Kevin Systrom, Ex-Googler Turned Co-Founder Of Instagram

Kevin Systrom, Ex-Googler Turned Co-Founder Of Instagram

If there was a face for social media trends hotspot, it would be the logo of Instagram. Offering an apt place for trends to be born, nurture, and die, Instagram is just what people need in the social media world of instant gratification. Kevin Systrom, however, is not as much in the frame as Mark Zuckerberg when it comes being a Silicon Valley social media club.

In some Insta analogy, Zuckerberg can be a famous meme-maker, which people can relate with while, Systrom, well the co-founder of the world's largest photo-sharing website, isn't the part of the club and maybe it was the same reason that the man behind Instagram dwelled towards self-improvement, his flying hobby, etc after resigning from Instagram.

So, let's know what Kevin's story from being an ex-Googler co-founding Instagram to be in America's Richest Entrepreneurs Under 40 list to being the ex-CEO of Instagram:

Who is Kevin Systrom?

Kevin Systrom is the man who co-founded the social media photo and video sharing application and was the CEO of Instagram till September 24, 2018.

What is the age of Kevin Systrom?

Systrom was born on December 30, 1983, and hence he is age 37 years in January 2021.

Who are Systrom's parents?

The young successful entrepreneur was born to Diane Pels and Douglas Systrom. While Pels was a marketing executive at Zipcar, who also worked at Monster and Swapit during the first dotcom bubble, Douglas was the Vice President in Human Resources at TJX Companies Hence, he can be said to have got the natural instinct to create. What made him co-found Instagram can be cleared in the next question related to his education.

What did Kevin Systrom study?

Being the creator of the World top social media platform, Systrom's seed towards the digital world grew as he grew up. It is evident in his journey which started with his schooling at Middlesex School in Concord, Massachusetts when he became interested in computer programming and started playing and creating new levels in Doom 2.

He later attended Stanford University where he graduated in Management Science and Engineering in 2006. It was at Stanford that he became the member of Sigma Nu Fraternity and spend his winter term of the third year studying photography in Florence.

Interesting isn't we can see his journey unfold and the best of both worlds of business and photography could have churned into Instagram of today. Well, let's talk about the startup aspect of things. Shall we!

What is Kevin Sytrom's Relationship with Twitter?

Kevin, while studying at the prestigious Stanford college, got his first chance to experience startup is one of the twelve selected to participate in the Mayfield Mayfield Fellows Program at Stanford University. The fellowship led to his internship at Odeo, the creator of Twitter.

What is the timeline of the Success of Kevin Systrom?

2006: Graduated From Stanford with a Management in Science and Engineering Degree

2007-2009: Working For Google on Gmail, Google Calendar, Docs, and Other products as Product Marketer.

2009: Joined Nextstop, an ex-Googlers founded location recommendation start-up that was acquired by Facebook in 2010.

2010: Systrom thought of combining the location check-in and popular social games and ended with the prototype for Burbn.

2010: He developed the photo filters as a solution to his girlfriend unwillingness to post her not good enough looking picture clicked through iPhone 4 camera. The filter still exists and is in use on Instagram called X-Pro II.

2010: He quit his job to see if Burbn could become a company. He received seed funding within two weeks and worked with Mike Krieger to create a product that allowed users to do a lot of things including check-ins, plan to hangouts, earn points from hanging out with friends etc.

2012: He sold his company to Facebook with the 13 employees for US$ 1 Billion in cash and stock.

2013: Systrom guided Instagram through its growth in the prime years by developing various features like explore, filters, and video.

2013: Instagram allowed the development of web profiles in 2012, connecting accounts to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr in 2013.

2014: Explore tab, filters, and video. Over time, Instagram rolled out features allowing users to upload and filter photographs and short videos, follow other users' feeds, geotag images, name location, and comment on other users' photographs and short videos.

2015: As of October 2015, the pictures shared count of Instagram reached 40 billion.

2016: As of June 2016, Instagram reached the 500 million active users mark. Facebook brought 500% rise in fortune of Systrom making him a billion with estimated net worth of US$1.1. billion.

2017: The employee count reach 450 people and user count reached 600 million people per month and 300 million per day.

2018: On September 24, 2018, it was announced that Systrom resigned from Instagram and would be leaving in a few weeks.

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