How to Write a Dissertation Yourself

How to Write a Dissertation Yourself
How to Write a Dissertation Yourself

How to Write a Dissertation Yourself

If you intend to develop in the field of science and plan to get an academic degree, it is important to know how to write a dissertation yourself and quickly. Cheap dissertation is a key task for a graduate student. At the end of the studying period, the student must submit an academic paper for defense in front of a dissertation committee.

According to statistics, 30-50% of applicants never reach the stage of defense, leaving the educational institution without completing their studies. This is due to a number of difficulties that young scientists have to face in the course of writing a dissertation.

Still, it is possible to write a good dissertation on your own if you approach the task competently and responsibly. This article will show you tips for writing a dissertation without the hassle.

Who needs a dissertation, and why?

Writing a dissertation is a laborious process where you must apply your knowledge and skills in the course of the research. With a dissertation, the applicant confirms his or her qualifications in the field of study. Without its defense, it is impossible to move to a new stage of development in the field of science.

Among those who create dissertations, it is not only young scientists but also organizations that need solutions to important scientific problems for success in business.

How to Write a Dissertation Yourself
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Obtaining a degree is useful for applicants to meet various needs:

  • Gaining recognition from the authoritative scientific community is considered the highest form of self-realization and self-affirmation.
  • Candidates with doctorates earn more than researchers without a degree and are more likely to find a decent job by qualification.
  • It is an opportunity to become a significant part of the scientific world, regularly attend conferences and seminars, and meet people.

Thus, knowing how to write a dissertation is useful for those who are interested in research activities, want to become a significant figure in the scientific community, and strive for self-development and self-realization as a famous scientist.

The structure of a dissertation

Regardless of the direction of research and the level of scientific work, the standards for its writing are identical. The dissertation contains an introduction, conclusion, a minimum of three main chapters, and a bibliography that meets the style requirements.

How to Write a Dissertation Yourself
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The introduction must be approached responsibly. In this section, it is necessary to justify the nature, interest, and benefit of scientific work. To do this, you should:

  • Indicate the relevance and value of the problem you choose to study.
  • Describe the topic and assess the level of elaboration.
  • Determine the main goal and objectives of the dissertation.
  • Give a definition to the object or process under study.
  • Note provisions useful for future defense.
  • Indicate the prospects for practical application and testing of the results obtained.

A well-developed structure will help you easily navigate the upcoming research, plan your time, submit the necessary reports to the department, and understand what actions you need to perform in order to write a dissertation yourself and quickly.

Even if you will make adjustments to the original plan, this is pretty normal. It is better to have a plan with revisions than no plan at all.

The detailed structure of the dissertation should look like this:

  • title page
  • table of contents
  • introduction
  • the main part
  • conclusion
  • practical recommendations (if any)
  • a list of literary sources (in accordance with the current requirements)
  • applications with information not included in the main sections (if any)
How to Write a Dissertation Yourself
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When writing the main part of the dissertation, if there are no precise instructions, you must follow the direction of research. However, you can follow the recommendations below.

  1. The first chapter contains an analysis and literature review of the sources used to study the topic of the dissertation. Before starting to write a paper, study the state of the chosen direction of research that scientists are developing, the successes that have already been achieved, and what problems still remain. If several unsolved problems are identified, they can all be listed in your text. It is convenient to end the first chapter with the goal and objectives of the upcoming research.
  2. The second chapter involves a description of the method of work. It lists the tests carried out, the methods, and the tools used. Anyone who reads this section should have a clear idea of where the data came from and how to run the experiment themselves.
  3. The third chapter is the largest and contains the results of the tests. For convenience, the data is entered into tables, then graphs and diagrams are built on them, and explanations are given.
  4. The fourth chapter includes the analysis of the data.


Before writing a dissertation yourself, you need to clearly define why you need it and what goals you are pursuing. Even if, having received a degree, you decide not to associate your life with science, the experience gained will be useful in other areas of life. Setting goals, formulating tasks, and finding ways to solve problems will help you succeed in any direction.

How to Write a Dissertation Yourself
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How to Write a Dissertation Yourself
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How to Write a Dissertation Yourself
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