Catering Financial Solutions for the Dynamic Wealth Management World; Finolutions

Catering financial solutions for the dynamic wealth management world

Catering financial solutions for the dynamic wealth management world


Catering financial solutions for the dynamic wealth management world; Finolutions

"Don't find customers for your products, find products for your customers".  This statement of Seth Godin has been the mantra for Mr. Apoorva Vora, Founder & CEO, Finolutions Wealthcare LLP.


He is a Law Graduate, a PG Diploma Holder in Taxation Laws, an MBA, a Certified Private Wealth Manager, a Certified Financial Planner and a member of Financial Planning Association, USA. Holding 33 years of experience in his mind and humbleness in heart, Mr.

Vora proudly shared the tale of incorporating Finolutions, "After spending 21 years in financial services domain and working across various functions in financial services including Distribution, Private Client Groups, Portfolio Management Services, Research, Advisory Services, Products Development and Management, and Wealth Management, I witnessed that the wealth management segment was a barren land for mid and small sized players when it came to availability of right kind and adequate range of products and services.  

To bridge that gap, and dig out the right set of products and services, Finolutions was incorporated in 2013 as a B2B player, and with a mission to help each and every wealth management player (particularly catering to HNI/UHNI segment) to offer the apt products and services to the apt person."

Wealth Management possesses different meanings to different people.  While Wealth Management business has grown significantly for the last decade, Demonetization is particular has paved way for the renewed emergence of wealth managers or advisory firms on a broader term.  This hazy situation drifted investors to financial assets from the earlier heavily skewed physical assets, namely gold and real estate.  

Finolutions had spotted the emergence of investing option beyond the traditional, particularly the alternative investment asset class.  Growing wealth and shift of mindset from physical to financial asset base was enough to indicate this emergence. 

Finolutions transformed and updated wealth management products and services through its B2B wealth management business model.  The Wealth Manager would then be responsible for the financial planning and asset allocations, and rely on the product and services edge of Finolutions for completing the customized investment solution for clients.

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The Finolutions' Wealth Management solutions.

Finolutions was set out, and has emerged as an innovative Consulting firm for Wealth Management business.  It caters to Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers on one hand with providing investment product management solutions including due diligence, range, life cycle, white-labeling, know how and right positioning. 

The role gets extended in form of qualitative inputs for business development.  This also helps developing a quality network of like minded wealth managers, spread across various cities in India. 

In a nutshell, to a wealth manager (an Independent Financial Advisor, or a small to mid-sized wealth management firm), Finolutions plays the consultative role for products and services and comes as a cost efficient alternative to products function.

On the other hand, Finolutions also assist investment product developers with market intelligence, distribution know-how and reach, and related strategic inputs. 

This bridge helps in gaining access to products and markets simultaneously. This helps product provider to have a qualified consultant for market intelligence and access.

Finolutions also play an interesting role in the Startup Ecosystem.  It has been instrumental in creating quality circles in partnership with select wealth managers with an aim to bring in newer investor group interest in startup ecosystem. 

Revealing the Product Portfolio

Finolutions' services cover products namely Mutual Funds, Insurance, Equities, Fixed Income, Real Estate, Passion Investments, Alternative Products, Succession Planning, Angel/VC/Private Equity – domestic as well as off shore. 


Finolutions' consultancy to Independent Financial Advisors as well as Wealth Management firms is aimed at supporting them to design and develop processes for a more efficient structure for client servicing. 

Firm's endeavor is to assist the client in their business growth and client acquisition through a support systems comprising of a vast variety of products and services. 


Our consultancy to Product Providers is predominantly towards business / market intelligence, processes and assisting in developing distribution reach.

For distribution outreach program, many start up funds and private equity funds look out for a wide range of distributors. Since Finolutions is a pioneer among financial intermediaries, hence the firm creates a market for the startup and private equity fund owners to sell their wealth management products.

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Based in Mumbai, the entire business model of Finolutions is white-spaced. The company caters to the gap of Product function within the Wealth Management space.

Mr. Apoorva Vora further adds, "We call ourselves Business Consultants for wealth management by providing an economical and efficient medium for large Financial Advisors as well as Small to Mid-sized Wealth Management firms, particularly the ones catering to HNI/UHNI segment." 

Finolutions' Tour de Force

Finolutions has been focusing on B2B Support mechanism. Company's partner's achievements are considered as the achievements of the partners.

The company continues to add clients consistently, and with ever enhancing quality of partners, maintains a certain degree of exclusivity for clients. 

Finolutions have been recognized as one of the top 25 Promising Financial Consultants in India – 2016, by Consultants Review magazine, in March 2016. Enhanced segmentation of clients to ensure focused servicing of client requirements.

Walking in the future

Finolutions is working to provide global best practices to the domestic Wealth Management Industry and the product edge to the Wealth Management participants. Quintessentially the company assists wealth managers to grow their business, offering a wide range of products and services.

The company also caters a common platform for the financial intermediaries and a wealth management solutions providers t join hands for a win win situation.

Finolutions helps to mobilize the resources and expertise to offer solutions that best respond to each clients' special needs, now and in the future.

Finolutions corporate philosophy drives them to bring the best wealth solutions for the wealth management advisors in future also. The company strives to build a long-term relationship by dedicating its experience in form of its wealth management solutions.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Catering financial solutions for the dynamic wealth management world</p></div>
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