Exploring Digital Marketing for Home Services

Exploring Digital Marketing for Home Services
Exploring Digital Marketing for Home Services

Exploring Digital Marketing for Home Services

A 2018 study showed that the US home service market would reach USD 219.07 Billion by 2026.

It is true that the pandemic has disrupted businesses. However, the demand seems to be on the rise after the pandemic. As the world accepted digital communication with “open hands”, digital marketing for home services has accelerated the business.


While digital has helped various brands only survive but also strive during the pandemic. If your brand is a part of the home service industry including plumbers, electricians, and various other home service providers have rightfully opted for digital marketing strategies to boost their business reach.

Is digital marketing for home services the right choice for my business?

Well, online marketing strategies as a part of electrician digital marketing and plumber digital marketing are set to attract, engage, and focus on the conversion of potential clients into accounts and also remarketing to them.

If you have been taking a pass on digital marketing for home services, thinking it’s a business that does not require an online presence, unfortunately, you are missing the point. Digital marketing is an upward spiral which is a constant effort to ensure a good online presence and reputation.

Digital Marketing for Home Services Does Not Work?

On the other hand, if you have already created an online presence but there has been no traction and you think digital marketing for home services is a sham. It is important to revisit your strategy.

There is no secret formula for digital marketing. With its dynamic nature, the right combination of digital marketing strategies may not only differ from industry to industry but also from business to business.

The rise of Mobile Searches & Keywords like “local” or “near me”

Let me give you an example: In the world of voice search and mobile searches, it is not alien to look for solutions on the internet. You must have also found many businesses through the net.

So, any potential client of yours would be searching “best plumber near me” or “best electrician near me”. What happens next, is a call to the business appearing on top with all the necessary information and good reviews.

FYI, most mobile searches have a high purchasing intent which leads to purchase within 24 hours. And in your case, it can be as fast as they contact you for a service.

And now, if you are not on the result page. Imagine the opportunities you are losing.

Will digital marketing help me rebuild my online reputation?

If you are a victim of a bad online reputation, sound digital marketing can get you out of this mess. Reviews matter. Period. They can be the most important factor in a client’ search for solutions. It can be a game-changer as one matches their requirements.

Online reputation management will allow you to impress the prospects, even with how you manage a negative review. Yes, it is not about the positives but also responding to the negative reviews with utmost professionalism and compassion. So, it is one response at a time towards success.

Exploring Digital Marketing for Home Services
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Top Digital Marketing for Electricians Strategies

Digital marketing has various paid and unpaid activities to engage your customers on multiple channels. You can go through these options and focus on promoting your home services through the following:

Website Content and Design:

If you are a firm and can afford to create a website, then building and optimising your website to ensure a user-friendly experience, should be your goal. Website content should also be optimised with keywords.

Google My Business:

If you are someone who does not/could not invest time and money in the website as a part of digital marketing for home services. Make sure you complete this free of cost and efficient online presence building through Google My Business. Make sure you fill in all the necessary details and ask your clients to review them.

Targeted SEO:

Since the target clientele for plumbing services, electricians, interior design services, drainage services, movers and packers services, domestic help services and maid services will be local, targeted SEO is crucial. Hyper-localization means advertising to just a few blocks and streets to find new customers.


Pay Per Click advertising campaigns on search engines and social media is indeed a paid initiative you can take to make your website end up on the first page of Google. With controlled visibility and relevance, it ensures a good amount of leads as interested clientele would click the ad.

Multiformat content generation:

From info-graphics to video marketing, choose the efficient and trending options for promoting your home services business. You can try the trending information and fun TikTok or Reels for promotion of your plumbing, interior design, drainage service, movers and packers service, maid service and domestic help service listings.

So, what should be my action plan?

Under the umbrella of digital marketing, there are several strategies for different digital platforms to engage with clients. It is now on you to decide which option suits your goals the best.

Exploring Digital Marketing for Home Services
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Exploring Digital Marketing for Home Services
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Exploring Digital Marketing for Home Services
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