Lemma Pioneers in Programmatic DOOH Forming the Largest Online Digital Out of Home Network

Lemma Pioneers in Programmatic DOOH Forming the Largest Online Digital Out of Home Network
Gulab Patil, Founder & CEO, Lemma

“Lemma is a forward-moving data and technology-led AdTech company with a mission to unify all digital media assets into a lone digital ecosystem for marketers wanting to create omnichannel brand experiences across DOOH, mobile, desktop & CTV.”

Gulab Patil, Founder and CEO, Lemma

Lemma Pioneers in Programmatic DOOH Forming the Largest Online Digital Out of Home Network

Lemma, a brand poised with solutions that equip brands for the future boasts its position as 20 Best Companies to Watch in 2021. Lemma is created and led by Gulab Patil who is fittingly described as a passionate entrepreneur with immense knowledge and zeal for AdTech and Emerging media platforms.

In the roles of Founder and CEO, possessing the core expertise in AdTech propels Gulab and his team to develop and find advanced use of existing platforms across various internet-enabled media. Lemma, Gulab’s latest venture is dignified as the largest online programmatic digital out of the home platform. Lemma is a programmatic DOOH ad exchange well integrated within the digital ecosystem. This unified platform transforms DOOH into mainstream digital media, subsequently revolutionising the OOH ad space with the latest technology.

Gulab, the far-sighted leader, has today, seamlessly transfused his passion into Lemma’s success. The man of the hour, with his clear vision and focus, is responsible for the position Lemma savours. The company is now growing with active operations across the globe, serving over 10 billion monthly impressions across 100K digital OOH screens.

DOOH Solutions

Lemma is the name synonymous with end to end digital out of home solutions powered by programmatic technology and data. Lemma’s feature-rich programmatic DOOH platform has enabled many of the industry-first campaigns globally.

An expert in helping media buyers & advertisers experience data enriched solutions across the entire campaign process I.e., right from planning, inventory selection, ad serving, audience insights, post-campaign analysis and measurement. Every decision is machine optimized ensuring that advertising spends, reap maximum benefits for the clients investing in out of home.

Gulab Patil, Founder & CEO, Lemma
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Hiccups in the Journey

While Lemma enjoy reign in the world of DOOH solutions, they witnessed and overcame a major challenge of the lack of understanding of the concept of programmatic DOOH. For example, in India, this concept was nearly alien till we launched our first campaign in 2017 for a renowned Insurance brand.

With time, this challenge has been less frequent as more and more advertisers are warming to programmatic digital out of the home.

What are Lemma core values?

Being one of the 20 Companies to Watch in India 2021, Lemma propagates a culture of Innovation & Entrepreneurship. The Lemma team defines themselves as proactive solution seekers wanting to be ahead of the curve, always looking forward, always anticipating. “Every individual takes the onus of the business, thinks outside the box, and seizes the opportunity to grow our company,” Gulab emphasised

With their incomparable commitment to excellence in everything they do, they ensure quality service for all the clients and screen owners. As a start-up, agility is a prominent value they boast, being fast, dynamic & adaptive in delivering pragmatic and value-based solutions is key to success at Lemma.

A Versatile Leader’s Stance at Challenges

“Quick thinking is the only work-around in today’s dynamic and fast-moving media space. Having said that, taking inputs from the team in certain aspects of the day-to-day business is also required to ensure pragmatic problem solving,” the leader at the helm of Lemma shared.

Gulab Patil, Founder & CEO, Lemma
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Building a Dynamic Team

Team members working with Lemma today are a great mix of seasoned experts and keen beginners with remarkable ideas. Having such a mix helps the entire organization to navigate on the mental compass of thinking out of the box and executing new-found solutions with much ease.

An incredibly young team with an average age of not more than 28 years, the team at Lemma exhibits excellence in all aspects of work, team bonding and overall growth. The Lemma team profiles employees working remotely from Delhi, Mumbai and some even from the Philippines. However, the larger section of their workforce operates out of Pune, India.

Marketing Strategies

A robust believer in visibility being the key to ensuring the top mind awareness for any brand, Lemma engage in multiple marketing activities right from social media posts to timely articles on leading media portals and more. As industry leaders, they often share their opinion by participating in panels at events. Gulab actively conducts virtual masterclasses to educate the larger audience about programmatic DOOH and Lemma.

Gulab Patil, Founder & CEO, Lemma
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What is success for you?

Success, to me, is experiencing growth in my business venture, Lemma. I believe every milestone achieved should be celebrated to foster a culture of motivation & appreciation amongst those helping you attain this success. To answer “Whom would you like to credit your success to?”, I would like to say that the fact that Lemma is being featured in the 20 companies to watch for is yet another feather in our cap, the credit for which goes to my entire team.

Gulab’s Approach to Coping With Pandemic

“With the industry almost shut down twice it was hard to power through. However, my team and I saw this time as an opportunity to improve on the many aspects of our product to come up with improved solutions during the new normal,” Gulab shared his views on surmounting the curveballs thrown by the Covid-19 pandemic.

He added, “In what can be called as Unlock phases post-Lockdown 1, we introduced an AI-enabled planning tool called Falcon that helps planners make robust OOH media plans. Post-Lockdown 2.0 which has only been uplifted recently we introduced Virtual Signage ads. These ads simulate real OOH ad experiences within the gaming environment.

Milestones Lemma Treasures

Gulab, leading from the front, savours various achievements and awards offered to Lemma today. Some of the proudest moments were the recognition as the Game Changer in OOH in 2020 and the Winner of 40 under 40 in the OOH Ad Space. While there have been overwhelming experiences, his proudest moment was when Lemma was recognized as the Fastest Growing Digital Agency In 2021 (by Agency Reporter) & he was listed in the power of digital Impact 100 list.

He believes that these two moments highlight the mission of Lemma & its solutions being recognized as mainstream digital and not merely OOH solutions.

Gulab Patil, Founder & CEO, Lemma
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What’s next on the cards for Lemma?

In terms of growth and expansion, the roadmap for Lemma is an extension in terms of expanding the brand has witnessed in the last couple of years in several other geographies. Their focus continues to grow the business in the 15 countries they have made their presence in. This will eventually widen their presences in many more regions across APAC, EMEA and AMERICAS.

Equipping Others, The Lemma Act of Giving Back

Lemma extends its helping hand to the society that makes up its brand with a constant endeavour of generating more opportunities for new talent. The brand supports the future of India by offering them a platform to advance their skills and encourages them to think beyond basics.

This approach is followed by a business model which attempts to promote digital screen installations by providing an immediate revenue source which invariably contributes to the smart city projects that are currently being planned across India.

Gulab addressed the entrepreneurs and visionaries at different stages of leadership The CEO Magazine readers with a message, he said, “Healthy self-confidence is an essential characteristic of leadership. When self-doubt says you are not enough, self-confidence says, ‘I am enough.”
Gulab Patil, Founder & CEO, Lemma
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Gulab Patil, Founder & CEO, Lemma
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Gulab Patil, Founder & CEO, Lemma
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