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Founder & MD - 1 Stop Cine Digital

Every shoot is unique from one another. Some require minimal equipment, and some numerous pieces of equipment. 1 Stop Cine Digital is a professional audio video equipment rental house founded by Mr Jeki Shah in 2011, catering to the need of filmmakers and photographers. Located in Andheri West, Mumbai, 1SCD is in the centre of everything related to video production. As the name suggests, 1 Stop Cine Digital or 1SCD is a one-stop solution for all clients’ photography and filmmaking equipment needs for their hassle-free shoots.

1SCD works with a mission to provide clients with high-quality services & professional equipment which they can utilise comfortably. Their vision is not just to become a vendor but also to be a reliable consultant to provide solutions that matter to the clients.

Key Services By 1 Stop Cine Digital

1SCD provides the top services in the following:

  1. Rental of camera: From DSLR, Mirrorless, and Video Camcorders to Cine cameras, 1SCD has the most extensive range of cameras from several brands for rent, including Sony, Canon, Nikon, Black magic, DJI, Go Pro and others in excellent condition.

  2. Rental of Lenses: Besides cameras, they also offer a vast range of lenses to work with.

  3. Rental of Equipment: 1SCD offers other types of equipment used in filmmaking and video productions, as well as lighting and motion picture equipment like monopods, gimbals, strobes and others, from multi-cam setup to live stream setup with a full webcast production set and an experienced crew to broadcast your event successfully.

Inception Of 1 Stop Cine Digital

Mr Jeki’s career started quite early as an office boy. From working as an errand boy, working up the ranks of a director and then being offered a significant stake in the same company to running an organisation of 40+ high-quality employees and freelancers, with his hunger to grow and add value, Mr Jeki Shah has come a long way. At some point in his career, he realised he needed to venture out alone. On 11/11/11, he laid the foundation of 1 Stop Cine Digital Pvt Ltd and ever since, it’s been an amazing and exhilarating ride.

The fascination for cameras and technology was always there in Mr Jeki’s mind. As Mr Jeki was not interested in studies, he joined a company where he learned more about cameras and their working. He fondly mentions his boss, Mr Tejash, who introduced him to this industry and fuelled his passion for technology, eventually leading him to 1 Stop Cine Digital.

Differentiating Factors

Offering unique, odd and economical solutions to clients depending upon their shoot requirements, all under one roof, is what differentiates 1SCD from its competitors. From cameras, lenses, gimbals, rigs, lights, audio, Multicam, and live streaming setup, to assisting clients in utilising any equipment, 1SCD believes in providing solutions for a shoot and not just by renting equipment.

Mr Jeki mentions, “We may not be the big rental house in the industry, but we are recognised for providing unique solutions to our clients in the industry, and that’s what differentiates us.” 1SCD offers cutting-edge technology products and services at the best available plans in the market. For quality assurance, every rental gear is cleaned and inspected optically and physically. Mr Jeki believes today’s generation can be tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. The team at 1SCD encourages the new generations to try new technology, giving them hands-on experience by offering special rates on rent.

Success For 1 Stop Cine Digital

Although there is no parameter to define success, what started with two cameras and two people has now grown into an organisation with an excellent team and a preferred choice of photo and video solutions for production houses. Since the inception of 1SCD, they have been clear in their communication and terms of service. One of their core values is staying honest and doing what they say. According to Mr Jeki, clients’ trust, loyalty, and satisfaction are their biggest achievements over the years. Key personnel of Sony, Canon, Carl Zeiss, Nikon, and Manfrotto has visited his office, which is also an achievement and a proud moment for them. From a name, 1 Stop Cine Digital has become a brand courtesy of providing a top-notch experience to its clients.

The journey from the minimal to the peak was not easy, involving a lot of struggles, challenges and sleepless nights. Mr Jeki says, “If you have someone who understands your dream and passion, you can achieve anything you thrive for.” He gives all the credit for 1SCD’s success to his family, with a special mention to his mother, wife and daughter, and also to Mr Tejash Shah for supporting him in coming up with his personal venture.

1 Stop Cine Digital Clientele

Over their more than a decade-long journey, 1SCD has worked with many clients. Some of the prominent ones include:

●       Excel Media and entertainment

●       Boney Kapoor,

●       Vidhu Vinod Chopra,

●       Vishal Bhardwaj,

●       Makhija Films,

●       Soham Shah and many other production houses

1 Stop Cine Digital Take On The Upcoming Trends In The Industry

The technological industry has become competitive, booming with new versions and new challenges every day. Technology is changing day by day, and keeping themselves upgraded along with new technologies, products and systems every day and making clients aware of their uses and benefits is the main challenge faced by the 1SCD team. 1SCD overcomes this by training their staff so that it becomes easier for them to convey it to clients. The team of 1SCD is the backbone on which the company relies. The team has stood by the company and worked day and night to elevate 1SCD to heights. Over the course, the team has fallen, woken up and learned from their mistakes.

Mr Jeki says, “Although experience matters, learning never stops. I will continue upgrading myself to new techniques to satisfy my clientele with my knowledge and service. His never-ending passion for learning and his team’s will to overcome any challenges will help 1SCD to become the number 1 professional audio video equipment rental house.

Words Of Advice

Mr Jeki Shah’s advice to young entrepreneurs is “never feel dejected and never give up, what may be the situation. Always try to learn and listen, don’t be rigid, and try and learn from mistakes. Life is a never-ending exam which will make you fall and rise. Never think it is impossible to achieve your dream and passion.”

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