A Smarter Way To Record Meeting Minutes A Smarter Way To Record Meeting Minutes A Smarter Way To Record Meeting Minutes

Sarma BKP, Founder & CEO -

Video meetings or video conferencing technology has been in existence for decades, with the concept dating back to the 1870s. The technology underwent significant developments during the 1900s, and by the late 1990s, there had been a rise in video conferencing solutions.

Even though the technology has been in existence for decades, if not centuries, it was not until recently that the world saw an increased demand for video conferencing solutions.

With video conferencing solutions, it became easy to increase the productivity of teams while reducing costs on many fronts. However, with video conferencing, there arose the situation of keeping track of everything being discussed in virtual meetings.

Previously the task of keeping notes of every significant happening in the meeting had to be taken by a designated member of the meeting. However, since the meeting minutes recorder was human, there were high chances of them missing something important or making mistakes to happen.

ACTA, established in 2017 in Bangalore, India, is one of the few companies which leverages artificial intelligence in meetings and provides automated meeting minutes. In 2018, they released the 1st version of the product.

In the initial version of the AI, there were certain technical challenges in terms of the accuracy of transcription, summarisation of meetings and action points. For the next three years, the company continued to invest in R&D to bring better accuracy, and today they are in a position to provide automated meeting minutes with the best accuracy.

Key Services

ACTA is available as an on-premises deployment and SaaS-based solution for its customers. On-premise deployment is best suitable for large enterprises as this makes their conversations more secure and confidential.

However, a SaaS-based solution with highly secured AWS hosting will be a more appropriate choice for small enterprises. ACTA is compatible with Zoom, Microsoft teams and google meet.

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Meet The Minds Behind Sarma BKP, Founder & CEO at

Mr Sarma BKP is a tech manager with 20+ years of experience in developing products with market fit. Mr Sarma, in his career, has worked with some of the industry giants, Wipro, IBM, and Ericsson, to name a few.

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Meet The Minds Behind Sarma BKP, Founder & CEO at

Satish Patruni, Co-founder & CTO at

Satish Patruni, Co-founder & CTO at

Mr Satish Patruni also comes backed with 20+ years of experience in the IT industry working for companies like HP and DSL Software in the UK. His core expertise lies in scaffolding the engineering stack, leading the engineering efforts and working hands-on with the team.

Together they understood the need for an automated meeting minutes recorder to increase employees’ productivity and accuracy of the information.

To fill the gap in the industry, Mr Sarma BKP and Mr Satish Patruni launched to automate meeting minutes. With a mission to convert meetings into workflow management by providing Minutes-as-a-Service (MaaS) from ACTA, they are working towards enabling ACTA in every meeting conference.

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Making Your Meetings Smart And Actionable

Whether it is a small enterprise or a multinational company, meetings are unavoidable. With meetings comes the responsibility of capturing meeting minutes to have an accurate detail of everything that transpired in the meeting, from meeting date and time to action points discussed and who is the owner of those action points. Keeping a record of the meeting minutes is generally the task of a designated employee.

Many enterprises follow the traditional way of manually writing meeting minutes, which is a very tedious and mundane job. Recording meeting minutes manually can be tedious and time-consuming, even when the meeting is offline. It can get even more complicated with more chances of error in the case of a video meeting.

To ensure a timely and accurate transcription of meeting minutes, ACTA launched a virtual assistant. It will perform the job of writing meeting minutes automatically and providing them back to the meeting organiser.

With a user-friendly design, ACTA AI is very simple to use. All one needs to do is invite the virtual assistant to the meeting by providing a meeting link in ACTA. It can be a zoom meeting link, skype meeting link or any other video meeting platform, and that’s it.

Once the invitation is sent, ACTA Virtual assistant will join the meeting (as a silent participant) along with other team members and start recording the meeting minutes. Once the meeting is over, in the next 15 minutes, ACTA will provide a complete transcription of the meeting in a summarised manner, along with participant names and ACTION POINTs.

How ACTA Benefits Different Businesses

Meetings are an integral part of every organisation. Company secretaries attending the board meetings must provide a complete summary of those. Board meetings tend to be very long, with multiple participants. Writing meeting minutes can get very difficult during such meetings. Company secretaries are using ACTA to get their job done easier and simpler.

Technical meetings and program meetings are required to deliver the meeting minutes, action point owners and outcome of the meeting to stakeholders. For this scenario, ACTA is the best fit for their job to be done quickly and accurately.

Sales consultants can use acta for sales strategy, sales meeting with customers, their action plans and regular follow-ups in due time. HRs can also use acta for their interviews to ensure candidate interviews with complete transparency and provide the required artefacts for job selection.

Other leading industries that can benefit from ACTA for legal transcription services are law firms, court reporters, attorneys and other legal professionals.

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