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AJAY KHANNA:- Chief Marketing Officer - Amway India

AJAY KHANNA:- Chief Marketing Officer - Amway India

Chief Marketing Officer - Amway India

Over the years, there has been a significant shift in consumer behavior with a focus on preventive healthcare, owing to heightened awareness of health. This shift is reflected in the booming Indian Dietary Supplement industry, which has grown by almost 60% since 2016 and currently stands at INR 10,250 crores in 2021.


One of the industries that predominantly caters to the health and wellness segment is the Direct Selling (DS) Industry, which with its expertise in the nutrition category, offers a wide range of nutraceutical and dietary supplements products.

The DS industry is currently pegged at INR.18000 crore as of 2020-21, registering a growth of over 7% YoY and almost 58% of overall India sales of the DS industry comes from the Wellness & Nutraceutical products category, indicating its true future potential.

Nutrition and Wellness is the largest category for Amway India, which is one of the leading FMCG Direct Selling companies.

With more than 60% of revenues coming from the nutrition category, it’s been Amway’s constant endeavor to address the ever-evolving needs of health-conscious consumers through consistent product-led innovations backed by science & research.

Amway India is one of the leading players in the FMCG DS industry, instrumental in empowering 5.5lakh Amway Direct-Selling Partners, of which 60% are women.

Presently, Ajay Khanna is the Chief Marketing Officer of Amway India

Amway And Its India operations

With a rich legacy of over 60 years, Amway, a company started by two friends, Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel, has emerged as a global enterprise driven by the fundamental values of Freedom, Family, Hope, and Reward.

As the World’s No 1 direct selling company, Amway has empowered millions of people to be entrepreneurs by selling quality consumer products with the vision of Helping People Live Better, Healthier Lives. Based in Ada, Michigan, US, Amway’s global footprint stretches across 100+ countries and territories.

Amway commenced its commercial operations in India in 1998 and, over a period, grew as one of the leading FMCG direct-selling companies in the country and one of the top three priority markets for Amway globally.

With more than 140 distinct quality consumer products across categories like Nutrition, Beauty, Personal Care, Home Care, and Consumer durables, Amway India exemplifies an organization driven by consistent innovation catering to evolving consumer needs.

Amway India’s state-of-the-art LEED gold-certified manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu is one of two key global manufacturing hubs for Amway besides US and China. It is a testimony to the commitment, confidence, and potential they envisioned for the Indian market.

Fundamental Values At Amway

Mr. Ajay says, “Many things have changed over the past six decades. Still, our Founders Fundamentals have been the fulcrum of our culture, deeply entrenched in our business strategy, empowering us to drive our organizational goals.

Our vision and rich legacy have paved the way to drive the Founders’ Growth Mindset based on three principles - Live to Serve, Love to Learn, and Lead with Heart.

Our beliefs of Partnership, Integrity, Personal Worth, Achievement, Personal Responsibility, and Free Enterprise are deep-rooted in Amway’s value system across all countries where we are present.”

In India, Amway has had a remarkable journey over the last 24 years, built on strong partnerships with stakeholders – Amway Direct Selling Partners, consumers, employees, and communities.

Over the years, Amway India has proven to be resilient, emerging stronger by rapidly adapting strategies to address challenges along with people-centric policies and quality health & wellness products serving the evolving needs of its discerning consumers with the vision of helping people livebetter, healthier lives.

Adding Value To Target Distributors And Customers

Amway India began its journey with just six products. Today, it offers over 140 distinct consumer products across categories like Nutrition, Beauty, Personal Care, Home Care, and Consumer durables, which are sold through the 5.5 lakhs active Amway Direct Selling Partners.

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Nutrition Category

Amway’s nutrition and wellness brand, Nutrilite, is the World’s No 1 selling vitamin and dietary supplement brand that holds a strong legacy of over 80 years of pioneering and perfecting the plant-based approach to supplementation combining the Best of Nature and the Best of Science. Some of its key differentiating factors include

  • Ensures the purest ingredients used in the products are sourced from owned or certified organic partner farms.

  • Amway’s exclusive traceability process helps ensure pure, safe, and effective product ingredients. In line with their seed-to-supplementation philosophy, they develop many products with natural ingredients grown and harvested on their 6,000 acres of organic farmland worldwide – using sustainable, chemical-free methods.

  • In India, Amway has 14 Nutricert Certified partners spread across six states to actively source ingredients to support Indian and global requirements.

  • Amway globally performs more than 500,000 tests per year

  • In India, Amway products are tested for 46,000+ parameters from its raw material to the finished good stage.

  • More than 500 scientists, engineers, and technicians work to conduct world-class research and product development, and over 900 global patents and patents pending for Amway products.

  • Nutrilite offers a wide range of products, from foundation products such as Nutrilite All Plant Protein, Nutrilite Salmon Omega, Nutrilite Daily, and more, to specialized ones like Nutrilite Vitamin D Plus for individuals with weakened bones and, for the health-conscious millennials, Nutrilite offers on-the-go formats like gummies and jellies.

    Keeping in mind the needs of Indian consumers, Amway India has indigenously developed products under the subcategory – Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range, exclusively made from Indian traditional herbs.

  • As a leader in Nutrition, backed by their flagship brand Nutrilite, Amway is geared to cater to consumers who are increasingly looking for products to address their overall health & wellness goals.

Beauty Category

Artistry is the premium skincare brand from Amway that offers a radically new, holistic approach to beauty with products infused with nature, perfected by science, and personalized for customer needs.

With the growing preference for ‘Visibly Healthy Beauty’, leveraging the Nutrition capabilities in the beauty category, Artistry forayed into skin nutrition with the anti-aging range Artistry Skin Nutrition™ line.

Enriched with plant-based botanicals from Nutrilite™ farms, the new range goes beyond skincare to deliver skin nutrition, infused with the power of Nature and Science

Personal Care Category

Amway has a comprehensive portfolio of personal care products ranging from oral care, hair care, body care and more, offering wider choices to consumers. Amongst these, Glister is one of the most popular brands ensuring oral hygiene for consumers globally for the last 60-plus years.

Homecare And Consumer Durables Category

As part of its Homecare and Living portfolio, Amway Home offers a complete range of Laundry, Dish, Surface, and Car cleaning products. Aligned with their wellness philosophy, Amway also offers a range of high-quality products in the consumer durable segment comprising Amway Queen, a premium cookware range, and Atmosphere Mini, the air purifier brand.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>AJAY KHANNA:-&nbsp;Chief Marketing Officer - Amway India</p></div>
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Major Milestones For The Company Since Its Inception

Amway’s journey in India over the last two decades reflects the company’s resilience and growth, which has transcended and kindled into accomplishing some key milestones for the company comprising of manufacturing, product launches, strategic partnership, brand endorsements, and more.


  • In 2015, marking a significant milestone, they set up the state-of-the-art Amway Manufacturing Facility in Nilakotai, Tamil Nadu. With an investment of INR 600 crores, the facility is recognized with the prestigious LEED Gold Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council as one of the country’s most environment-friendly and sustainable facilities.

  • Aggressively driving innovation through their flagship brand, Nutrilite, backed by a legacy of over 80 years, Amway has been exploring and foraying into newer spaces from time to time.

  • In 2018, Amway indigenously developed the Nutrilite Traditional Herbs range (NTHR), bringing together the best of nature, the best of science, and Indian traditional wisdom.

    To enable transparency, they put labels on their products that can be scanned to provide ingredient traceability, confirming their efficacy, potency, and safety. They further expanded the range in 2021 with Chyawanprash by Nutrilite, a concentrated blend of 32 nutrient-rich herbs to boost immunity.

  • 2021 also saw a series of innovations including a range of nutrition supplements in trendy, tasty, convenient, and simplified formats like flavorful gummies and mouth-dissolving jelly strips to address the new-age consumers of today.

  • In 2022, addressing the skincare needs of consumers looking for visibly healthy beauty, Amway introduced the anti-aging range Artistry Skin Nutrition Line, enriched with plant-based botanicals. Leveraging their nutrition capabilities in the beauty segment, the new range beyond skincare delivers skin nutrition, infused with the power of Nature and Science.

  • In 2020, Amway entered into a strategic partnership with FMCG major ITC to co-create product innovations in the nutrition beverages category catering to emerging health-conscious consumers. It is a true amalgamation of rich knowledge of consumer pallets with the best of nature, science, and traditional wisdom powered byscientifically proven ingredients.

  • Amway is associated with credible personalities to gain deeper penetration in the market and build a strong connection with health-conscious consumers.

  • Amway signed Bollywood actor Farhan Akhtar as their brand ambassador in 2015 to promote the Nutrilite range and further augment their holistic health proposition.

  • In 2021, Amway on-boarded in the megastar Amitabh Bachchan to promote holistic well-being through an invigorating campaign - ‘Khud Ko Do Ashirwaad’ that went live in 2022 and saw high resonance across all age groups and strata.

  • With a sharp focus on fitness enthusiasts, in 2021, Amway roped in Olympian Saikhom Mirabai Chanu and Wrestler Sangram Singh, which pivoted to drive deeper penetration in the consumer mind space across different markets.

  • Amway has set up multiple state-of-the-art research and development laboratories and quality testing labs in India to enable constant innovation, research and development.

  • Further, driven by scientific excellence, in 2021, Amway India partnered with IIT Bombay to accelerate research in the field of Nutraceuticals, Botanicals, and Herbal supplements and thus provide an evidence-based, scientific understanding of Nutrilite products.

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What Recognitions Have The Brand Nutrilite Earned Over The Years?

Mr. Ajay shares, “Amway India, through its legacy flagship brand Nutrilite, has been realizing its purpose of inspiring and helping people live better, healthier lives.

Nutrilite is the largest brand contributing more than 60% of the revenue of Amway India, indicating the brand’s resonance, popularity, and trust among the discerning health-conscious consumers of today.

Nutrilite crowns the glory for Amway and has won many prestigious awards, including Best Healthcare Brand and Trusted Brand by The Economic Times and Reader’s Digest, respectively, for many consecutive years, Best Nutraceuticals company by ASSOCHAM, and Most Trusted Brand in Direct selling by Trust Research Advisory to name a few.”

How Amway Is Leveraging The Upcoming Industry Trends In The Nutrition Space?

Over the last few years, clear tailwinds have emerged in the industry, which mirrors some of the key growth drivers for the brand, which include:

  • Focus on holistic health: Wellness continues to be the crux of most purchase decisions of consumers across segments. As they look to protect their health for the longer term, consumers today are going beyond just products and looking for holistic need-based recommendations which can address their overall health & wellness goals.

    Healthy weight and healthy living will be a major focus with key pillars such as developing healthy habits, a balanced diet with proper nutrition, exercise, sleep & stress management. Using its Nutrition expertise, Amway will continue to drive innovation and research to provide high-quality need-based recommendations to its customers.

  • Plant-Based Nutrition: Per Kerry’s Study, 63% of Indians are willing to buy plant-based products indicating the need for plant-based nutrition products.

    Amway India’s Nutrilite range of products in the Vitamin Minerals Supplements (VMS) and herbal category, backed by its strong ingredient story with the seed-to-supplement approach, echoes the sentiments of health-conscious consumers.

  • Products with Herbal and Ayurveda ingredients: There is a sharp inclination for products with herbal and ayurvedic ingredients. As per a report, organic and natural branding would encourage more than 50% of consumers to opt for VMS that has herbal & ayurvedic ingredients considering their familiarity and natural health benefits, which further widens the scope for the brands in the nutrition segment.

  • Personalization: The heightened awareness of health has led to the growing acceptance of nutrition products, resulting in the need for personalized nutrition solutions tailored to individuals’ specific health goals.

  • Healthy Beauty: There is a growing preference for products enhanced with nutrients in the beauty segment. As per a study, more than 80% of Indian consumers prefer beauty products with a combination of chemical-free, vegan, and plant-based claims, opening a potential market for quality healthy beauty products. Towards this, Amway India recently introduced the Artistry Skin Nutrition line, which delivers skin nutrition fusing the power of science and nature.

  • Passion economy in the spotlight: India is the largest market for social commerce and driving passion into prosperity has emerged as the new face of entrepreneurship.

    Towards this, Amway will advance by concerted efforts to enable and empower its Direct Selling Partners to live their passions by providing young, focused individuals with the opportunity, platform, and scope to build communities across health & wellness, Nutrition, beauty, and more.

  • Brand’s digital focus: The accelerated and deeper digital adoption across consumer segments has encouraged brands to provide products & services through innovative digital solutions.

    Towards this, Amway will continue to adapt strategies to strengthen its digital ecosystem by driving conversations and promotions digitally, making products available online, strengthening digital capabilities, and ensuring seamless last-mile delivery of products.

  • The rise of the Gig Economy continues, especially with the evolving digital age and the growing number of millennials. As per a study by Niti Aayog., the Indian gig workforce is expected to grow to 23.5 million by 2029-30.

    And with the capability of generating entrepreneurial opportunities, the DS companies, like Amway, can play a vital role in supporting the Government of India’s efforts to make our country self-reliant.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>AJAY KHANNA:-&nbsp;Chief Marketing Officer - Amway India</p></div>

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