Crafting The Soul Of Industries: The Journey of KRR Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Pioneers In The Plant Equipment Manufacturing Industry
KRR Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

KRR Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

The backbone of modern economies, the manufacturing industry encompasses a vast array of sectors, including the production of essential goods and equipment for various applications.

This expansive landscape also encompasses plant equipment manufacturers who specialise in designing, developing, and fabricating machinery equipment, fueling industrial processes and driving industrial growth.

A prominent player in the industry, KRR Engineering Pvt. Ltd. stands as a frontrunner among process plant manufacturers. Unwavering in its commitment to delivering exceptional products and services of the utmost quality on a global scale, KRR is on the path to establishing itself as a leading Engineering, Procurement, and Contracting (EPC) company within the nation.

KRR Heavy Engineering stands as a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering determination of Sri K. R. Ramaswamy, founder of the organisation.

Post completing his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering at PSG Coimbatore, Shri K.R. Ramaswamy embarked on his entrepreneurial journey.

With Chennai as the backdrop, he laid the foundation of KRR Enterprises, which has since flourished into a renowned global manufacturing powerhouse. Ever since its establishment in 1976, KRR has positioned itself as a reliable and trusted partner in meeting diverse industrial needs.

A Promise Of Quality, Safety, & Sustainability

The team at KRR strives with outstanding technical knowledge and synchronous coordination to achieve exceptional quality and workmanship across all their operations.

They ensure on-time delivery to meet customer commitments, ensuring that promises are fulfilled promptly and efficiently. Fostering transparent and effective interactions with customers, partners, and stakeholders, KRR is dedicated to establishing outstanding communication protocols.

They also maintain a culture of kaizen, continually improving processes and practices to create a clean, healthy, and safe environment for their employees, customers, and the community at large.

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Solutions & Offerings

KRR offers an end-to-end value proposition to its clients, from Design and Engineering to Fabrication, Testing, Transportation, and Installation.

The organisation comprises six distinct business verticals, including the Heavy Engineering Division, Heavy Forming Division, Air Tanks Division, Autoclave Division, Railway Tank Division, and Oxygen Tank Division.

The Heavy Engineering Division accounts for 60% of the organisation’s revenue, the Air Tanks Division contributes about 25%, and the remaining divisions collectively contribute about 15%.

With a formidable presence in the export market, exports for KRR account for a minimum of 70% of annual revenue; however, the ratio of domestic versus export orders varies depending on the prevailing market conditions.

With a remarkable track record, KRR has successfully executed challenging projects demonstrating exceptional expertise across both greenfield and brownfield expansions, catering to industries including Nuclear, Paper & Pulp, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Sulphuric Acid Plants, and Fertilizers, among others.

KRR endeavoured nation-building by delivering several notable projects, including manufacturing Nuclear Reactor components for the Bhartiya Nabhikiya Vidyut Nigam Limited (BHAVINI Kalpakkam), constructing Submarine hull shells for the Indian Navy, and producing Satellite components for the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), among others.

Presently, the organisation is engaged in manufacturing equipment for the Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative (IFFCO) and the National Aluminium Company (NALCO).

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KRR Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Serving Industry Leaders: KRR’s Diverse Clientele

With a dedicated team comprising 85 skilled staff members and 250 experienced workers, KRR leverages the collective expertise of its workforce to drive its success.

The company’s head office, located at L17, Ambattur Industrial Estate, Chennai, serves as the central hub for strategic planning and customer engagement, while the factory at No. 6, Vanagaram Road, Ayanambakkam, Chennai, houses state-of-the-art facilities for efficient manufacturing processes.

The dedicated workforce and well-equipped office locations combined form the foundation for KRR’s ability to deliver exceptional products and services to its valued clients.

KRR’s diverse clientele encompasses a spectrum of industry leaders, including renowned Public Sector Units such as Bharat Electronics Limited, National Aluminium Company, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative, The Integral Coach Factory, and The Fertilizers and Chemicals Travancore Limited.

The organisation also serves prominent Engineering, Procurement, and Construction companies like Holtech, FLSmidth, Larsen & Toubro, Chevron, Indian Additive Limited, Tata Smart Foods, and Technip and is a trusted supplier to notable plant end-users such as JSW, DCW, and Vedanta.

KRR also supplies leading valve manufacturers such as Emerson, Flowserve, IMI Critical, and Severn Glocon. The company has been actively cultivating international business partnerships in countries like Japan, Korea, America, Europe (Germany and France), the Middle East, and Africa and has successfully delivered projects in Australia and Canada quite recently.

Sakthivel Ramaswamy, CEO, KRR Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Sakthivel Ramaswamy, the son of Shri K.R. Ramaswamy and the current CEO of KRR, is a visionary leader who is constantly seeking innovative solutions and exploring new opportunities to drive the growth and success of the firm.

Trained as an architect, Mr Sakthivel possesses a creative mindset and considers himself an adept ‘organiser.’ From maintaining shop floor cleanliness to expanding the business portfolio in international waters, he had to take on diverse responsibilities throughout his tenure.

As a second-generation entrepreneur, Mr Sakthivel acknowledges the challenges of carrying forward a legacy, including the need to scale up quickly and fill the shoes of the founder. 

Upon joining KRR, one of the very first things Mr Sakthivel did was rebrand the company. They adopted a strong logo featuring ‘a forward-pointing arrow’, symbolising their vision for progress, which led to worldwide recognition. Upon facing inquiries about the inverted ‘K’ in KRR’s name, Mr Sakthivel proudly says, “As we move forward.”

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KRR Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

The Journey From Inspiration To Entrepreneurship

‘Creativity’ was what inspired and drew Mr Sakthivel Ramaswamy to the path of entrepreneurship. As he laughingly states, “My journey in the industry started as soon as I was born.”

Observing his father’s involvement in large fabrication projects, he recognised the immense potential to utilise his creative abilities to transform the world and make a positive impact on a larger scale.

His first foray into the field occurred with a small project for ‘The Bharatiya Nabhikiya Vidyut Nigam Limited,’ where he actively participated in the commissioning of a component for a nuclear reactor.

In a remarkable display of dedication and teamwork, Mr Sakthivel, along with a group of 15 individuals, worked tirelessly through the night to successfully complete the task.

It was during this experience that he found his own niche within the organisation, inspired by the strong work culture and the drive to deliver exceptional results.

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A Leader’s Perspective On Success

While reaching the pinnacle sure signifies accomplishment, it is perseverance that truly defines success for Mr Sakthivel. He says, 

“I am reminded of a saying I hold dear, ‘If you have to reach the Pinnacle of a mountain, start with one step.’ Whenever faced with challenges and staying focused on ambitious goals at KRR, I embrace the mindset of perseverance, continually reminding myself of the importance of taking the next step.”

From dealing with difficult customers, experiencing periods of low order bookings, facing cash flow issues, and so on… Mr Sakthivel has encountered several challenges in his journey.

However, his approach to viewing these challenges as issues to be solved and overcome rather than being overwhelmed by their magnitude helped him overcome every obstacle with ease.

As a leader, he recognises that there is still a long way to go, but it is his unwavering determination and resilience that drive him and his team towards achieving their goals and making a lasting impact.

“Cultivating Patience, Zeal, Awareness, Empathy, and Gratitude in yourself is essential for achieving success in leadership roles,”

Mr. Sakthivel

Awards & Recognitions

The belief that ‘Everything is Possible’ is the USP for the team at KRR. When faced with challenging projects, they leverage their skills and expertise to provide optimal solutions.

Their commitment to quality consciousness, timely delivery, and effective communication help them stand out among their competition, ensuring customer satisfaction and retention.

With their commitment to excellence, quality, and customer satisfaction, KRR Engineering Pvt. Ltd. has achieved notable milestones and garnered recognition at both national and international levels.

The company was recently honoured with the ‘Quality Excellence Award’ by Assocham India, acknowledging their commitment to producing high-quality products. 

KRR exports to 30+ countries across the globe with various certifications like the American Society for Mechanical Engineers, Canadian Registration, National Board Registration, Australian Registration, European Registration, and Eurasian Registration.

KRR has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Government of Tamil Nadu for the expansion of robotic automation in tank manufacturing.

While KRR Engineering has received several national and state awards in the past, they cherish the letters of appreciation from satisfied customers the most.

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People-First Approach To Business

At KRR, the focus always remains on aligning the needs of the business with the needs of both their customers and employees alike. Prioritising customer satisfaction not only fosters strong relationships and builds goodwill but also results in business growth.

“The ‘needs of the business are the needs of the customer’; there are no two ways about it,” shares Mr Sakthivel. Maintaining a strong company culture and ensuring employee engagement and motivation also remain a priority at KRR.

The roots of this culture can be traced back to Mr Sakthivel’s grandfather, a blacksmith from a small village who ran a workshop called Pattarai, where a team worked together to make chariot wheels.

Understanding the importance of teamwork and timely actions, as even a single misstep could lead to significant losses, he always gathered an efficient team and ensured that they were kept motivated in spirit and in compensation.

This culture continues to be upheld at KRR Engineering. Regular meetings and discussions are held to encourage open debates and arguments. Additionally, special occasions like Ayudha Pooja are celebrated as Family Day, where employees and their families have a good time.

They also organise a monthly motivational program conducted by renowned speakers. The topics covered range from Raja Yoga to self-development, providing employees with valuable insights and inspiration.

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KRR Engineering team

KRR’s Proactive Approach To Emerging Trends & Technologies

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the process equipment manufacturing industry has thrived.

Showcasing its ability to compete with international manufacturers, India is emerging as a destination of choice with the policies of ‘Atma Nirbhar’ and ‘Make in India’, driving positive changes in domestic production and exports. However, the scenario was quite different when it first started.

The lockdown during the pandemic restricted operations to only factories producing essential commodities, and many project-based orders came to a halt.

Recognising this as both a business opportunity and a social responsibility, KRR Engineering ventured into the production of Oxygen tanks, Liquid Oxygen storage tanks, and Oxygen generators, establishing the Oxygen Division.

This decision not only contributed to addressing the critical need for medical oxygen during the pandemic but also opened up new avenues for growth for KRR with the emerging trends in the gas storage sector and cryogenic applications. Mr Sakthivel shares,

“When it comes to exploring new directions in business, ‘I trust my gut feeling’. I believe that whenever one takes a new direction in business, one should be in conviction to stick thick and thin.”

The Road Ahead

As a leading engineering company, the team at KRR recognise the significant responsibility they bear towards society, the environment, and their own growth.

With this in mind, they aim to expand their operations and establish themselves as a multinational company, thereby taking on more responsibilities and contributing to different parts of the globe.

Additionally, KRR Trust, a charitable unit associated with the organisation, plays a crucial role in supporting young engineers’ education, publishing motivational books, engaging in spiritual activities, and renovating old temples, among other charitable endeavours.

As KRR Engineering continues to grow, they aspire to increase their philanthropic efforts, showcasing their commitment and responsibility towards society at large.

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