Taking Care Of The "Finance" Side Of Your Business, Prachay Advisors Is Just The Right 'Financial Partner' For Any Business!

Prachay Advisors Is Just The Right 'Financial Partner' For Any Business!

Prachay Advisors Is Just The Right 'Financial Partner' For Any Business!

Girish Lakhotiya, CEO- Prachay Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

The business world is always in a transitional phase. Most business firms have understood the need to set up a team of expert financial management advisors as the key to growth. Prachay Advisors is a leading strategic financial advisory firm.

They are here to guide clients who are experts in their field but need assistance with financial management. The Company has experienced how promoters like technocrats, start-ups, and investors lack financial expertise and require efficient business finance management. Prachay Advisors ensure meticulous planning and execution of all the financial decisions.

The Company emphasises the fundamental aspect of finance in the business. But there are financial advisors with limited resources. These advisors can curtail the unlimited potentiality of enterprises due to poor access to resources.

Businesses need access to experts who are aware of the entire finance landscape and have a network with the major players in the finance industry.

Prachay Group is a credible partner for your business. They take responsibility for planning, implementation, management, and execution of the financial decision-making side of your business. The team further focuses on a systematic approach to delivering value-added services to the customers.

Every industry across the globe is rapidly transforming. A strategic financial advisor helps build a powerful market presence. Entrepreneurs and businesses require absolute assistance in the dynamically changing world, especially when the competition is on the global level.

The Company also emphasises that even a single mistake can negatively impact the market reputation of the business. There are many financial decisions to make. A strategic finance advisor takes care of the financial module by studying each dimension, including the risk and mitigation. As a credible finance partner, Prachay Advisors emphasises research and reasoning behind every financial planning.

Prachay Advisors was formed to help businesses receive endless support for their financial peculiarities. They are more than just a “finance partner” to the business. While companies must take care of the asset side, Prachay Advisors will focus precisely on the liability side of the balance sheet. Prachay Advisors believes that in today’s increasingly complex business environment, poor financial planning comes with a lot of risks.

Prachay Advisors document the process, break it down and understand each point systematically. As a result, they provide a 360-degree perspective on financial decisions. As an additional benefit, they have access to top-notch industry leaders, including bankers, lenders, private equity players, HNI Investors, family offices and more as a result, clients can tap into a wealth of industry expertise alongside a vast network. This ensures 100% success for business growth.

Driving The Mission And Vision of The Company

Interestingly, businesses across the globe are now changing from traditional norms to a more transformative front. Prachay Advisors understands the challenges businesses and entrepreneurs face regularly.

The Company also emphasises how India was a prosperous nation at one point in history. However, the country had been plundered over the years due to invasion and outside rules. Still, India is rich in natural resources with inhabitable lands.

When comparing terms of resources, the abundance of natural and human resources gives an upper edge. If these resources are managed appropriately, there can be a transforming growth in the country’s economy. In addition, the vast population that India has can make the country prosperous. Also, India is a country with a young population.

India is on the right track. What India lacks is capital. CEO Mr. Girish Lakhotiya believes in empowering the people in the country’s business. In addition, Mr. Girish also claims that the businessmen have the right skills and knowledge to excel.

He also states how even the smallest businesses are striving for success. Interestingly, these people are skilled enough to run their services efficiently with minimum capital. But, they are still lagging, lacking appropriate funding as the sole reason when executing their needs.

The scarcity of capital is one of the biggest challenges that must be met as early as possible. The relatively underdeveloped capital and financial market keep this great country under the shackles of endless possibilities. Therefore, developed countries can explore benefits that India cannot.

Most importantly, there is a small group with excess capital and some with extra opportunities; unfortunately, there’s relatively limited or restricted exchange; as a result, the Company believes that the potentialities aren’t explored to the utmost level.

Mr. Girish also mentions that there are minimal opportunities for businesses that don’t fall under bank guidelines; as a result, many opportunities get missed. Here, the Company also underlines how India has a weak capital market, not reaching capital flow in the hands of businesses.

Prachay Advisors have a clear vision when focusing on the Indian markets. The Company aims to utilise sophisticated methods toward meeting the end. The team includes experts who can develop the finance strategies.

They aim to make India a global leader in the financial sector. Mr. Girish Lakhotiya believes that sustainable and appropriate capital execution is the need of the hour. In addition, the Company believes that the entire country may grow only when the financial markets grow.

The role of a financial advisor is to help enhance presence in the rapidly changing environment of the finance industry. The Company is here to assist businesses in growing and managing their performance to generate more employment and ultimately enhance the country’s GDP.

Again, the team believes India is on the road to becoming one of the world’s biggest economies; however, the Company stresses that businessmen must excel in the long run.

The zeal and enthusiasm of the new-age leaders have shown the path the Company plans to explore. Again, Mr. Girish is ecstatic about the entrepreneurship that young and motivated business leaders are showing. Prachay Advisors has the vision to help these leaders succeed by securing their financial resources. Besides, when these leaders succeed, this means team Prachay grows.

Interestingly, the Company aims to partner with the top ten exceptional entrepreneurs over the next decade. Its ultimate goal is to assist these entrepreneurs in creating billion-dollar enterprises by managing the entire finance function of these businesses.

Keeping Up With The Targeted Clientele With Critical Services/Products

The Company emphasises the changing demands from the clientele baseline and meeting all the requirements as quickly as possible. The professional must have a core understanding of how things need to be handled. Prachay Group has made it big in the finance industry with a trained professional team.

Their highly motivated team is passionate about solving problems. They are exceptionally skilled when ensuring effortless financial management. The long-term and sustainable vision for all the connected members and stakeholders has been a game-changing measure.

There’s always a new ecosystem aiming to strengthen its participants. It’s more about extending enterprises and playing an essential role in customer-oriented touch points. Besides, Prachay Advisors understands that the ecosystem broadens the distribution network and adds value for the business.

While the clientele baseline is diverse, the Company focuses on partnership, symbolising the values and beliefs of the business. They further segment the partners into two sub-categories- Finance Partners & Transaction Partners.

Finance Partner

The Company explores every possibility of the partner. They take care of the entire liability side of the business, while the promoters focus on technical skills and sales skills to develop the business’s asset side. The target here is to emphasise potentialities in operating business on a ‘long-term’ basis, i.e., five years, ten years business target programs.

The Company develops a broad outline to understand the finance requirement, identify financial resources to support the business plan, create branding in the finance market and execute fundraising effortlessly on a long-term basis. However, in its capacity as a finance partner, Prachay Advisors serves a limited number of clients. These clients possess the right operationality and will soon reach the circle of a billion-dollar enterprise.

Transaction Partner

For a maximum number of clients, Prachay works as a transaction partner. Here, Prachay Advisors have a significant role to play. From raising funds for an upcoming project where they do the due diligence of the business plan, make a bankable proposal, and coordinate with various lenders to extract the best commercials, everything gets done diligently.

The team works with clients toward finding an innovative financial solution that meets all their business requirements. In addition, Prachay Advisors runs a strategic process. This includes focusing on meaningful queries, identifying the best capital resources, business strengths, and brand building to negotiate the best quality service.

Overview Of The Company, The Industry, And The Brand

Business success is pretty complex. Moreover, it requires deep insight, agility, prosperous client relationship, and continuous focus on an innovative approach. Industries that have grown over the years have run efficient practices for a very long time. Besides, the finance sector in the country needs rapid development in consideration of western economies.

A particular focus has been given to the restriction of resources within the more prominent players. However, Mr. Girish emphasises that small and medium enterprises can play a significant role in upliftment. He is straightforward regarding how small and medium firms primarily rely on ‘freelancing’ advisors. Unfortunately, these ‘freelance’ advisors have limited capabilities, cutting the potential.

Over the years, the Company has encountered an acute need for more organised and institutionalised players. At such a point, Prachay Advisors was able to fill the segmentation and guarantee the success of those SMEs. Prachay Advisors have proved its mettle at every point in the field of finance. Its timely delivery and fantastic performance over the decade have helped them mark itself as an industry leader.

Top Factors That Keep Prachay Group Ahead

Some key factors give Prachay Advisors a competitive edge over others,

Technical Expertise

They’re experts in the field of finance. The Company understands the nooks and corners of financial handlings. Their focal point is finance’s practical and theoretical handling for efficient financial management.

The Company learns finance as a subject, helping them understand different dynamics of business potentialities. The team has developed expertise in the subject of finance. Their applied technical knowledge in the field of finance has helped them earn the trust of their clients.

Practical Experience

The Company has over a decade of experience and has worked with over 300+ businesses in finance management. All the transactions under the Prachay Advisors have been incredibly successful. The team has studied various business models and their efficacy in different economic cycles. When finding the right solution, the Company prides itself on an excellent performance. Moreover, not having failure over a decade is a significant success.

Business Acumen

Their working style is different from any other business. They train the team to focus on correct decision-making. The team works as a professional but visualises growth as businessmen.

Established Credential

Team Prachay Advisors prides itself on having a seamless track record for over a decade in the industry. The Company proudly states a 100% success rate when it comes to the management of financial obligations. The unblemished market performance is a noteworthy point regarding financial management execution.

Defining The Success Of The Company

The Company’s business model validation has been a significant success until now. Mr. Girish and his team focus on cultivating and maintaining long-term relationships with their clients.

This has added value to the team and feathers to the organisation. The success of the Company comes when clients succeed. Clients that have been associated with Prachay have experienced exceptional growth.

Prachay Group is prepared to pivot when necessary to address market demands. This gives clients an advantageous edge over others. The Company is more into implementing a formal structure and system that regulates success-oriented business functionality. The team precisely focuses on utilising a standardised process.

Overcoming Challenges In The Journey

CEO Mr. Girish Lakhotiya emphasises how the Company faced many challenges to reach its current position. One of the top-most concerns was educating business leaders and entrepreneurs about needing a professional financial advisor. While most companies ran an in-house finance team, they didn’t believe in getting advice from an independent unit.

Prachay Advisors was formed to provide a broader perspective in terms of financial management. Market leaders did understand the significance of a legal advisor or a marketing firm in matters related to product development, sales, and customer management.

Yet, they undermined the role of professional financial advisors in the Company’s success. However, the Company claims that the market has changed over the period. They believe that today’s customers are more intelligent, savvier, and more informed than ever. In addition, the experts take accountability, ensuring 100% success in the long run.

In today’s scenario, the Company mentions how it has witnessed a paradigm shift in business performance. Consulting firms optimise fundamental research that motivates them to bring something new. They also implement outstanding strategies for the needs of the end businesses.

Foundational Years

Prachay’s foundational years were exceptionally challenging. The Company kick-started with a small team. Mr. Girish recalls how the firm was entirely cash-strapped.

He also mentions how the firm was started with low capital, in the “money” business the ‘money’ business. Although the preceding years were more about survival, the ultimate goal was to offer seamless advice and support to businesses and organizations.

Most business firms were reluctant to seek help from financial experts. Moreover, the term financial expert was itself new to the market. Most enterprises partnered with an external legal attorney or a marketing agency, but they stepped back regarding financial assistance and guidance matters.

There have been many instances where Prachay Advisors had to step out as CFOs felt insecure about their position in the Company. As a result, the initial foundational years were exceptionally challenging.

But, the Company and its team members were determined to help businesses enhance their market presence. The Company’s brand name has sparked growth over the years, which has proven the acceptability of its concept.

What Led To The Coining 0f The Idea To Join The Industry?

Mr. Girish cites how his interest in understanding the financial industry and business landscape determined him to commence his establishment. The team’s extensive knowledge of the western financial market in terms of exponential progress from 1900 to 2000 has helped them understand the market difference.

Prachay Advisors also emphasise that businesses are always into the transaction. But unfortunately, companies still lack a credible helping hand regarding financial management. Team Prachay has the proper understanding to provide appropriate solutions and guidance in every finance management area.

Prachay Advisors is based in Pune. The Company has been in operation since 2010. The Company is still young but has greatly achieved within a very short span. They have a team of highly motivated staff, ensuring seamless service. As of now, the Company is managed by twenty-five members, all experts in their subjective fields.

A Brief Background On Key Executives

Founder Mr. Girish Lakhotiya is the visionary behind Prachay. He has guided the Company since its inception. What is more resounding is his leadership skills. He plays a significant role in the Project Finance & Valuation Services section. His experience in strategy formulation, execution, and designing innovative financing structures has helped Prachay gain prominence amongst its competitors.

Mr. Girish is a Certified Financial Planner from FPSB, India. He holds a Certificate Course in Valuation from ICAI. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant who started his career with Citibank, heading the Corporate Banking and Treasury division. He had a short stint with the Company and later moved to pursue his entrepreneurial dream, establishing Prachay. In those days, entrepreneurship was something new to the Indian market.

However, Mr. Girish clearly expl-ains how he simultaneously worked in a CA firm as a partner. He also undertook other non-conventional work. The most significant breakthrough happened in 2010 when he got the first debt syndication assignment. Meanwhile, the Company and its team gained publicity due to their exceptional market performance. Currently, the Company prides itself on being a market leader in Capital Advisory.

In the year 2017, the Company rolled out NBFC. It was a natural progression from arranging funds to providing funds. They also carved out a niche space for themselves in “structured finance”. Here, they tend to offer customised financial solutions for clients as quickly as possible. In 2021, the Company got a green signal to operate an AIF-Cat II fund. With this feature, they can make equity and quasi-equity seamlessly available to businesses.

Undoubtedly, the Company has been able to manage and create a financial conglomerate. Prachay Advisors help address all the funding requirements of businesses effortlessly. Prachay is one of the top finance and consulting industry players. The primary motive is to establish a sense of financial security for business ventures with a concept of secured financial management services.

Top Market Competitors For Prachay

Prachay Advisors emphasise that they are the pioneers of Strategic Financial Advisory in India. As of now, India still lacks a reliable financial advisory company. Also, Prachay Advisors don’t find any significant player in the industry who can offer a holistic and comprehensive service like the Company.

Today’s business environment is exceptionally engaged. Therefore, businesses must partner with a firm that provides an in-depth perspective on financial credibility. Meanwhile, financial management is one of the significant aspects of any business. Therefore, Prachay Advisors ensure dynamically holistic guidance and comprehensive client support to achieve its profit and wealth maximisation objective.

Major Company Milestone

The major accomplishment that is considered is the validation of their business model. Moreover, it has helped the team cultivate and maintain a robust relationship with their clients. This is one of the most significant motivating factors.

The Company runs an open-ended approach toward every client. Also, the team prides itself on achieving this as it is definitely one of the outstanding recognition they’ve accumulated directly from the customers.

Fundamentals Values Of The Company

Prachay has always been a value-driven company. The business vision and plan have been on the positive side. Prachay Advisors believes in limitless future potentiality. The team has been consistently solving issues and helping businesses grow.

The Company’s fundamental values have always remained constant over the years. It’s more on emphasising the creation of long-term, sustainable and win-win solutions for all stakeholders, claims Mr. Girish. The Company is witnessing a paradigm shift in business performance in today’s scenario.

Consulting firms run fundamental research that motivates the development of new business trends. In addition, the Company implements outstanding strategies for the needs of the end businesses.

Future Ordeals

Prachay Group has a belief in limitless future potentiality. But, the team equally emphasises keeping in mind that finance is fundamentally unique from other industries. Interestingly, it’s more closely regulated. Besides, a finance management firm must take responsibility for its customers’ money and financial wellbeing.

Financial services hit the wallets of the customers. If things go wrong, the businesses will lose trust, regulatory bodies will take stern action, and the Company will permanently lose its prominence in the market.

Businesses are basically in the market to store cash, move money around, make loans, save and invest. Interestingly, many companies have seen a lot of activity in these areas, especially in dimensions that transcend the primary business of capital. The comprehensive utilisation of technology enables customer-facing platforms to understand better what features a user might be interested in.

There’s a scope that helps meet pragmatic and practical client experience. Prachay Advisors has helped finance and services to incorporate the best solution into essential business aspects. The management eventually works its way into the higher-stakes or more closely regulated areas of finances.

The team aims to utilise the latest resources and help support successful businesses throughout the next few years. Mr. Girish and his team firmly believe that “one can become successful by making others successful”.

What Young Business Leaders And Entrepreneurs Must Know

While things can be exceptionally challenging at some point, Mr. Girish states that a leader never halts. The best approach is to “Focus on the value-addition to your customers”. This will help leaders stay ahead not only in business but also in their life. If the expectations are high, especially regarding service/ products, the value they aim to provide must be double the price the Company receives.

Businesses face many challenges, and business leaders must possess skills to solve issues. Prachay Advisors believes that the aim here is not only to earn but also to grow in the long run. It’s best to take small steps consistently in the direction they aim to succeed. Also, the team firmly believes that there’s no shortcut to success. It’s best to be at peace but strive tirelessly for a brighter future.

Before ending the conversation with ‘The CEO Magazine’, Mr. Girish emphasises a fundamental proposition he wants to tell the readers. He points out that Indian society must be respectful to the business community. This is because people in business are the people who create employment, pay taxes, and are imperative for the overall wellbeing and prosperity of the economy.

Business people are the secret ninjas fighting to establish a robust economic platform in the country. Mr. Girish believes the current business dimension is full of challenges; however, the opportunities behind it are worth exploring. Besides, wealth creation must be an encouraging practice, and more people must appreciate and aspire to it.

India needs to grow in the capital market side of the business. Even with a simple approach to the business, clients can experience comprehensive growth. It can be crucial to operate with more accountability and responsibility for all stakeholders, i.e., the shareholders, the lenders, the employees, the government organisation, and the society at large.

Prachay Advisors have a team of experts who work as a finance partner. They can help businesses arrange the capital required to execute business plans and manage all the risks associated with the industry—the Company honours its commitment.

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