vHealth by Aetna Expanding and Delivering Preventive & Primary Healthcare Services With The Means Of Digitalization and Technology

vHealth by Aetna Expanding and Delivering Preventive & Primary Healthcare Services With The Means Of Digitalization and Technology

vHealth by Aetna Expanding and Delivering Preventive & Primary Healthcare Services With The Means Of Digitalization and Technology

Anurag Khosla - CEO - Aetna India

vHealth by Aetna Expanding and Delivering Preventive & PrimaryHealthcare Services With The Means Of Digitalization and Technology

Primary healthcare is crucial for any community, and everyone should have access to these basic necessities. vHealth by Aetna has built an empire for delivering primary care to people’s homes through its mobile app and website. They have in-house team of doctors, psychologists and dieticians providing telephone/video consultations. vHealth also facilitates diagnostic tests, OPD & Online Specialist doctor consultation, ordering medicines online, dental care and more.

vHealth by Aetna has adopted a robust method of delivering primary care, covering 2000+ cities and partnering with 3500+ medical centres on a pan India basis. vHealth services in India are provided by Indian Health Organisation P. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of CVS-Aetna Group, a Fortune 5 enterprise and global market leader in insurance and pharmacy business, located in the U.S. The group has an estimated 46.7 million followers, supporting them with information and resources.

Purpose & Perception of vHealth by Aetna

As mentioned before, they value their clinical excellence, usage of digital technology, and wide networking. They achieved uncharted success in digital consultation through video and audio calling and facilitating primary care at patient’s doorstep. vHealth by Aetna has a robust provider network of hospitals, diagnostics labs, , dental centres, and pharmacies spread across 2000+ cities of India.

Why is vHealth by Aetna India’s leading healthcare provider?

vHealth by Aetna aims to serve individuals and families with on-demand primary health care services. Patients can book appointments with in-house doctors, offering better health advice without leaving the house to reach a medical facility. Here is a detailed look into the key services provided by vHealth by Aetna.

Quality Care: vHealth by Aetna is unique in many ways, starting with its in-house team of telemedicine trained medical practitioners. This naturally gives vHealth by Aetna a distinct touch in their consulting experiences. These doctors are keen on listening to the patient attentively and helping them out with a diagnosis or treatment plan to lower the concern for the time being. Through video and audio consultations, they create a personal bond with the patient and guide them in the treatment journey. They will direct the patient to the right place, which has had a magnificent effect on the company, as they could reduce their physical consultation demands by a graceful margin of 70%.

End-To-End Eco-System: vHealth is also involved in delivering healthcare facilities to patients’ doorstep. They can pull this off at such a huge scale by partnering with over 1800+ unique healthcare partners across 3500+ centres nationally. A range of facilities, including home diagnostic tests, medicine delivery, OPD consults, and specialist doctor consultation, gives an individual the digital edge, and one stop shop for all their primary healthcare needs.

State-Of-The-Art Tool: Taking digitalization in its stride, vHealth by Aetna has developed an innovative & interactive mobile application that can guide clients to consult doctors and seek other health support whenever needed. Digitalization has one certain benefit: its ability to record data. With that being said, the vHealth app can also act like your health briefcase where you can store all your medical records & history. The platform can save individual prescriptions and medical records, conduct periodical health risk assessments, and synchronize with wearable devices so that they do not lose their crucial health-related info by any means.

Extensive Experience: vHealth by Aetna has not seen overnight success, but its lineage goes way back. An industry backs the foundation with experience in healthcare facilities for over 160 years.

vHealth by Aetna- All About The Caregivers

Anurag Khosla is the CEO of vHealth by Aetna (India), spearheading the Indian operation. The team consists of 180+ members. The vision for vHealth by Aetna has been pretty clear in becoming the best healthcare partner to its members across India, offering quality health at affordable cost. Integrity, value-based care, and inspiration are core values embodied by each member of the vHealth team.

Their teleconsultation method has helped many patients manage acute and chronic health conditions. With teleconsultation, they have diagnosed and treated several health conditions such as hemochromatosis (iron overload), gastric cancer, triple vessel disease, nephrology, Parkinson-plus, and more.

A common phenomenon that can be noticed among all the globally reputed and successful healthcare systems is that they all prioritize “access to quality primary care”. This is exclusively complicated in a country with the size of India. It has an official record of 122 deaths per 100,000 every year due to poor quality of care or almost no access to quality primary healthcare.

This raving problem has been targeted and taken up by vHealth. As a pioneer in this industry, vHealth has developed a unique primary healthcare model that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. They also put special emphasis on the quality of the clinical guidance and technology. Coupled with that, vHealth’s network of high-quality healthcare partners has consistently worked with the motto of “empowering families to live healthier lives” and allowing the best customer experience possible.

They have partnered with several B2B brands across different categories such as banks, NBFCs, insurance cos., and many more. vHealth by Aetna also offers customized technological and health management solutions for healthcare systems, government entities, and large employers. Their contributions have helped improve public health and enhance the quality of care at an affordable cost.

vHealth By Aetna- Success Story In Brief

Currently, vHealth is reported to serve 3.5 million active members. There are millions of stories that can be found in the homes of India on how vHealth by Aetna has impacted their health and lives. To define success for the firm, the members take pride in their collective accomplishments and inspire to create more such business ventures.

Since its inception, vHealth has touched over 1.2 crore lives and has facilitated over 2 Lakh health checkups. In addition, they have completed over 1.3 lakh doctor consultations through telemedicine with an NPS score of 60+ and a patient satisfaction rate of 95%.

Since the vHealth launch in 2017, they have achieved an overall doctor’s rating of 4.5 out of 5. In addition, the patients of vHealth are quite satisfied with their service and proactive follow-ups.

Connecting With Their Client Base

The app platform of vHealth is based upon the end-users comfortable access and manage their end-to-end medical requirements from a suitable place of choice.

  • vHealth provides online audio and video consultation via telemedicine trained doctors, dieticians, and psychologists.

  • Members can also book appointments with specialist doctors, dentists, and pathology labs. Their strong network spread across India is for ordering medicines at the patient’s convenience.

  • Like any modern-day application, it keeps track of all health-related data of each patient, such as medications, health reports, care plans, prescriptions, and complete medical history- all in one place.

  • The data is also displayed intelligently, records of BMI, blood pressure, and blood glucose level of each user, so they can manage their health independently.

The Indian healthcare system lacks robustness which has been the cause of increasing diseases. By providing primary healthcare through innovative means, vHealth by Aetna is trying to bridge the gap in India’s urban and rural places.

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