Transforming The Healthcare With Her Unparalleled Contributions, Dr. Hari Priya Is Not Seeming To Slow Down Any Time Soon!

Dr. Hari Priya
Dr. Hari Priya

Transforming The Healthcare With Her Unparalleled Contributions, Dr. Hari Priya Is Not Seeming To Slow Down Any Time Soon!

The healthcare industry has consistently produced noble value-providers who have helped heal many lives. The advancement in medical science pushed the healthcare industry at its pique of development. Among the many doctors and other healthcare workers recognised for their contributions, Dr. Hari Priya has received recognition for her engagement with the healthcare industry. “25 Iconic Businesswomen Need to Follow in 2022” acknowledges and celebrates the contributions made by this impact-making doctor and her subordinates at Asian Health Clinic.

On receiving the rare title, she felt honoured at first but humbled and blessed for being part of a noble profession and achieving success on the right path. Her hard work of 3.5 years at the Asian Health Clinic seems to be paying off with the clientele support they have managed to achieve recently.

The Motivational Values That Keep Dr. Hari Priya Reach Out For Better

“My motivation has always been a singular focus on delivering something I called JET. Just Enough Treatment,quoted the magnificent woman.

Dr. Hari Priya has always thrived on providing Just Enough Treatment, or as she summarises as JET, to all her patients. Her knack for learning new advancements in healthcare and medical technology has been proven to be crucial only at times when it has been effective in treating patients. The balance between treatment and lifestyle management has been at the core of JET.

Over the years, she has recognised the need for primary medical education at a grass-root level. And she has not been hesitant at providing the necessary information and a healthy mindset to his patients on every occasion possible. Meeting people with the same ideology is what motivates her and this is the source of her enthusiasm day in and day out.

Dr. Hari Priya predominantly belongs to a family of doctors, which eventually led to her joining the fleet. Her father has been a reputed physician who has served the then Prime Minister of India as a health worker. She has grown up watching her father, Sri Dr. Vempaty Ramanarasimham Garu, contributing to several healthcare centres that her family had owned throughout the years.

Soon after completing her MBBS and MD in General Medicine from Visakhapatnam, Andhrapradesh, she had two options. She could have either moved to the US with her husband and pursued higher studies and a thriving career there. Or else she could stay back in India and practice. Breaking the conventional mould, she decided to do both. This led to her travelling more often, learning from great minds worldwide, and bringing the best out of it back home into her work ethic and ideology.

The Remarkable Origination Of Asian Health Clinic

Designing a primary healthcare system driven by empathy, conservation, and technology, requires quite the involvement and time investment. Fortunately, sharing the same ideology and ethic with her husband, Mr. Ananth Vinnakota, they partnered in 2018 to launch Asian Health Clinic. Working alongside her father in her family’s healthcare centres, journeying from junior physician to clinic manager, has helped her gain valuable knowledge and experience in healthcare and medical management.

After gathering experience at her family-owned clinics, she had been a senior resident at Gandhi Hospital. Later, she was appointed a physician at a handful of leading corporate hospitals. And her stint with Asia Health Center started in 2018 and has since been invested in building the company.

Key Services Offered By Asian Health Center

Asian Health Center is spread across on a PAN-India basis; however, their walk-ins are located around Hyderabad. From complete pre-marriage medical history examination, diabetes management, pandemic safety management, family health assurance, obesity management, psychological counselling, BP management, and other lifestyle-related disorders, all are treated under Asian Health Center.

Their centres are prone to create a safe and healthy workforce environment for Indian corporate sectors, with programs like ‘Safe Place To Work’, ‘Return To Work Program’, and ‘Employee One Medical Program’. They are dedicated to providing primary healthcare to employees across Indian sectors.

Pre-marriage health medical history examination and counselling has been the most successful among the services provided by Asian Health Center. In a country like India, which has high moral value for marriage as an institution, this sort of service is quite essential. Partners willing to spend their lives together need to know each other’s medical history properly. And in 90% of the cases, people have chosen secret searches over an open disclosure resulting in many shared health problems.

Overcoming Challenges As An Entrepreneur & During COVID-19

Asian Health Clinic first started its journey in 2018 in a busy neighbourhood where queues would form almost regularly. Since then, rapid scaling of their services has helped them achieve more. However, within 1.5 years of the clinic's successful run, the Coronavirus pandemic struck. The situation demanded they extend their services with the number of rising patients (almost 10X times) immediately. In the last two years, they have been committed to serving communities delivering non-profit service. At the end of the day, I’m a doctor and not a business person,” said the inspiring lady!

They revved treatment infrastructure, online systems, hospitals, diagnostic partnerships, and other aspects. However, the biggest problem for Dr. Hari Priya has been balancing the role of a mother, professional doctor, and businesswoman. Battling many stressful days, she realised designing system-driven processes, relying on technology for operations, and always keeping the team trained at surprise management.

Her husband and founder of Asian Health Center, Mr. Ananth, took the initiative to automate the process and train team members, increasing the efficiency of the centre. Clinic managers, nurses, lab technicians, and partners were considered the true heroes whose relentless work had helped Asian Health Clinic treat every patient and overcome challenges.

Dr. Hari Priya

The Vision & Mission of Asian Health Center

Asian Health Center has one true vision of becoming India's best primary healthcare provider. They want to do so by bringing absolute transparency into the personal and the family healthcare system. They also aspire to build a well-educated community in health, relation, and disease management.

In this journey, they aim at transforming the community behaviour in lifestyle management, prioritising work, food, and activity. All the knowledge and experiences gathered from around the world and bringing it back to India is the ultimate mission of Asian Health Clinic.

The Unique Speciality Of Asian Health Center

As specialisation in the medical world increases, patients need to visit different healthcare personnel for varied treatments and opinions. The process can be really effective in some instances but quite hectic on other accounts. As part of learning from her father, she has strived to become a 360-degree doctor working alongside patients, being a single point of contact. This gives Asian Health Center an edge over other healthcare centres. They take pride in taking complete responsibility for the patient's health management, going beyond just treating them.

Success & Recognitions Earned By Asian Health Center

Empathy is the core of a healthcare centre. It is important to remember that diseases can be sickly, but the patient needs to be treated with compassion. Building a team of empathetic people is the actual amount of success for Asian Health Center.

Roles & Responsibilities Shared By The Team

Dr. Hari Priya is co-founder and Chief consultant at Asian Health Center. She is responsible for ensuring that every patient receives the highest standard of treatment and preventive lifestyle management coaching. While her husband, founder and Chief Operation Officer, ensures the systems are of high technological standards in every centre.

Upcoming Trends For Asian Health Center

Asian Health Center has recently tested retina image-based early diabetes indicators, and the results have been entirely satisfactory. They are also working with a company in developing AI/ML algorithms, enhancing self-care applications. In the past few years, healthcare applications have delivered medical services at the doorstep of their clients. This has been immensely helpful in many ways. Still, to analyse the market and statistics, there is a grave situation that slowly seems to be unravelling, where capitalism can plague the whole healthcare system of India, which has predominantly been affordable in general.

Future For Asian Health Center

They are upgrading to establishing research programs in partnership with global firms. Their second goal has been to help workforces return to a safe working environment. In the upcoming five years, Asian Health Center plans on scaling its primary care and pre-marriage health services into a 24*7 service. Recognising the nobility in the healthcare profession, Dr. Hari urges other social entrepreneurs to step into the field and help create a healthy environment for all.

Dr. Hari Priya
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