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Paresh Patel

Paresh Patel

CEO - CyberSWIFT Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

"Meaningful innovation does not need to be based on an outright invention. Rather, there is an exhilarating shortcut. It is based on bold, new combinations of already existing components that simultaneously unlock heightened levels of consumer value and reduce costs” - Gabor George Burt."

Innovation is the key to the future. Design, development and deployment of new technologies and innovations are creating an impact on business and society. Technological advancements have enabled organisations to become more precise, capable, and efficient in delivering their solutions to their clients.

CyberSWIFT Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading Geospatial Services, Software development and enterprise Mobile Solutions based IT organisations based in India & USA. With 20+ years of expertise in this domain, they have successfully executed large Geospatial projects in Public and Private Enterprises.

Led by Paresh Patel, CEO, and Kishore Patel, President, the team of CyberSWIFT provides services and solutions to government, enterprise businesses and medium businesses with a focus on understanding the requirement and providing services as per the needs of clients.

CyberSWIFT is a CMMI Level 3 assessed & ISO 27001:2013 & ISO 9001:2015 certified Company. Adoption of these standards ensures higher-value services to clients and exceeds all stockholder expectations.

Mission And Vision

CyberSWIFT’s mission is to be one of the leading Geospatial and Software Solutions Companies in India by the year 2028. Their vision includes helping large and small enterprise benefit from the advantages that Geographical Information Solutions bring and making these solutions affordable and accessible to a vast range of organisations.

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Products And Services Offered By CyberSWIFT


GEOSPATIAL SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS CyberSWIFT is a leading provider of Geospatial services and solutions. They have vast experience in providing high-quality and affordable GIS solutions in the field of Utilities, Urban Development and Land Management.


With more than a decade of expertise in software development, the team of experienced professionals at CyberSWIFT have provided information technology services to renowned corporate houses, Government bodies, and prestigious business concerns all over.

The Tale Of Inception

Talking about the inception of CyberSWIFT, Mr Paresh shares, “Joining this industry was more of a chance than of careful planning. I wanted to do something in this field of technology, and as we moved forward, one thing led to another, enabling us to become a part of this industry.”

In the year of 1997, Mr Paresh Patel formed this company along with his brother Kishore Patel, based out of Kolkata, with a niche in integrated Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and software solutions for different domains like Utility, Urban, Land Management, Forest & Environment, Disaster Management, Mining etc.

To begin with, CyberSWIFT successfully executed large Geospatial projects in Public and Private Enterprises. In the initial days, their focus was East & Northeast India, and in this territory, they were successfully securing some prestigious clients.

In the year 2018, CyberSWIFT’s growth strategy, proven business model and solid client relationships motivated the management to expand business to PAN India.

CyberSWIFT developed a well-defined growth strategy that was based on consolidating and growing its customer base in anchor geographies all over India. With their PAN India Presence, nowadays they have clients in almost every state of India.

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Recognitions And Milestones For CyberSWIFT

  • Samiksha’, a project of PWD West Bengal, which is based on the technologies of monitoring the progress of projects using GIS, UAV and mobile devices, has won the 60th SKOCH Award in the Silver category.

  • Murshidabad MONITRA, developed and designed by CyberSWIFT, won the web Ratna award.

  • LAMS – The land management software from CyberSWIFT has almost become the de facto standard and is used by leading corporates like Tata, Adani, Dalmia etc.

  • Back in 2012, the number was only around 50, and now, it has increased by 600%. As of December 2022, CyberSWIFT has a strong employee base of 300+ employees on its rolls.

  • ISACA CMMI Level 3 in 2018.

CyberSWIFT’s Revenue Model

The major business CyberSWIFT gets from Government and Corporates. Since inception it has served over 150+ clients. CyberSWIFT For the financial year 2020-21, their turnover has shown an increase of 80% compared to the last financial year. The profit before tax has shown a major growth of 160% for the FY 2020-21.

CyberSWIFT Differentiating Factors

The key differentiator for CyberSWIFT’s team is their focus on quality. Outsourcing is quite common in IT, which refers to transferring certain functions or projects to a third-party contractor.

Sometimes it is difficult to achieve the desired quality through outsourcing. Paresh shares, “In CyberSWIFT, we execute all project components through our own employees, from software development to ground surveys.

Through this, we have total control over project quality & ultimately, its effects in repetitive order from the same client.”

CyberSWIFT uses a differentiation strategy by offering its niche offerings services and end-to-end Geographic Information Systems. Its extensive strength in Survey and GIS, coupled with its strong development, enables CyberSWIFT to provide complete solutions to its clients.

“Challenges are a part of learning” -Paresh Patel

From inception to success, the journey of any organisation is full of highs and lows. CyberSWIFT, too, had its share of setbacks, but instead of considering it a challenge, the team learned from them and moved ahead.

Mr Patel shares, “As it is with everyone else, we also had our share of challenges. Data collection from difficult geographic areas was particularly challenging. Keeping things simple and focusing on the solution rather than the problem helped us overcome them.”

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Industry Trends

The Government of India, in 2021, made a path-breaking announcement to liberalise maps to achieve its vision of a USD five trillion economy. The announcement comes at an apt time when advances in mapping technology have become the base for innovation and direct contribution to mission-mode projects like smart cities, highways, Clean Ganga, and the Digital India initiative.

As per assumption Indian geospatial market can grow at 12.8% to ₹63,100 crores by 2025. To cater for this upcoming potential, we are planning to penetrate this upcoming opportunity in our business segment.

Present And Future Outlook

CyberSWIFT, through its solutions, hopes to solve the problem of planning and decision-making for the key stakeholders. The team at CyberSWIFT is presently working on Cutting-edge products for Monitoring through Geospatial technologies, they believe might be the game changer for the company in the upcoming years. The technologies have already got wide acceptance in their existing client base.

With a dedication to individual customer success, CyberSWIFT’s focus for the upcoming year is to embark on a business transformation with the aim of driving accelerated growth.

The team is working on fortifying the company through investments in new technologies, e.g. Virtual Reality (IVR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Drone survey, LiDAR, RADAR, Ground Penetrating Radar etc. Their diversification of making their products more effective is aiding in the company’s growth.

CyberSWIFT’s Mr Paresh shares, Our goal is to establish a centre of Geospatial excellence & cater to all our clients. From where we stand today, the future of the company looks pretty promising.

We are having more than 50% growth year on year and are adding significant offerings and clients on a quarterly basis. In the next five years, we plan to grow our revenue by at least 500 Percent.

Paresh Patel’s advice to young entrepreneurs is “To focus on a niche offering, develop a specialisation in the same and keep things simple.”

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