An innovator of digital marketing, pushing limits with Artificial intelligence
ThatWare: an innovator of digital marketing, pushing limits with Artificial intelligence

ThatWare: an innovator of digital marketing, pushing limits with Artificial intelligence

ThatWare: an innovator of digital marketing, pushing limits with Artificial intelligence

Taking digital marketing on the next level

ThatWare: an innovator of digital marketing, pushing limits with Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have become one of the essential demands in today's business. According to an analysis by research agency Itihaasa, India positions third on the global level in terms of high-quality research publications in artificial intelligence.

NITI Ayog released a discussion paper on the transformative potential of AI in India that said the country could add $1 trillion to its economy through integrating AI into its economy.

The growing software industry provided a healthy breeding ground for incubating new businesses and ideas. ThatWare is the result of extensive growth in the technical segment. It is an advanced digital marketing company.

The company was founded by Tuhin Banik in 2018 to pursue commercial opportunities, and increasingly look to implement AI strategies at scale. Presently, the company is a team of 53 expert professionals, who are working on different levels.

The ultimate goal of ThatWare is to take digital marketing into a whole new level with the help of artificial intelligence, data science techniques, deep learning modules, and machine learning.

In the conversion with Puja Bhardwaj – Editor, The CEO Magazine, Tuhin Banik shares about ThatWare and his vision of creating a transformation in the world with AI.

Here are the edited excerpts.    

Tell us about what your role at the company.

I am the founder and CEO of ThatWare. My major roles in the company include working on concepts and ideas, related to data science and AI. 

Being the senior-most advisors in the firm, I lead a team of data scientists having 21 people in the data scientist team and 25 from the AI department. My focal point is to develop solutions and technologies for the betterment of fortune 500 companies.

What were you doing before this, and is this your first business?

Before initiating ThatWare, I was the founder of two other companies. One is, and another one is RSCreative Technologies.  In both firms, I was a digital publisher, where I used to work on native advertising platforms and helped primer publishers to get their monetary inventory sole and get the right amount of traffic.

Now, both companies are merged with my current company. I am still doing the publishing business but that is operated using AI technology.

How did you come up with your business idea?

People think that AI is a different sector, like digital marketing, finance or health sector, each has its own pipeline.  But when I was 16 years old, I realised the extensive utilization of AI in different sectors.

I found that it will enable companies to obtain a competitive advantage, scale up our day-to-day trend of the business line and can be utilized to bring expected output from digital marketing, finance, and other industries.

For example, in digital marketing, if people get the right amount of ROI in one year or two years that same thing can happen in two months.  When the capability improves, it ultimately boosts the credibility, this is how can I move.

This innovative outcome of technology to transfer techniques into valuable solutions inspired me to start the venture in this field.  

Throw light on the service and area of expansion.

Our major offering includes advanced digital marketing solutions and strategies; we prepare a customized and dedicated strategy for each of the projects.

We are also focusing on three zones including targeting all dentists on a global level, the smart city project and helping out retailers.  Headquarter of the company is in Kolkata, and our network is expanded in 43 countries all around the world including US, UKA, Germany.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>ThatWare: an innovator of digital marketing, pushing limits with Artificial intelligence</p></div>
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 If you were to describe the state of art right now, where does your company stands within the Indian Market Research Spectrum?

In terms of AI, we are actively working on many of the projects ranging from digital marketing to healthcare and tackling customers' need. In the Indian market, we take pride in saying that we are among the top 10 companies, who are dealing AI right now.

Define market research in one line.

Market research is a data-driven method to explore both the week and strong points while maintaining the best visibility to the customers.

What actually goes into Market Research?

The first factor is the E-11 data set and E-11 strategies. For example, if we are doing marketing for any client and we do not know about their pipelines or proper sales row.

The team will prepare the wrong strategy. We follow the data-driven policy and before starting we make sure that we have complete data about the company.

 Name a few notable clients associated with your firm. How do you create trust among your clients?

We have 350+ clients; some of the major names are given below

  • com- Binu Girija

  • heavyglare- Grant lambert

  • Hitesh Patel

Creating trust is no piece of cake! For this, we have an exclusive business model; we never take any kind of advance payment from our clients. We are confident in our skills, even when we are working on project size, one hundred thousand dollars project.

After delivering the result, we ask for the payment. Besides, we work with the highest standard; the KPI and market value we provide are higher than the industry standard.

How has your experience in running the business been different from what you expected?

There were a lot of obstacles in the way of creating a market for the company. The first hindrance was to find skilled manpower. In India, people know just the basic of AI. There is a sky ground difference between the coding sections for real-life projects, and what is learned in education

Being the sole founder, I was the main trainer on the initial phase, and it was tough to train the team. The second challenge was to educate the common men.

Gradually, with a team of experienced professionals, we could overcome the challenges and educate the common men. Though we have overcome the challenges, we are still on a mission to make it better.

Who is your inspiration?

My inspiration is the common men because when I see common men, I get inspired.

Brief us over the milestones earned by the firm.

The firm is only one year and three months old, and so far it has already captured three million dollars market revenue but, we do have investors in line, which is worth 6 million. In short, the company is worth 9 million.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>ThatWare: an innovator of digital marketing, pushing limits with Artificial intelligence</p></div>
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Leveraging the levers of growth: ThatWare's Future plans

We are working on an AI-enabled city with the support of government and local investors. Here, there will be a total of 35 types of integration and solution, which will help in fixing out most of the problems which have been faced by a common man in his day-to-day life. It is a unique project and expected to be ready by this year.

How has been your journey?

My journey was wonderful with lots of challenges. Each day, it was quite learning. Today, we are striving hard to bring advancement and working to make it to the extreme limit.

What advice would you give to somebody else who wanted to start a similar business?

AI is something that starts with creativity here to start a business they need to come up with new ideas and share them. Only then, they can set up a business.

Obviously in business, if the invention is good, then there are plenty of people in the market, who will be willing to buy the software and the solutions.

What is your trademark?

My ultimate trademark is to enhance civilization with artificial intelligence and improve the lives of common men by providing them technical knowledge.

Golden Words

As Google is working on the smart car, Apple is working on a smartphone; ThatWare is the only company that has spring up with Smart City. It is a unique concept. At present, the project is under construction, and we are actively looking for investors.

Leading Veterans of ThatWare

Tuhin Banik

Founder and Director

Tuhin Banik is the brains behind the brand. He is the Founder, Director and Search Scientist of ThatWare. Tuhin holds over 12+ years of experience and is known as the SEO ninja of digital marketing. He is awarded 8 master degrees in the digital marketing industry and also some international awards.

Santanu Chakraborty

Senior Marketing Executive & CFO

Santanu Chakraborty is the Senior Marketing Executive & CFO of ThatWare.  He is armed with Google certification in Analytics and a decade of experience in marketing that has helped him to drive maximum ROI and sales funnel for clients.

Presently, Santanu is supporting numerous SEO firms and businesses in enhancing their brand reputation.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>ThatWare: an innovator of digital marketing, pushing limits with Artificial intelligence</p></div>
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