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Souvik BoseFounder & CEO - Zugang Manpowers

Hiring the right talent has become an increasingly difficult task on a global scale, resulting in substantial economic catastrophe and a 'possible harm' to businesses. While businesses grasp at straws in the dire straits of finding the right fit, Zugang Manpower, on the other hand, is strengthening its efforts to bridge the gap between employment and employability through a comprehensive set of recruitment services, including Contract or Temporary staffing, Managed Services, HR Outsourcing, Payroll, and Compliance.

Since its inception in 2018, Zugang has always been creating value for its clients in India and Overseas by delivering world-class Manpower Services. Although its product portfolio initially consisted only of contract staffing, it has since expanded to include managed services, HR outsourcing, heavily invested in developing technology solutions for the HR space and delivered first-rate HUMAN RESOURCE services to numerous industry leaders in the FMCG/D, Edtech, Pharma, E-commerce, and Retail.

Zugang was one of the giant aggregators in its early years and primarily engaged in the Fintech sector, collaborating with all the leading players. Currently, it has a staff of more than 7500 competent and committed experts serving clients across different sectors. They have tie-ups with NGOs, NSDC, Skill India, and other vendors who work as Zugang Business Associates (ZBAs).

Zugang’s Inception & Journey So Far

Zugang was established in February 2018. After working in this field for more than ten years, two innovative leaders, Souvik Bose and Pooja Salvi, decided to strike out on their own and make a difference by generating employment and more employable individuals.

As quoted by Souvik Bose, “According to certain figures, barely 17% of India's labour is employed in the country's organised sector. Given the huge potential in this space, our inclination towards the HR industry and multiple years of experience in this field led to the birth of Zugang.”

Currently, the firm not only provides software solutions that address fundamental HR hygiene but also has a customer base that supports its operations and sales. Their technological solutions are adaptable and straightforward to tailor to customers' needs and ensure they perfectly meet their company's needs.

They remained seeking new revenue streams, so they introduced their managed services and HR outsourcing divisions. Another significant accomplishment has been creating internal software that integrates business and HR.

What is Success

“We have been touted as one of the best startups on numerous platforms. Our success is not just defined by the revenue we generate but also how many lives we impact by employing a person,” the leading lady Pooja Salvi mentioned.

Hurdles on the Way

As a startup, the leading team faced a lot of hindrances initially, with people being hesitant to join a new company. Even with clients, the acceptability and credibility of the brand were challenging to establish. Slowly but steadily, through the superior service and lightning response time, they were able to build a client base, of which some were referred. Once the Zugang team started expanding its portfolio in terms of business lines, several new and exciting business opportunities opened up.

Apart from this, there were challenges to successfully navigating through the pandemic. Zugang believes in putting people first and extensive knowledge transfer and exchange as an organisation. Their focus areas were – putting people first, knowledge transfer amongst peers, and customer intimacy. The team continued to live by this ethos even through tough times.

The Revenue Model at Zugang

The primary model is contract staffing which generates a monthly management fee for the earnings. They drive managed services across industry verticals with different performance matrices based on a per piece or per unit revenue model. Apart from this, their portfolio includes payroll, compliance, and HR outsourcing based on the headcount they service. They also provide specialised tech solutions to resolve their critical business problems.

Zugang’s Work Culture – The Key Driving Force

From the leadership to support staff, Zugang has always maintained a multi-connect plan to reach out to different levels of people depending on their comfort factors to confide in. The leading team at the organisation used to send regular communication through emails. It kept the employees updated regarding what was happening and what they were doing as a company. They have always maintained a transparent culture where anyone can approach the CEO to address their hurdles. They also had our HRBP having a monthly connect talking to the project teams. People who were not able to ask the CEO were able to put through their thoughts to the HR team. They also did skip-level meetings of delivery managers with senior management. So, when people know that their leadership is open and willing to be transparent with them. It is a massive enabler in strengthening trust, pushing people to go that extra mile when they feel taken care of.

A Glimpse of Recruitment Landscape

Today’s HR is an enabler for better business, drives results, and dictates an organisation’s culture. As a result, the HR space has seen a paradigm shift towards adopting technology and digital transformation.

Zugang’s Future Outlook

Zugang is developing a ground-breaking retail solution that will boost employee productivity, boost corporate results, reduce supervisory person-hours, and map out the competition. Along with our in-house IT staff, the team already has industry professionals and SMEs on board for this project.

Now, the firm plans to reach an employee count of 50000 and then list the company. Furthermore, plan to diversify to the Asia Pacific and North American countries over the next five years.

Words of Wisdom

“I can only advise anyone who wants to be successful in their entrepreneurial endeavour to be resilient and persistent.” – Souvik Bose

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