vHealth by Aetna, Primary Healthcare Platform Successfully Assisting More Than 3.5 Million Members Across India

Mr Anurag Khosla, CEO, Aetna India
Mr Anurag Khosla, CEO, Aetna India

vHealth by Aetna, Primary Healthcare Platform Successfully Assisting More Than 3.5 Million Members Across India

Since 2017, vHealth by Aetna has successfully reduced physical consultations of its members by 70% through its broad suite of health services and solutions encompassing preventive & primary care to behavioural health and wellness counselling.

With a focus on clinical excellence, digital technology, and a wide network of healthcare partners, they provide telephone/video consultations and coordinates the delivery of quality care to people’s homes with an ecosystem of a sizable team of in-house physicians, dieticians, and psychologists along with robust physical provider network of hospitals, diagnostics, pathology, dental centres, and pharmacies across 2000+ cities.

Mr Anurag Khosla, CEO, Aetna India leads the 200-member team with a vision to be the healthcare partner for its members across India, helping them to stay healthy at every stage of their journey. Each vHealth team member personifies the core values include integrity, excellence, care, and inspiration.

Along with facilitating patients to manage acute and chronic conditions, vHealth by Aetna has successfully diagnosed hemochromatosis (iron overload), gastric cancer, triple vessel disease, nephrology, Parkinson-plus and more via teleconsultation.

This has been a direct outcome of strict adherence to detailed medical protocols and their end-to-end ecosystem of diagnosis and specialist referrals. By delivering a very different experience to its patients when they see a doctor, vHealth has evolved as the first point of contact for any health problem amongst its members.

vHealth by Aetna Members

Patients have been delighted with the undivided attention from vHealth doctors during the consultation and proactive follow-ups which have helped them succeed in identifying the root cause of their long-standing medical problems.

vHealth doctors have successfully completed over 1,00,000+ online consultations since inception. Today, our 3.5 million+ members across the country encompass different customer segments including:

  1. Individual Families: Individuals join vHealth by Aetna by simply downloading the vHealth mobile app and availing of a health membership that fits best for their family.

  2. Corporates: Leading corporates leverage vHealth services to design individual employee health risk management and primary care programs. They identify high-risk groups and work with individuals to help lead healthier lives.

  3. Partners: They have partnerships with leading banks, NBFC, telecom companies and others, who believe health is an excellent way to engage with their customers. These partners provide health benefits as a value-added solution to their customers.

The Inception Story

Considering the widespread landscape and poor doctor to patient ratio in India, digital primary care can play a key role in solving these challenges. The Digital revolution has made day-to-day routine comfortable by providing services conveniently. However, for healthcare services, there was a need for a solution that provides quality care with complete ownership of treatment.

With expert doctors spending quality time with patients, using evidence-based medicine to deliver the accurate diagnosis, providing the right treatment and guidance on treatment, vHealth came up with a solution that is a perfect blend of digital technology clubbed with clinical expertise and can be a game-changer for the primary healthcare sector in India.

In this competitive business ecosystem, vHealth by Aetna enjoys a successful customer base with a relentless focus on creating value for their clientele and keeping them as a “true north”. That is the only time-tested method of building long term businesses that the Aetna team is focused on the same.

The vHealth Core Values

To do the right thing for the right reason and deliver the highest quality and value possible through simple, easy, and relevant solutions, they listen to and respect the customers and each other to ensure they act with insight, understanding and compassion, and inspire each other to explore ideas that can make the world a better place.

Unique Primary Care Model

Successful and effective Healthcare systems in the world have “access to quality primary care” in common. This is a big challenge in-country, where almost 122 Indians per 100,000 die due to poor quality of care each year of the population doesn’t have access to quality primary care.

As a pioneer and leader in this industry, they are trying to solve this by creating a unique primary care model, which can be leveraged anytime from anywhere by combining the best in Clinical quality, Technology, high-quality network of healthcare partners and customer experience with a motto of “empowering families to live healthier lives”.

What is Success?

“My idea of success is to be able to do meaningful work that helps in improving the lives of people in collaboration and partnership with others. I believe that improvement in population health is one of the single biggest contributions to the overall development and wellbeing of a nation. The fact that I have the opportunity to work with my team and contribute to the same every single day, every single minute drives me,” shared Anurag Khosla.

R&D, The Foundation of Future

Being a business sitting at the intersection of two dynamic industries Healthcare and Technology, health by Aetna ensures that they keep track of new developments in both areas and innovate further to provide meaningful solutions. Today, they are creating working to build several new products for the customers that will help them manage and engage in the management of their chronic conditions much better by applying the latest developments in technology, clinical, etc.

Milestones and Plans

Currently serving more than 3.5M members with extremely high satisfaction rates. Each customer story of how vHealth by Aetna impacted their health and life for the better is what the leaders take pride in and consider as collective accomplishments for the business and seek to create more and more of those.

vHealth is navigating through the journey aiming to position themselves as “the trusted family doctor” for India and believes that, in future, they will become the preferred primary care provider for the nation. With the efforts of the team and evolution in the healthcare and technology market, vHealth moves ahead with a belief to achieve the status they are seeking in the next five years.

Corporate Social Responsibility

vHealth, being a companion of the community in the journey to good health, and a leading primary healthcare provider offered free vHealth access to the public during the pandemic induced national lockdown that benefited over 15,000 people. They continue to deliver quality healthcare services across the country including rural areas where healthcare services are still a dream. With help of digital innovation and a wide network of partners, affinity, and distribution channels, vHealth has been able to build a superhighway connecting rural populations to urban healthcare.

Additionally, as a part of corporate social responsibility, they extend monthly support to a Delhi based NGO, Welfare Home for Children. This NGO works for the care, protection, education, welfare, rehabilitation, and adoption of abandoned/destitute or orphan children. Over 2000 children have been adopted by families in India and abroad due to their dedication and commitment.

Mr Anurag Khosla, CEO, Aetna India
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Mr Anurag Khosla, CEO, Aetna India
Mr Anurag Khosla, CEO, Aetna India

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