To beat your competition, make quality your mission, Lubrikote is a perfect example of this; with a modern manufacturing and distribution centre, containing state-of-the-art equipment, and high tech production, they specialise in delivering optimum quality products.

The company's product lines range from specific lubricants, foundry chemicals  and releasants serving the metal forming industry. The innovative chemistries and lean manufacturing capabilities provide customers with products that will not only meet but even exceed expectations at an unparalleled value.

A commitment to cater to customer needs and a desire to develop new products for emerging applications has helped them maintain a global presence with direct representation or agents in USA, Japan, Brazil, Thailand, Turkey, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and China.

Lubrikote is the brainchild of Late Kishor Ramchandani, he took the foundation of Lubrikote in 1975 with a singular vision, "to become a leading developer of chemical specialties dedicated to the die-cast, aluminium recycling and forging Industry ". Lubrikote was the answer to high market demand for quality products  in the market segment.

Today, the company continues to flourish under the excellent guidance of Rohit Kishor Ramchandani and  Rahul Kishor Ramchandani. Both are industry experts with years of expertise and leading the company towards higher latitude.

Recently, our editorial team sat down with the dynamic brothers to understand more about  the company, purpose, future and much more.

Here are edited excerpts.

When did the idea coin for Lubrikote and does it sit within the entrepreneurial ecosystem today?

Our father, late Kishore Ramchandani was a pioneer at a time when a small group of Indians were pioneering the automotive industry in India. Die-casting was the beginning, such a niche industry when the automobile industry started to grow in India. He decided to support the industry with a home-grown product that would remove supply chain dependency on imports.

He studied in Germany and then trained in Switzerland at a leading Die casting machine manufacturer. He was passionate about technical advancements in mechanical engineering and chemical developments in the field of release agents. He was convinced this would allow die casters in India to operate efficiently with cost benefits and so he founded "Lubrikote".

What purpose is Lubrikote serving and how has it evolved from day one?

Lubrikote's pioneering efforts in enhancing the quality of die cast parts has led to having a strong line of products within the die casting industry. Lubrikote, being ahead of its time, introduced the first water-based die release agent in the country. This chemistry involved a concept of spraying a water-based emulsion to a mould to release the aluminium casting. This was a new concept and it involved a lot of high-level training. We had to educate everyone from senior management to factory operators and supervisors. The machine operators were accustomed to using oil, so the biggest challenge was to get them to adapt and accept this change to spraying a water-based lubricant.  We helped drive the change to our new technology and earned our customers trust by offering solutions to the challenges we knew they would face. Lubrikote over years developed and  diversified into manufacturing specialised graphite and graphite free  releasants  for the  forging industry  and Granular fluxes for cleaning molten Aluminium. The company evolved from a product producer to a technical solution provider. 

Do you believe yourself to be the "Brand of the Year" and why?

Yes, we believe that "Lubrikote" is the "Brand of the Year". Since inception, Lubrikote has created a niche for itself as a reputable brand that has brought significant contributions through product and technology innovations within the die casting and forging industry. "Lubrikote" products are accepted worldwide as the standard within the industry. We see  our customers recall our company with the  brands that have helped provide the right solutions to their  production  problems.

How do you decide the nature of the right target audience for your brand?

In automobile component manufacturing companies, a team of engineers jointly take decisions based on the outcome of product trials and technical discussions. Thus, we work closely with such teams and deliver the right solution to them. 

What kind of marketing strategies do you deploy to spread your brand name?

Here is the list of our marketing strategies:

  • We provide quality customer service by visiting and meeting the customers at their production plants as often as possible.
  • Our field engineers are equipped with sophisticated instruments and other apparatuses which enable them to provide authentic real-time information to our customers.
  • Over the years, we have had several success stories, these are used as case studies and reference points during the meetings with our customers.
  • We also participate in industry exhibitions in India and overseas.

What do you feel about the transformation of the industry?

In the last few years, the automobile industry has transited into a "Transformation Phase" globally. With the concerns on the sustainability of fossil fuels, environmental pollution and its effect on climate, the world's governments, industry scientists and industrialists have now come to an understanding that we need to change! Therefore, the electric vehicle (EV) technology is gaining importance and now administrators are enforcing laws so that the "transformation" is taken into account seriously. We as a company keep a watch on the potential changes in the future of the industry  and are excited to explore the various business opportunities that this transformation would bring along with it.

What nature of clients are you associated with currently?

We have clients from automobile component manufacturers Tier I, Tier II & Tier III, making automobile components for OEMs and Aluminium recycling industry.

What is the corporate ethos for the clients in your company?

Commitment, Reliability & Trust

What are the achievements and awards earned by your brand?

Over the years, Lubrikote has achieved preferred supplier status to leading OEMs and their subsidiaries of the country, Hero, Honda, Maruti, TVS, Hyundai to name a few.

How does your brand acquire the status of 'the best brand', what gives you an edge over your peers?

In the contemporary manufacturing & Aluminium industry, we have over 350 direct  customers to whom we are providing the "right solutions" and have crafted over 150 specialty products. We are in continuous connection with the users and our team of trained engineers is available for providing support, guidance, and troubleshooting operational and technical issues. We have been able to develop and implement service processes that are closely monitored. And, that is why our customers say, "Lubrikote" is their best-suited  partner.

What core values and compliances are followed by your company to maintain brand value across the market?

Product performance – Our manufacturing plant in Silvassa, Dadra Nagar & Haveli follows a stringent ISO 14001:2015  process which is frequently audited.

Best Quality – Quality of raw materials and finished products undergo rigorous testing at our R&D facility.

Timely Delivery – 3 warehouses at Pune, Chennai, and Gurgaon ensures product availability to our customer with an efficient inventory management system.

Quick Service – Our team of qualified and trained engineers is also stationed in close proximity to our customers, therefore we can have the quickest response time whenever the customer requires our support.

In the next five years, do you believe the company would have achieved the status it was seeking?

The automobile industry in India will undergo a transformation and will continue to grow in the next 5 years. Along with the industry transformation Lubrikote is continuously evolving to keep up with the changes. It is because of this that we are the quickest in the industry to respond to our customer's advance needs and provide the best solution.

Lubrikote brings innovative solutions dedicated to meeting the customer's specific needs, intents, and process parameters.

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