them to work while also managing the household or being true to their motherhood aspects. They also emphasize limiting the work hours to a healthy and flexible module to manage every role efficiently.

Today, it is a major women-driven organization with great talent. The brand is invested in working with small and large players alike, without an ounce of discrimination.

The platform has listened to and voiced all the relevant issues of the steel industry. There is a profit structure designed to survive, but the purpose is not to make money. The services are designed with minimum charges.

About Metalogic Project Management Services PVT LTD

Monica Bachchan started her journey in the steel and mining sector, slowly moving to logistics and taking chances in the electric vehicle segment. Metalogic Project Management Services PVT LTD is a small industry with limited clients and steel producers coming forward.

Their core involvement remains with ‘steel’ only. They are experts at tracking the developments across all sectors of the steel industry, providing insight into its probable future.

The term ‘Metalogic’ was pitched by Monica Bachchan, who explains it to sound in her head like ‘Meta-Logic.’ Which is in turn meant “Logic for logic.” It was thought to be inspired by the metal section. However, later, the industry started dabbling in mining, energy, etc.

Services/ Products Provided By Metalogic Project Management Services PVT LTD

Metalogic Project Management Services PVT LTD started as a news medium for the steel industry and its clients. Then the industry moved on to providing planning events for the sector that were made possible by the mutual coordination of the in-house team and the stakeholders, policymakers, and experts.

This was further stretched into research projects for the industry. They have also spent an impeccable amount of time understanding the impact and developments of other sectors such as the iron and steel sector. In her statement, she said, “we are not just an information portal but also a research firm.

The firm also provides other media services such as video editing, movie making, and advertisement designing for clients who want to establish a brand image. Being part of the industry, it is easier for them to understand and provide support to each client carefully.

Challenges Faced Metalogic Project Management Services PVT LTD

The biggest challenge for Ms. Monica was deciding where to start and whether to start at all. After crossing the initial hurdle, the task was to assemble a team to put the work in place and provide immense support.

The morbid reality of the COVID-19 hit home hard for the small industry. As it was a sudden call, there was no possible precaution, and it took nearly 3-4 months to plan a new course of action for that time. In the aftermath, the company is still at the borderline and has a long to achieve what was lost in the pandemic.

Missions & Visions Of Metalogic Project Management Services PVT LTD

They have worked hard to build their reputation and prize their content over their EBIDTA. They are decided in providing authentic information. They only provide what they see as the best opportunity for the steel industry and do not wait for profit.

Monica Bachchan admits to encountering failure in this journey a few times and acknowledges it to be a part of the journey ahead. She states, “Learning is a great exercise.” Above all, the team member has been reliable and responsible enough to understand their work area and recognize their mistakes as early as possible.

Defining Sucess For Metalogic Project Management Services PVT LTD

Metalogic recognizes success in terms of trust, appreciation, and getting noticed for their work at the end of the day. It has taken a significant amount of time to reach audiences across borders, and some clients are still standing strong by them. Monica and her team at the Metalogics are more like a family celebrating each win and learning from their past mistakes.

Recent Endeavours Of Metalogic Project Management Services PVT LTD

During 2020-21, Metalogic Project Management Services PVT LTD witnessed its maximum potential and growth since its start in 2015. The infra activity plans for the coming decade within India will provide a well-needed momentum for the steel industry to grow within India alone.

On being asked about any interesting thing she has been working around, she mentioned the Metals & Mining (M&M) sector, other than other significant ventures related to M & M&M. Agriculture, Hydrogen, electric vehicle, and other sectors are also expected to become a part of the industry.

The industry wishes to remain on its steady growth ratio while focusing on new sectors and solutions for providing services to their clients.

“Believe in yourself and put in your best. Success will come on its own”.

Monica Bachchan

Monica Bachchan
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