Amazon Vs Flipkart Affiliate Program

Comprehensive Guidance
Amazon Vs Flipkart Affiliate Program: Comprehensive Guidance

Amazon Vs Flipkart Affiliate Program: Comprehensive Guidance

Are you new to the affiliate marketing business? Confused between Amazon vs. Flipkart affiliate program and try to find which a better option is? Then you have landed on the right destination.

In this article, we will compare Amazon vs. Flipkart affiliate program along with their commission rates and make an attempt to answer which one will be more profitable for Indian online entrepreneurs.

Affiliate Programs from e-commerce portals are the most effective path to earn money online. The best part is that starting an affiliate business does not need a lot, you should have a website with decent traffic or any platform with a good following and you can start.

Flipkart and Amazon are the two largest affiliate programs running in India.

Amazon is the biggest online retailer, and its affiliate program is active in every nation it operates. The giant brand has excellent commission rates. And for every sale you deliver, you will get a great percent commission on a product. The unique thing about Amazon is transparency. Users can get information on what products have been ordered.

With so many benefits and great market reputation, Amazon has a better conversion rate and users who purchase from this site will hardly return a product.

Just like Amazon, Flipkart also has great commission rates. Apart from the commission, it also pays you some money when a visitor installs the Flipkart app on their phones.

To get a deeper view on Amazon vs. Flipkart Affiliate Program, let's go through different factors and know which is better?

Payment Process

The ultimate goal of every affiliate marketers is to gain maximum revenue from their platform. If you want to which pays better Amazon or Flipkart, there are few angles to look:

Commissions: Flipkart's commission rates vary from 4% to 20% depending on the type of product and also the volume of sales. Books fetch from 6%-12% electronics and gadgets fetch 4-6% which toys could go as high as 20%.  While Amazon pays affiliate from 4% up to 8.5% according to the sales volume.

Payment Period and Threshold: Amazon processes payments after 60 days. And, Flipkart pays within a period between 30-60 days. Do days might mean a lot, but it mainly depends on the refund policy.

Cookie Policy: In terms of cookie policy both Amazon and Flipkart have 24 hours of cookie tracking. While both seem to have tied on this, there is a twist. Amazon does not somehow does not allow embedding affiliate links in emails. It means, if you do email marketing, Amazon waives the commission. Flipkart performs well here.

Market Competition

Today, there are a huge number of affiliate marketers and you in a competition. Also going with a low competition means low lying gems built it could also mean that there is lower demand. Flipkart has numerous gems but they have lower demand as compared to those on Amazon. It could mean business either way but it is all yours to gauge.

In case you have just started and you do not have any idea of tackling competition, then Flipkart is a little better for beginners. Although there are some niches which have low competition in Amazon, seeking the help of a professional would also be great given that there are lots of inventories.

Inventory Size

Inventory could mean a lot mainly for marketers who would like to diversify into different niches. Since consumers also love choosing from different product varieties you need to be up for this. And the only way to make this happen is by working with a giant network or multiple. And as almost all affiliate networks pay for higher sales volumes, it would be excellent to focus on one.

Now the final question of this part: which between Amazon and Flipkart has more inventories? Here, Amazon is the winter. It has been in the industry for a long time which has given it an edge in expanding.

Target Market

There are lots of eCommerce stores running in the digital world but, just a small fraction of them can ship to different regions globally. A good affiliate program should have an established shipping channel to ship the products purchased. Otherwise, it can abolish the affiliate's reputation and their efforts get wasted. Fortunately, Amazon and Flipkart both are serving the global market although Amazon has better penetration.

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