In the developing countries today, the rural market has glimpsed an upsurge and the consumption scale has amplified to a mammoth.

With more than 10% of the population of the world residing in the rural belt, the market has only gotten economically stronger. There are several companies today that are looking to utilize this opportunity by banking on the idea to tap the market for the economically weak. This has amplified the business opportunities, made way for the buying capacity of people and bought income stability as well.

An innovative social enterprise, Thoyaon Technologies and their brand 'RATION' has been serving a solution to one of the biggest problems our country has been facing over the years, development challenges of the rural to the way in products that are basic requirements of the daily hustle.

In spite of the stellar growth that our country has witnessed in the last few years, one-third of the population is even today living under the fishnet of poverty line. Fulfilment of basic electricity and drinking water needs are hard to cope with and while many products could solve the issue of helping the needy, the problem lies with the ways of reach and availability, the reason being the low buying capacity of the retailers.

And to battle, this glitch, in the direct vision of the CEO, Hiranmahee Kaswaraju, Thoyaon Technologies is manufacturing products economically affordable for the market existing in the rural areas for three decades now. The company is making products like RATION detergents, washing soaps, liquids, dishwashing powders, sanitation essentials, wall cleaners, utensil cleaning sprays and more available through unique manners in southern India.


The journey for Hiranmahee Kaswaraju, the esteemed CEO of Thoyaon Technologies started in the year of 1987 with the role of a Brand Promoter for Godrej Soaps at Hyderabad to make sales directly to the customer. Over the years, he established an association with several influential brands for their market eating products like Emami- Glycerine soap, Amrutanjan pain balm –Strong (launched at All India Industrial Exhibition) as a brand developer, etc. He gained maximum exposure as a rural sales representative with TATA OIL MILLS and got to the roots of the problems and analyzed the future Ration detergent market first hand and accelerated his journey to market detergents keeping in view the buyer specifications.


Hiranmahee derived inspiration to establish this venture due to the dire need of basic needs he witnessed among people through his journey. He comprehended the need to amplify the standard of living among the rural populace and decided to give a boost to the quality of living with products that would not burn a hole in their pockets.

"In rapidly transforming scenario globally that we are living in, even today you will come across millions of people who are living a life that hardly suffices to be of a bare minimum. They don't understand the concepts of supermarkets and most of them do not even know f there is a thing of this nature that exists. This is the gap we are trying to fill in, we are looking to make access available to the people by bridging the gap of this network" further added Hiranmahee.

For any business to grow, it is essential to have understood and identified your potential client base and this demands ample research time. The need for the product, the purchasing power of the consumer and the correct time of introducing the product has to be kept in mind before we accelerate the business model. Thoyaon while making its place in the market kept all these aspects in mind and made way for its strong foothold in the rural scenario.


Every company has to face its fair share of ups and downs, so did Thoyaon Technologies. The initial phase for a company is a challenging one in terms of manpower, ideas, finances, product quality, etc. the most efficient and appropriate way to ensure success in the market gradually is to establish a brand value with highest quality products and serving the purpose with which the venture was accelerated.

The rural and the urban population live through a very different mental setup in the nature of purchasing patterns and consumption behaviours. A number of things have to be kept in mind when we start; the inclination of the rural mass is more towards the value for money, convenience, and utility of the product.

Hence, when you have started your venture and especially with a cause, it is very significant to comprehend the market situation and accordingly avoid trying to copy the strategies that are applied for the urban market consumers and indulgence. So when the company started the ground market understanding was given the much-needed attention and realized how purchase in bulk is an alien concept here, it is more about picking essentials in smaller units, regardless of what the product may be.

Hiranmahee recollected by saying "providing supreme quality products have always assembled instant results for me, as good as in 'two-folds' for the products. Production or manufacturing of any product would not have been possible without my branding consultants and my devoted distributors who have cemented my purpose and at the same time helped me in overcoming any financial support or stress coming my way."

He also believes that it is essential and as imperative to have gathered a team of dedicated professionals who are ready to further bring fineness to your cause and help you take it to greater heights.


Thoyaon Technologies understands that the market has big brand names in the market, but the competition only makes the purpose to fulfil the cause of bridging the gap of fulfilling the needs of the rural population, only stronger.

The team at Thoyaon understands how essential is branding for a product and it is essential to make the consumer aware of the ease of access to it and the nature of affordability as well. The best thing about, making these products available largely is not just the fact that this helps the people in fulfilling their needs but at the same time, it also helps the local retailers in making money. So while branding about the products is necessary to make a mark in the scenario, it is equally essential to take in aspect the business side of it.

"We have been in the market of Ration detergents for over 30 years, the experience that I have lived through all these years feels like a way of branding in itself", adds Hiranmahee.

After three decades in this industry, Hiranmahee feels that he has been successful in creating a venture that has generated a memorable impression on the consumers over time and has portrayed a clear picture to the consumer and the clients on the lines of brand expectations. This has helped the company in distinguishing itself from the competitors in the regional market and convey how choosing them over the rest is a more rational choice to make.


Thoyaon is in the process of developing four manufacturing units in each state with a profit-sharing ratio, this will not just expand the product selling reach but also make it comparatively cheaper than the other brands. This will also amplify the employment opportunities for the locals and generate more jobs. Their brand RATION currently stands out in the market and is well known and comprehended locally. Their manufacturing project is modelled on a 3RP system that extensively elaborates the orchestrated use of 'RELIABILITY RATION RATIO PROFIT'.

Hiranmahee asserts, "We have started to operate on the RBS (Ration Bandi Sale) project for the rural hackers' sale system, ecommerce, etc. We are also coming up with our outlets in each state with 11 vehicles split between states for enhanced and additionally wiser rural penetration. A joint venture is on the cards with self-distributing entrepreneurs, who would be keenly interested in the project of this nature for the rural segment. A lot is happening and we are looking forward to a positive growth curve."

The RBS project in the dominion of 'SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAAN' would help the local rural entrepreneurs or the hawkers in availing the benefit of owing a road freight vehicle with a capacity of 2 tons for free after they have successfully completed 2 years of association with the company. The company in the future also is looking forward to introducing a "PROJECT WITH FAIR PRICE CARDHOLDERS" where it will not be permitted for the civil supplies to sell their products in these outlets. There will be 'RATION OUTLETS' where the products will be sold at a cheaper rate for the people living below the poverty line.


The focus for any brand has to be on building trust among the consumers, rather than looking to make profits first. Once you have achieved the mark of trust, everything else automatically follows the lead. The best way to generate trust among your potential and existing buyers is to provide them with products that vouch for reliability, high quality, cost-effectiveness, and consistency. Do the pricing right for the customer, provide them with time to time discounts, solve their product related problems and ensure complete satisfaction by the end of your goods and services.

Hiranmahee states, "We are a brand that encourages products that are meticulously designed based on a budget that best suits the economy. And one of the best examples of that is the scheme that involves purchasing one house through the RBS project that works on the 'RATION BANDI SYSTEM' of selling."

Thoyaon has successfully pulled the pricing battle by introducing products at a cheaper rate working on providing QAP as well, the assurance of the quality of the product. They maintain the highest quality of packaging standards and at the same time keep the environmental damage in control. In the next five years, the company is looking forward to introducing in the market a number of environment and user-friendly products. Pollution and dirt based cleaning formulation are next on the list for clothes, accumulated weekly washing patters that would be based on formulations, seasonally based formulations would also be kept in view while introducing this product to match the needs of availability water, bulk washing systems and spray products for detergent needs.

"We are also coming up with three factories at Hyderabad and state-wise planning to expand them. We also have processed cargo vehicles free, the company is going to bear the cost of these vehicles and this is the first time something like this has been planned for the rural market", relishes Hiranmahee.

From the infancy phase of the company, the team has been with the company, their distributors who have been associated with the company for more than two decades now. They have understood the market with the growing stages and rationally made moves to suit the market accordingly. It is for the team that has supported Thoyaon throughout that today their reach is across the country and they have meticulously cemented the needs of the rural population. From where it all started, today there are a number of benefits provided to the consumers in a variety of ways.

The company today manufactures products that consume a minimum amount of water; this helps the consumer in areas where there is a scarcity of water. There are products launched with multi water washing formulations at cost-effective prices and the quantity needed for decent results is low in comparison to expensive products in the market. There also are booster products for the consumer to be added to brands that already exist for better performance. The company has successfully, over the years managed to reach clients in remote areas.


The whole idea formulated around this organizational structure is something that the company is trying to give back to its people. They have kept the utility factor in mind and developed efficient models that encourage ideologies stating better products and utilization of the services.

Hiranmahee asserts, "We are seeking to develop a formula that would consequentially develop a green Ration detergent for the consumers in the Indian market. We are committed to working socially and try to work in a manner that is sustainable and environmentally friendly; this helps us add value to the brand and the society as well."

Today, with ventures like Thaoyan Technologies taking over the market, not just the rural marketing strategies have escalated but the employment opportunities, rural infrastructure, and improvement in the standard of living has also percolated in the scene. It takes quite some time to develop a relationship with the rural population, comprehends their needs and manufactures products that suit their demands and pockets both. But once that bond is established with the dwellers of the rural, it stays.

Finally, Hiranmahee wraps up with a piece of advice for the young minds, "If you are jumping in the field of detergents, know the formulation of each one with its chemical properties and neutralization system. Understand who your buyer is and accordingly design your product to ensure it reaches the intended end user. Spend more time on liquid detergents, which is where the future lays." 

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