Decode 101: Professional Gmail For Business

While a business Gmail account is created by Gmail for Business which uses your own business domain name and can be created when you have a domain.
Decode 101: Professional Gmail For Business
Decode 101: Professional Gmail For Business

Decode 101: Professional Gmail For Business

What is Gmail for business?

In the online world, you define your brand’s credibility through small but key elements. Just like a good user experience which good website design and loading speed, your professional Gmail account allows the person you are engaging with to trust you. A professional Gmail account is essentially adding your name at domain’s name. For example: Jai@yourcompany with Gmail for business.

You can also go beyond this and assign group mailing lists for different departments like sales@yourcompany. Google workspace (the G Suite) email aliases is an additional email address for an email account with which a user can send/receive emails or set forwards to. A single user account can have multiple email aliases with different domains or even with the same domain. This is key for sales and support team who wants a memorable, public email address.

What is the difference business email vs personal email Gmail?

A business email and a personal email can be distinguished on the basis of there name itself. A personal Gmail account can be created by one’s personal details and phone number. While a business email account uses your own business domain name and can be created when you have a domain.

A business email and domain name usually include your brand name and is a part of the branding you do online essentially. A business email account with domain registration makes it easier for customers and others businesses to trust these email addresses as legitimate business email accounts.

How to get a business email address?

The process of making a business email address is completed in four simple steps:

1. Visit Google Workspace: Formerly known as G Suite, and Click in “Get Started”. To set up Gmail for Business, you need to get a Google Workspace account. The industry-leading professional email hosting service by Google offers a quick and easy process to open up a new account.

You will now enter

· your business name,

· the number of employees in your organization,

· and the country of your organization.

On the following screen, you will then be asked to enter your contact information.

2. Connect Your Domain (or Buy a New Domain): Once you have entered your personal information and contact information, next step is to ensure that you have a domain name. If you have a domain,

· you can select “Yes, I have one I can use,” and if not, you can go ahead and

· select “No, I need one” to find and purchase a domain name directly from Google.

3. Next step to a create new business email is to create your username. A username have different formats:, or other formats.

Business should maintain the same email address format throughout their organization in order to keep it consistent and easy to organize. Confirm that you are not a robot and click “Agree and Continue.”

4. Input Payment to complete check out: Now you be directed to review the payment plan. There are various plans on Google Wordspace. The platform will automatically assign you the “Business Standard Plan”. You cannot change it yet but you can later downgrade after completing the new account setup. You can avail the 14 day trial and you will not be billed yet. Click “Next” and then input payment information.

To understand more about the pricing of Google business account.

Decode 101: Professional Gmail For Business
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Is Gmail business account free?

If you are wondering “How to get a business email address for free?”, well, the answer is that Google Workspace plans start with minimum rate of $6 per user per month for Business Starter.

Gmail for business is a powerful and paid service for professional use offers its extensive list of extensions, add-ons, and tools, many of which are available at no cost including HubSpot Sales, Grammarly, Zoom for video conferencing, WiseStamp, Bookipi, Attach, and Boomerang.

Business Starter: This is the cheapest Google for business plan which is availed by vast majority of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). It is a perfect plan for those who are looking for professional email and the complete suite of Google’s productivity and collaboration suite for just $6 per user, per month.

Business Standard: This is the default the Gmail for business plan that outgrow the Business Starter plan. It is a upgrade for additional storage for $12 per user, per month.

Business Plus: A business plus plan caters to businesses that have outgrown the Business Standard plan or need the ability to host video conferences with 150 to 250 participants.

Enterprise: This is one of the best plans which caters to large companies that need 300 or more accounts.

Bottom Line

As a business grows, Gmail for Business becomes essential for a business as a leading email hosting platform for businesses of all sizes, and for a good reason. This professional email offers tons of storage along with intuitive complete access to Google’s productivity and collaboration suite.

Decode 101: Professional Gmail For Business
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Decode 101: Professional Gmail For Business
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Decode 101: Professional Gmail For Business
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