Globally the adhesive and the sealants market are all set to amplify in terms of size and value. At a staggering potential of approximately crossing a growth rate of 5% in the coming few years, a very promising picture is being painted for the industry.

The principal factor that is watering the needs of the same is the significant rise in the demand from sectors like marine, handicrafts, packaging, construction, footwear, automotive, DIY, furniture, Industrial etc. Therefore, the rapid growth of this industry in the dominating and growing economy like South East Asia is evidently fuelling the growth opportunities.

To cherry the cake, with introduction of successful ventures, celebrating more than six decades in the adhesive, and sealants industry is PIONEER ADHESIVES INC. (formerly Republic Chemical Industries Inc.) Pioneer is a well-known brand that offers epoxies, cyanoacrylates, plastic resin glues, rubber cements, and white glues, sealants and a coating range that covers every major type from butyls and acrylics to urethanes and silicones.

The company's motto in the Filipino language 'Tatak Matibay' literally means the 'seal of strength'. Pioneer as a brand places the utmost importance on performance & quality and the trust of its users.

John W. Spakowski Sr. and Bob Bennet founded the company on 21st February, 1958 and started this yet to hit success with merely 30 employees. The company in its infancy stage introduced few products like salt blocks, copper sulphate, fibreglass, phenolic moulding compounds, ironwood glue, and the very first formulation of Epoxy.

Since its inception in 1958, Republic Chemical Industries Inc., or now as we know it, PIONEER ADHESIVES INC. has always kept its vision clear. Today, PAI is a multi-million dollar enterprise committed to developing fully, its key resource – its people – to be responsible, responsive, and involved individuals to ensure the continued realization of its vision and to welcome tomorrow's challenges.


Republic Chemical Industries Inc. officially changed their business name to Pioneer Adhesives Inc. in 2018 aligning the company and its product lines with the more popular, unified, and stronger brand identity, namely 'Brand Pioneer' known famously for its Pioneer Epoxies, Mighty Bond and Pioneer Pro construction chemicals.

The celebration to mark its 60th year along with the change of corporate name was graced by Pioneer Adhesives Inc.'s Chairman and CEO John W. Spakowski II, COO Edwin T Avillon, and Pioneer Adhesives Foundation Inc.'s Executive Director Martina M. Spakowski.

"It's just logical to change our name to be more synonymous with our more popular brand name," John Spakowski II said in his celebratory speech, relating to the company's well-known brands that have been top market shareholders for the last several decades. "It's also psychologically stronger and stirs more emotion to rename our company to be synonymous with our pioneering spirit, which is our culture." He added. From the day of its inception in 1958, PIONEER ADHESIVES INC. has continually kept its vision strong and in the present day, it is a multi-million dollar enterprise committed to quality and performance.

Pioneer Adhesives Inc. (PAI) is highly conscious of its environmental responsibilities and has developed a range of green products that have low volatile organic contents well below the world's standards, produced in a facility that uses renewable solar energy. PAI and its associated company Pioneer Adhesives Foundation are actively involved in various environmental initiatives and educational assistance.

Today, PIONEER ADHESIVES INC. is committed to its customers in the Asia-Pacific region, through its high-performance adhesives, sealants, speciality coatings, insulation, packaging, and other products. PIONEER ADHESIVES INC. owns the leading brand 'PIONEER EPOXIES' in the Philippines and other markets and is soon expecting to grow similarly in the Indian market as well.


With the recent entry of PIONEER ADHESIVES PVT LTD. in India with  97% stake holding of its parent company PAI, the brand 'PIONEER' has already touched base with the Indian market and is making an impressive foray into the Indian hardware segment through its retail presence.

The venture has been making its mark in the Indian Market with its wide range of adhesives and sealants across a range of chemistries. Pioneer India has a wide range of adhesives, sealants, coatings and construction chemicals in the retail hardware segment (namely, Builders Bond, Elastoseal, Painters Buddy, Concrete Epoxy, Mighty Bond & Mighty Seal and waterproof PVA adhesives). The company also has a route plan ready for its 'Paints & Coatings' division, with the launch of Epoxy primers and antifouling paints to cater to the Shore business in India.

At present, they are a wide national sales team of 180 enthusiastic and experienced 'Pioneers' operating across India, supported by a strong back end team. Moreover, they are committed to the brand's excellence and performance.

"Regardless of having a 60 years of international lineage through its parent company PAI-Philippines, PAPL-India considers itself an aggressive start-up with a vision to become one of the top 5 players in Home Improvement & Marine Coatings by year 2020." states Mr. Joydeep Datta, Managing Director of Pioneer's India operations.

The company has meticulously tapped the Indian market with its qualitative and high performance products with an aim to capture maximum shelf-space across product categories at the hardware shop. The Chairman of Pioneer Adhesives Inc. Mr. John Spakowski II and Ms. Martina Spakowski endorse this vision as a part of their global visionto become the leading adhesives and construction solutions provider in selected Asia-Pacific markets by year 2020.


The company has strategically divided its operations into four business groups to efficiently manage its ever expanding product portfolio. Some of the leading products are being offered by Pioneer India under its 'Bonding Applications Group' (BAG) in SEALANTS, ADHESIVES & TAPES product categories that include Builders Bond, Elastoseal, Painters Buddy, Contact Bond, PVC Adhesive, Silicone Sealants, CPVC/UPVC/PVC Pipe Jointing, Mighty Tape PTFE and Masking Tape. The CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS Group (CCG) has Painters Buddy Liquid Putty, Concrete Epoxy, Cladding Epoxy, WaterTite 100 and will be soon foraying into waterproofing range of products.

The MARINE Coatings division (MCG) offers Acrylic Spray Paints, NC Thinner DP-13, Epoxy Thinner, Anti-Fouling and Epoxy Primers. The Multifunction Repairs & Maintenance (MRM) division offers Mighty Seal Epoxy Putty, Mighty Bond Cyanoacrylate, RC1 the multipurpose-lube, Chain Lube and Channel Spray, with plans to expand its product basket shortly.


The company plans to aggressively expand and fortify its product portfolio in 2020 and is expecting to launch numerous products across all the above verticals with an objective to offer quality products for both, the end users (Masons, carpenters, painters etc.) and the end beneficiaries (house/office owners). The company believes that they are facing a formidable competition with established brands like PIDILITE INDUSTRIES, HUNTSMAN ADMAT, ATUL, and ABRO –AIPL, ASTRAL etc. but even in the times of cut-throat competition they thrive towards quality of service and products, resulting in complete customer satisfaction

A team of experienced product managers works relentlessly towards providing a complete solution to its customers, across bonding, sealing, construction, maintenance, repair, and enhancement of their living space, regardless of where it is, their home or office. Pioneer India intends to deliver its 'Promise of Performance' in all aspects of its business.


In line with its corporate ethos of 'Do It Right' the company intends to achieve its global business vision through exceeding customer expectations, committing to its corporate values and conducting itself with the highest ethical and professional standards.

PIONEER ADHESIVES PVT LTD, for the India Region, has two offices in Mumbai for its back-end functions and sales &marketing. The sales team of 175 sales officers and managers are working across India in all the four zones.  Complementing its sales team's strength, Pioneer India's production facility, located at Chakan Industrial Area near Pune, is equipped to manage its aggressive business plans. However, in the near future, there are plans to initiate a green-field project for its planned domestic production facility, as the Pioneer Group envisions India as an export hub for its global requirements.

The company also intends to further widen its product portfolio within the current financial year and is poised to achieve an aggressive growth targets. The pace at which Pioneer Adhesives India is functioning and growing, its foreseen that it will 'Do It Right' by adding a number of more feathers to its cap and bag achievements with flying colours.

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