Falcon Fighter Force Services Pvt. Ltd: an embodiment of trust, vigilance and security

Falcon Fighter Force Services Pvt. Ltd: an embodiment of trust, vigilance and security

Falcon Fighter Force Services Pvt. Ltd: an embodiment of trust, vigilance and security

If you look at the photographs of the renowned British politician, statesman, army officer, and Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, the attention is immediately arrowed to a thin man around him. Without recourse, he is Walter Thompson, the shadow that never left Winston Churchill's side. He was the security personnel for Winston Churchill who reportedly saved Churchill's life over twenty times. His absence would have changed the whole tableau of the United Kingdom's bureaucracy.

Taking note from the above lines, we can say that security personnel are not just the warm body occupying spaces; they are the sentinels, peacemakers and above all, safeguards for us against every possible chances of threat appearing at the back of our mind. No one can sure you of which unforeseen danger may hit you and from where. Hence, we human beings feel to safeguard ourselves, our loved ones and premises against every possible chances of threat which has led to an increase in the demand for security services. Guiding from the start about which safety plan you need to adopt to taking cover during the chaos, security taken at the right time saves you from the potential harm and damage. For the purpose, availing services from credible players from the industry always serve as an extra hand. Counted among these reliable leaders, Falcon Fighters has created a benchmark in the industry with its security expertise. Incorporated in 2009, Falcon Fighter Force today stands as a leading professionally managed security service provider that offers a wide range of Security Services and is backed by a strong workforce of well-trained security personnel rendering services round the clock towards the common objective of protecting assets, property and life.

The bedrock of this ISO 9001:2008 certified and Central Association of Private Security Industry membered organization was laid by Shakti Singh Shekhawat in Gujarat. Today, the firm nestles a team of more than 2000 highly trained, smartly uniformed and strictly supervised Ex-service Men (Ex-National security guard (NSG) (Ex-Chief minister's security/Anti hijacking &Anti-terrorist) and Ex-special protection group (SPG) with small weapon of All India jurisdiction and Bouncers (civilian), trained by experienced commandos (Ex-Men) for crowd management, VIP/VVIP security, Un-Armed combat etc. A confluence of visibility, reliability, trust and subtlety, Falcon proudly carries the responsibility of detecting and deterring security breaches and ensuring peace of mind while keeping one comfortable in feeling being too heavily policed.

Providing safety and security that you deserve: commitment to consistent quality experience

With an extensive network of more than 15 branches and offices in Baroda, Surat & Jaipur, the company provides its high-principled services to other zones under the license provided by the state DGP in line with PSARA guidelinesto an eminent clientele adorned by various industries-from IT Industry, Multinationals, Hotels Industrial Units, Financial & Educational Institutions, Malls & Multiplexes, BPOs, Public Authorities, Small Businesses, Medium Sized and Large Businesses, NGO's and many more, Falcon holds dexterity in handling security tasks with an edge of superior professionalism. With its offices in Baroda, Surat & Jaipur, it also assists events in other states with the license provided by the state DGP under PSARA guidelines. Such active approach towards security deliverance has earned the company appreciation certificates from various organizations including HAL college.

Areas of Expertise

Falcon covers all types of Security Services viz. corporate / industries / malls / housing society etc. These include:

  • Static Bouncer
  • Celebrity Protection
  • Event Security
  • Personal Protection
  • Security Guard
  • Parking Management
  • Mojo Barriers
  • Security Equipment

"We support all our team member in their official and personnel issues and make them feel like home in the office to motivate them, refine their skills and groom their efforts for their growth." Shakti Singh Shekhavat told the editorial team during the interview. Sturdy and smarty uniformed (safaris/blazers) workforce of Falcon adheres to the company's value in line with confidentiality management. During an interview with a business magazine, he spoke on the credibility enjoyed by the firm, "Based on the client centric approach, we deploy extra executives to fulfil the absence of personnel by the other. "Not only does it give a satisfying security service but also maintains the number of security presence in the premises."

Expansion Binge & Journey Ahead

Falcon fighter has always aimed to cater tailor-made professional protection and security service that exceed the client's expectations, while adding value and safety to our client's products or services. During the 2018 Navratri, the firm deployed a security of 400 Bouncers and Security guards to United Way (the biggest ever event for Garba in India). The security personnel associated with the firm are well versed in a wide variety of protection and monitoring roles. They are provided with latest technology to increase their productivity in monitoring, communication, and patrolling the assigned task. Burgeoning at a speed of 70 per cent, Falcon Fighter is pouring in to provide more best-in-quality security solutions fuelled up by today's technology. In a longer perspective, the company aims to revolutionize the security horizon in India by identifying and pursuing fresh, new opportunities while optimizing their deftness. The firm is looking forward to touch 15 cr mark in 2018 and 35cr in 2019.

Dynamic Leadership

  • Mangal Singh CEO
  • Pankaj Verma BM
  • Sonu Singh     ABM
  • Mr. Rajveer Singh     OM

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