Best business bags for men which makes them look more stylish

Best business bags for men which makes them look more stylish

Best business bags for men which makes them look more stylish

If you're privileged enough to conduct business with or without having to wear a classical business outfit, then this list of the best business bags for men will surely help you to find your style.

These are many casual runner work bags, instead of proper briefcases, so they can be perfect for a wide range of work situations. They get along with both casual wears like jeans and a shirt and in some instances formal wear like a suit and tie. For the most important business meetings, I would recommend an elegant and formal leather briefcase instead. Below we have mentioned various work bag for men so they can have a lasting impression.

10) Kenneth Cole Reaction 'Busi-Mess'

Constructed from full-grain cowhide Colombian leather, this 'Busi-Mess' messenger bag combines casual fashion with formal professionalism. The craftsmanship on this bag is top-notch, and the leather material feels soft and supple.

It's available in either a black color with a matching shoulder strap or brown color with a tan brown shoulder strap. The exterior features a single front zipper section.

As you open the flap over, which is kept closed via magnets, it unveils a simple interior. At the very front, is a large open pocket, and in the main compartment, there are several smaller pockets and pen holders, with a medium-size zipper compartment opposite.

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9) SOLO Vintage Collection VTA502

You will fall in love with the style of this work bag because, in the outer area, it seems very professional as well as trendy, but the inner part has a quite collected design about it. The outer part is rock solid as it is made from full-grain Colombian leather.

You will also see some very handy pockets, on the front with a zip and on the back without zipping. These are designed to hold items that you need in an instance. Under the flap over is where it gets interesting. At the forefront, there's a zipped compartment that when unzipped fully, folds down to reveal two small pockets.

The main compartment is spacious, as it incorporates three small pockets, two pen holders and a padded laptop section that can protect laptops up to 16". And there's still room to spare.

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8) Floto Piazza

This is one of the classiest work business bags in the list which stands above the rest of the bags when it comes to luxury feeling. It isn't just the reddish-brown complete Italian calfskin leather material, but also the brass hardware of the buckles, handle and shoulder hooks that compliments it.

The front of this bag is with a simple design, but at the back of it has a swift access zip section. Underneath the flap-over, there are two minor button compartments, with a double pen holder in the center. There are also two core sections, both having the same color interior, with another unit having extra pen holders. The Floto Piazza is ideal for the businessman that wants a look a wealth without being formal about it.

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7) Kenneth Cole 'Risky Business'

Being one of the bestselling messenger bags on Amazon must mean something. It has a youthful appearance but the full-grain Colombian leather construction provides it with authority.

It comes in three colors – Black, dark brown and tan. All three are ideal casual work bags, but the first two colors show more maturity and are better suited for formal wear and environments. At only 3 inches in-depth, it's a slim work bag, so don't expect to carry too much. Just under the handle at the back, is a large open pouch. When you get inside, there are two medium-sized pockets, followed by the main compartment that has a wide zipped section within.

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6) Navali Leather Mainstay

Many businessmen call this business bag is as the "dressed up version" of their famous standard canvas messenger bag. The inner is still built from the soft piece, but the external is from first-class quality leather with brass hardware. Needlework is brilliant throughout.

On the outer side, you'll see a huge zipped section at the back, while every side has close-fitting open pockets to hold minor things securely. Inner features include a big zip pocket at the front, and a huge close-fitting open pocket just behind that. There's another zip pocket in the central compartment and three small pockets that are stitched onto the back section designed to hold laptops up to 13", and is secured by two buttoned straps.

This leather messenger bag has an adventurous look and feels about it, making it ideal for a man that has that same characteristic while also attending to business.

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5) Visconti Harvard 16025

Most people associate the name "Harvard" with the historically prestigious university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The only connection that the Visconti Harvard has to that university, is its prestigiousness.

It weighs almost 2.1 lbs which makes it one of the lightest casual work bags, and its width is around 12 which is just great for an A4 size document. So now you get the idea that it's not designed for heavy carrying. Though, its troubled oil leather frame and dense rectangular metal zippers give it a tougher and sturdy-feeling.

The inner has an extra-wide zipper section with a big close-fitting open pocket under that. The main section is separated into two by a wide zipping part at the center. The Visconti Harvard comes in a black, brown and tan color, and no matter which one you choose, they all project an image of luxury.

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4) Visconti Aldo Vintage VT7

There are almost the same qualities on Visconti Aldo Vintage as on the Harvard bag.

You'll find quite the same features on the Visconti Aldo Vintage as you had on Harvard model. The traditional brass hardware, dense zippers, and sturdy leather are all essentials you'll see in this business bag as well.

Instead of one flap-over closure, there are a couple of magnetic snap switches, and there is no extra compartment instead they have given a little bigger than the Harvard model which will help you to adjust a 13-inch laptop.

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3) Kenneth Cole Reaction 'What A Bag'

'What A Bag' by Kenneth Cole is a work bag that crosses between a formal briefcase and a messenger bag, making it the epitome of a business bag for men.

It's constructed from an all-black top grain Nappa leather exterior and shoulder pad, with a central silver metal buckle. You'll notice a zip that runs around the sides and bottom of the bag, which allows the depth to be increased.

 A large open pocket appears on the back, and underneath the flap over is a full-length zipper pocket. The main compartment features a padded laptop section for 15.4" laptops, and opposite are stationary holders with another wide zipper pocket just above. This business bag is among the most formal types of work bag in this list, and can effortlessly be carried into meetings or interviews.

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2) Visconti Jasper 18410

The Visconti Jasper is not your distinctive messenger kind of work bag as it stays vertically instead of horizontally. It has almost the same sizes as the Harvard model, which makes it a portable business bag and it is also huge enough for A4 documents. However, there are no outer sections, the inner makes up for this with style.

The flap over is opened via the center magnetic snap closure, and the first thing you'll notice is the two unconventional closed buttoned pockets at the front. They're a perfect fit for mobile phones and cameras. Just above that is a large open pouch, with full-width zipper compartments above that, and inside the main section, which has enough space for small netbooks and tablets. It's a casual and professional business bag mixed into one, and the texture of the bag feels and smells great. Bear in mind that it's small, so it's only ideal if you travel light.

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1) Visconti Foster 16072

My favorite work bag has to be Visconti's Foster model because it's unique without being weird, and informal without being unprofessional.

It's also a decent size at around 14.1" in width and 3.5" in deepness. It's not too big and not too small. It's created from a remarkably top-quality distressed oil leather, and hefty-duty metal hardware.

A swift access zip section is at the back, while the forward-facing has an exceptional vertical zip section that almost covers the whole height.

Just like any other Visconti work bags, this bag is also having two sturdy magnetic switches compartments, a big pocket with extra-large zip section above that.

Inside the major section, you'll see a med-sized zip part with a couple of pen holders. There's also a removable sleeve for laptops up to 13.3". The cushioned sleeve is stitched to the highest quality and looks very grandeur. The color of it will complement with whichever color bag you choose from, either black, brown or tan.

You'll be undoubtedly impressed with the aesthetics and workmanship of the Visconti Foster, and many customers have mentioned that it attracts many compliments, which is hardly surprising.

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