Jaaji Technologies, 2013 Founded Leaders in Manufacturing Industry centric Data Analytics and Digitalisation Technologies

Kondapi Siva Rama Brahmam, Founder & CEO, Jaaji Technologies
Kondapi Siva Rama Brahmam, Founder & CEO, Jaaji Technologies

Jaaji Technologies, 2013 Founded Leaders in Manufacturing Industry centric Data Analytics and Digitalisation Technologies

“We are honoured to be recognized as “Company of the year 2021” and look forward to expanding our clientele across the manufacturing space delivering value for the trust. We boast contributing to the digital roadmap of India with our Make in India solution.”

Kondapi Siva Rama Brahmam, Founder & CEO, Jaaji Technologies

Kondapi Siva Rama Brahmam, Founder and CEO, Jaaji Technologies and a chemical engineer with 20+ years of experience across various disciplines in manufacturing took the entrepreneurial route in 2013. With exposure to multiple departments from the earlier stages of his career, he confidently brought together an integrated platform solving critical problems of data aggregation, analysis, and visualization.

Largely depending on proprietary and home-grown solutions, his team has been able to stitch together a very powerful platform at his value-driven technology company focused on solving specific issues. The innovative InSis platform is a scalable solution that can be customized and configured for varieties of use cases across sectors.

Energy Management Solution (EMS), Digital Logbooks, Remote Asset Monitoring Solutions (RAMS), MIS & OI cater to industries such as Steel, Cement, Sugar, Power, Oil and Gas etc. Energy management, process improvement, safety and sustainability are the driving factors behind the digital journey that their clients embark on.

inSis offers data aggregation, calculations, analysis, reporting, digital logbooks, dashboards etc to offer end to end views of the plant and process. It offers a comprehensive solution encompassing highlighting important KPIs, identifying anomalies in the operations, triggering alerts and notifications.

Bringing together the data from multiple data sources and supporting different protocols of various equipment, they offer 30+ visualizations making it easy for the management and operations team to take timely decisions. Through a sophisticated calculation engine, Jaaji Technologies make it simple to read and interpret the data.

In an exclusive conversation, Siva Rama shared about several crucial aspects of the business. Edited excerpts:

TCM: Was Acceptance a challenge?

Siva Rama: Yes, we did go through the birth pangs of a start-up when acceptance and validation of our solution was a challenge. Multiple client visits, blind calls have finally yielded results when some of our confidants, trusted partners helped us get the first foot in at our large clients. Once the solution was deployed and our clients tasted the value being delivered, referrals and repeat orders kept us going. Delayed projects, delayed payments hurt our cash flows in some quarters, but we always managed to take care of our most important assets – our employees.

TCM: What are the most significant challenges today?

Siva Rama: Establishing credibility and a brand for our solutions continues to be the challenge. Though we are often pitted against the large multinationals, in every two of three cases we emerge ahead or on par with our bigger competitors. In deals such as these, relationships and prior projects do play a part. We continue to make progress and are winning more projects. The pipeline continues to grow and we are optimistic about the path ahead.

TCM: What is Jaaji Technologies’ biggest USP?

Siva Rama: Our USP is the powerful combination of scalability, reconfigurability, and economics of our platform which can be customized for multiple use cases across sectors. We plan to collaborate with system integrators, functional experts and Technology consultants to connect with the key IT and Analytics teams in the manufacturing world. Having tasted success in both Government and Private sectors, we are confident of the versatility and the benefits our platform brings to the table.

TCM: Shed some light on your team. How did you build a dynamic team?

Siva Rama: Our team has a mix of engineers from multiple backgrounds and different states of the country. Coming from conservative backgrounds, but rich in innovative ideas and solutions, the team has been able to build a world-class solution delivering value. We are very proud of our open culture which breeds new ideas and enhances our platform continuously. The team has been able to stick together through the COVID challenges – both at work and home and still delivered client projects.

Timely feedback, opportunities for continuous learning, client-facing conversations and most importantly balancing work and life keeps our team strong and bonded. Our attrition has been pretty low even in this volatile environment.

TCM: What motivates you and your team?

Siva Rama: Simplicity, humility and teamwork have always helped me through my career and the same qualities continue to motivate me as I handle the pressures of a start-up. With a new challenge every day, I try to keep the team energized to solve a specific problem while giving them the freedom to explore options. Sharing success and congratulating the team on every small win keeps us going as a strong unit.

TCM: What are some of the key technological transformations in your space post-pandemic?

Siva Rama: More and more manufacturing organizations are getting onto the digital journey not only to reduce human dependence but also to infuse predictability in operations. Having implemented projects in data aggregation, analytics and visualization, we now plan to move up the value chain to include predictive analytics, AI / ML and add new use cases to our catalogue. Since we have access to the live data from the plant operations, we are partnering with functional experts and academicians to offer value-added services to our clients and solve day to day problems

TCM: What are the awards and milestones that you are most proud of?

Siva Rama: While awards certainly keep our morale high, client feedback and acknowledgement of value delivered gives us the utmost satisfaction. Completing a project at one of the largest refineries in India and winning a major deal at one of the largest steel plants certainly stand out as important milestones in our journey.

TCM: How would you define success? Is there a secret mantra to success?

Siva Rama: Success to me is a synonym for consistency. As long as we are persistent and committed in our efforts and the quality of work, we believe success will follow. Clients will recognize our sincerity and the value we deliver which will translate into repeat orders and referrals. While revenues and profits need to be measured, more important criteria are the promise of a good solution that we try to meet.

TCM: Could you talk about your company’s business performance through 2020, key learnings, and your expansion plan for 2021?

Siva Rama: We have had our challenges through the COVID times, with attrition, unpredictable project timelines, delayed execution and thus impacting quarterly performance. We are happy we have managed these crises well and come out stronger both in terms of our Technological capabilities as well as our execution skills. We are more than ready to take our solutions to the next level with enhanced functionalities and user-friendly performance.

TCM: Do you believe in giving back? If yes, how?

Siva Rama: Jaaji technologies has been actively involved in promoting education and infrastructure at government schools in Andhra Pradesh. Personally, Siva Rama, with the support of family members and friends has been actively participating in various initiatives in and around his hometown.

“Digital is a way of life both at work and at home. Democratization of data will drive efficiency and have a direct impact on the bottom line. The ability to see the data to the last level and aggregate it to the macro view gives innumerable options to the operating personnel and management. The application of merging technology in manufacturing will ensure time, money, and energy saving while ensuring safety.” -

Kondapi Siva Rama Brahmam, Founder & CEO, Jaaji Technologies
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Kondapi Siva Rama Brahmam, Founder & CEO, Jaaji Technologies
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