Mr. Rahul Gadekar And His Company “R Interactives” Offers Digital Advisory & Consulting To Multiple Industries To Foster Their Digital Growth

Rahul Gadekar, Founder - R Interactives
Rahul Gadekar, Founder - R Interactives

Mr. Rahul Gadekar And His Company “R Interactives” Offers Digital Advisory & Consulting To Multiple Industries To Foster Their Digital Growth

Mr. Rahul Gadekar And His Company “R Interactives” Offers Digital Advisory & Consulting To Multiple Industries To Foster Their Digital Growth

As the digital world and e-Commerce sectors are consistently expanding, every business is looking for a way to break into the digital sphere with quite the bang. This gave rise to digital advisors and consulting firms that helped businesses assimilate to the digital world. R Interactives is a firm working on a unique metric of driving growth through experimentation.

R Interactives is keener on following their methods, which entails analysing and building hypotheses through consumer insights, business data, and industry insights. By following this methodology, they can run online experiments, impacting the business growth. Their expertise in online customer behaviour, customer engagement, data-driven marketing, and customer

acquisition is vast and deep.

Most of the partners of R Interactives are media buying and creative agencies. Together, they provide unmatched support to their clients in digital marketing programs. The company has been in the digital market for the past 4 years. They have managed to establish quite the brand reputation in these years, working with companies from the UK, US, Australia, Norway, Costa Rica & India.

Core Beliefs And Values Of R Interactives

While digitalisation crept in a few years ago, the mass transition occurred only during the pandemic. Naturally, many businesses were not merely ready for the change or didn’t get the time to get accustomed. R Interactive took it upon themselves to provide a simple digital solution that businesses could adopt right away.

As this venture has seen its fruits, R interactives is planning on further expansion. They want to build an excellence centre in the future that will help businesses of all spectrum gain digital visibility and growth.

The firm values the intimacy shared with its customers. Their most prominent trait is integrity. With these two moral constructs, R Interactives is dedicated to learning continuously. Their operation excellence is unchallenged, and they keep persevering by discovering new approaches.

R Interactives-Impacting The Society With Their Services

As a digital advisory firm, R Interactives provides several effective services to their clients, such as developing a digital growth strategy. They also offer programmatic advertising through a data-driven marketing strategy. Dynamic creative optimisation is another service provided by R Interactives.

What separates R Interactives from its peers is their unique approach, involvement, and way of tackling a situation. The data-driven marketing approach they take is made possible through in-house technology.

On top of it, the whole team of R Interactives shares the same ideology in executing their digital prowess through a deep understanding of the technicalities and the customer’s requirements. This way, they have been able to execute campaigns worth more than $120mn so far.

R Interactives digitally helps businesses drive growth to their strategy & data-driven marketing platform. They achieve this feat by running different experiments to identify new customers, engage existing customers in recent activities, and build overall brand visibility across different channels.

The Fundamental Origin & History of R Interactives

R Interactives was founded in February 2018, and R Academy launched in 2020. Currently, R Academy is an integral part of the Stanford LISA portfolio. The idea for the firm came around the time when internet penetration was increasing rapidly.

The demand and consumption of digital products were also rising, and online business ventures needed to market their product on new media platforms. R Interactives took the opportunity to be the right partner for many businesses adding value to their digital campaigns. R Interactives abides by a retainer business model. Their two offices are set in Pune and Ahmedabad.

Rahul Gadekar- Key Executive, R Interactives And His Remarkable Contributions

Rahul Gadekar himself is a Stanford LEAD Alumnus. After completing his academic pursuits, Mr. Gadekar has served as a Digital Marketing Professional, accumulating over 13+ years of experience. He has had diverse roles in the Digital Media arena all these years.

From User Acquisition, Search Behavior, Performance Marketing, and Analytics to Dynamic Creative Optimization & Programmatic Advertising, Rahul Gadekar have proven his capabilities in tackling issues from almost every segment.

After founding R Interactives, Mr. Gadekar worked with different global brands. Under his leadership, the firm has helped these international brands define strategies that can achieve higher ROI and Engagement through experimentation & dynamic creatives.

Current Positioning Of R Interactives In The Digital Market

R Interactives has worked with a Bay Area real estate fundraiser campaign of $100mn. They were spearheads of their performance marketing team. Eventually, the program was oversubscribed in 2021. Recently, they have made themselves utilitarian for a Crypto fundraiser campaign of $100mn.

They will be leading the acquisition team till Dec 2022. The company has also tried its hands in Travel, Television, Films, Hospitality, Real Estate, E-Commerce, Hair Care, and many more vertices.

Apart from the business, R Academy has shown genuine interest in modelling the next general for joining their Digital Utopia. Mr. Rahul Gadekar is a visiting faculty with key institutes of Symbiosis.

Their influence on the academic sphere goes even further with their initiative in training over 2000 Digital Markers. They have trained participants from Stanford, IMBR, Mitsubishi, SKF, Thermax, Saint Gobain, Accenture, Wipro etc., for their training program.

R Interactive currently has a clientele list consisting of 18 clients. This includes Flipkart, Mitsubishi Electric, Evolve Back Resorts, SKYN, Japfa, Netafim India, EFD Induction & more.

25 employees or team members are to be credited for tackling these 18 powerful brands without the involvement of any investor. This level of achievement was possible through their deep expertise in digital marketing, operational excellence, and experimental approach to the whole system.

Upcoming Trends In The Industry And How The Company Plans To Tackle It

R Interactives have duly noticed that Dynamic creative optimisation and personalisation are considered the two most important things in the future. This is about to get even more interesting with the inclusion of high-end technologies like AI & ML.

Currently, the firm has dedicated its resources to building digital solutions for businesses, especially those that are only starting their digital journey and business setup. These solutions offer end-to-end customer journey communication, engagement, acquisition & retention through digital intervention.

The company aims to expand its services further to Dubai & US, helping businesses on lands that weren’t previously scaled by R Interactives. By the end of next year, they want to add 20 more members to the team to handle the increasing workload.

A couple of entrepreneurs leading R Interactives, including Rahul Gadekar, carry a mindset of discovering things. They understand that plans do not always work as initially envisioned. So, discovery keeps them motivated.

The changing trends might pose a challenge, and the best way to counter them is by adapting to them quickly. Customers’ requirements highly influence these trends; hence, they need to keep in touch with their customers. Lastly, integrity is the most important thing for managing a business, and R Interactives never take it lightly.

Rahul Gadekar, Founder - R Interactives
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Rahul Gadekar, Founder - R Interactives
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Rahul Gadekar, Founder - R Interactives
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