B N Nagpal, the visionary spearheading India’s leading regulation and compliances service provider – Mn Solutions

B N Nagpal, the visionary spearheading India’s leading regulation and compliances service provider – Mn Solutions

A talk with the leader

B N Nagpal, the visionary spearheading India's leading regulation and compliances service provider – Mn Solutions

The Indian healthcare industry is on a high development direction and is experiencing change over the continuum since the most recent decade. Innovation is reclassifying the conceivable outcomes in healthcare conveyance and extending worldwide industry administration of the medicinal services division while looking for tricky answers for tending to India's needs. With the ongoing endorsement of National Health Policy 2017 by the Government of India, healthcare use expects to increment to 2.5% of GDP and India sets out on an arranged way to deal with connecting the medicinal services isolate while keeping up industry competitiveness.

As India's financial, medicinal services, and social scenes advance, its medical device market develops as a promising open door for remote makers. Among the very few leaders in the field of medical devices regulatory services, Mn Solutions positions itself strongly. The company is working in the regulatory services for the pharmaceutical industry is an India based organization and now offering services in medical device industry as well. They have been working in this industry for last over 13years and take pride in an exceedingly agreeable customer base over the globe.

The CEO Magazine, in a conversation with B N Nagpal – Director of Mn Solutions

Here is the edited excerpt:

How do you make sure to stay relevant in an ambience of growing competition that makes you different?

We stay relevant in the ambience of growing competition through our business process agility and tech savvies. Our document management system with its inbuilt absorption of time and process variations helps in delivering timely, zero-tolerance based and highly satisfactory regulatory services to our clients.

How proficient is the company in the implementation of SAP, Testing, and Automation and Product & utility development?

We are a tech consulting services delivery company hence we pride in our efficient and smooth business processes. SAP and related technologies implementation like process automation and utilities and services development zero on the BPR. It's the key to a successful implemen-tation and that where we come in as experts in also helping our clients with their business process re-engineering in terms of documentation and business process automation.

What kind of Application Management Services (AMS) is yielded by the company

Our Application Management Services produce the best yield for medical device regulatory services and in the Pharma industry. Our document management system aids   us delivering a stage-wise process  flow of regulatory documentation to our clients who are error-free, is timelines sensitive and provide regular monitoring and updating  of key information inputs and intelligence to them. So our clients are satisfied and stay ahead of their own competition always.

How have you utilized Big Data solutions to capture, analyze and extract insights in a sophisticated manner?

Our pharmaceutical industry is a huge consumer of the big data analysis.     We need regular insights and assessment into our clients' regulatory needs. Furthermore, clients profiling, mapping and need-differentiation done through big data analysis tools help us a lot in customizing and thereby matching our services delivery vis-a-vis our client needs.

How competent are you to address the continuum of opportunities in business intelligence, data manage-ment, technology and next-generation analytics &technologies including cloud and machine learning?

We are quite competent to address new tech opportunities as we are one of the agilest of Services Company when it comes to their business processes. We pride in our agility, timelines and error-free delivery and this is possible due to our readiness in addressing new tech continuum.

Does the company practice pre-defined Technology Strategy & Architecture (TS & A) to advise CxO's and CIO's in developing and executing technology strategies that could drive exceptional business value?

If our clients are smart and tech savvy so are we. Regular interactions, feedback forms, service rating are just a few measures we always undertake on regular basis throughout the year with our clients. TS & A forms a key part of such interactions with clients as we are able to convince our clients in cost savings and time savings thereby generating huge business value. 

There is huge skill sets paucity for new technologies like IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning in India. How would technology providers bridge these gaps?

There is indeed a skill set paucity for technologies like IoT, big data and machine learning etc. in India. In fact, this is so all over the world and not just in India. It's a global thing. The world is just getting smarter in these technologies and they are still price sensitive in nature. With demand surge and scale development prices will come down and Indian software skills will help drive the market for these technologies not just in India but worldwide.

What according to you still remains a dominant hindrance when it comes to utilization of technology?

Dominating hindrances in the utilization of technology is training and educating all stakeholders in a particular industry. Such tech training has to be aligned with Business Value Generation. How to generate business value by adopting product differenti-ation, brand management and customer satisfaction etc., which in turn becomes hugely efficient and convenient to do if a company can adopt and utilize tech. If we can do this then tech utilization and adoption will become quite easy.

What are the major milestones of the company?

For a Tech Consulting company, there could be many major milestones, but we consider that the consistency and stability in our efficient work envir-onment and providing satisfactory service is of key importance and considers these our milestones. 

What are your 'top-of-the-notch' prerogatives at this workplace for the next five years?

The Medical Device or Pharmaceutical Regulatory affairs' consulting does not enjoy a big market in India, but its gaining pace from last 3-5 years. The companies through their own team members involved in production, quality and logistics have handled mostly the regulatory compliance and its now that companies have started outsourcing this function which saves their lot of cost and gets a quality service as we are the domain expert. We intend to increase the base of compliance services and would be starting soon the 510K filings with US FDA, Consulting for QMS as per ISO 13485 for Medical Devices regulatory requirements. And for pharmaceu-ticals, we intend to expand to other Asian Markets synergistically. We have already tied up with a Canadian Medical Device Regulatory Consulting Company viz., ARAZY GROUP and have done a couple of successful projects too. We are in discussion with upcoming French Consulting Company "Medtech-Connect". Our company has been shortlisted as one of the leading regulatory consultant by "Ubi France" as well.

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